12 Parks in New Britain, Connecticut (Updated July 2024)

New Britain, Connecticut is a medium-sized city located in Hartford County with a population of around 73,000 residents. Known as the “Hardware City” for its history of manufacturing, New Britain also features an impressive selection of parks for its size, with over 20 parks located throughout the city. The parks in New Britain offer a wide variety of recreational opportunities, from large regional parks with extensive trails and recreational facilities to quaint neighborhood green spaces and charming public gardens.

In this article, we will highlight 12 of the top parks in New Britain that offer the best facilities, scenery, and activities for visitors. From Walnut Hill Park with its rose gardens and skyline views to Stanley Quarter Park’s popular disc golf course, these parks showcase the natural beauty and community spaces that New Britain has to offer. Whether you want to hike scenic trails, play sports, have a picnic, or simply relax in nature, you’re sure to find the perfect park option in New Britain.

1. Walnut Hill Park

Walnut Hill Park is often considered the crown jewel of New Britain’s parks system. At 241 acres, it is the largest park in the city and offers beautiful landscaping, skyline views, and multiple recreational facilities.

Visitors will find a rose garden with over 1,200 bushes in 115 varieties, making it one of the top rose gardens in Connecticut. The park also features the Bellamy-Ferriday House and Garden, an elegant 18th century home and formal gardens that hosts events and programs.

Other amenities at Walnut Hill Park include hiking trails through woodlands and meadows, picnic grounds and pavilions, sports fields and courts for baseball, softball, tennis and more. In the winter, the park’s ponds are popular for ice skating. With breathtaking city views from overlooks and scenic spots throughout the park, Walnut Hill Park has something for visitors of every interest to enjoy.

2. A.W. Stanley Park

For outdoor enthusiasts, A.W. Stanley Park offers one of the best trail networks within New Britain’s park system. Named after local inventor A.W. Stanley who formed the Stanley Works tools company in New Britain in 1843, the park features the Stanley Golf Course, an 18-hole course with a driving range and putting greens.

Yet the highlight of the park is its extensive network of hiking, biking, and walking trails that wind through 196 acres of woods and wetlands. The trails range from easy to difficult and are accessible year-round, making A.W. Stanley a popular spot for nature walks, trail runs, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing.

The park also has athletic fields, playgrounds and picnic areas located near the trails. With plentiful parking and direct trail access, visitors will find A.W. Stanley Park perfect for outdoor recreation and fitness.

3. Stanley Quarter Park

Formerly known as Willow Brook Park, Stanley Quarter Park is considered the best park in New Britain for disc golf. Its 18-hole disc golf course takes players through the varied terrain of the park’s 100 acres, with narrow tree-lined fairways, elevation changes, open meadows, and plenty of water hazards from its namesake brook.

Yet there’s much more to Stanley Quarter Park than disc golf. Hiking trails loop around and connect to the disc golf course, allowing visitors to enjoy nature walks when discs aren’t flying. The park also features playgrounds, picnic grounds, basketball courts, and multipurpose fields for soccer, lacrosse and other sports.

Families will find plenty to enjoy at Stanley Quarter Park between its recreation facilities and the excitement of watching disc golfers play one of the state’s top disc golf courses.

4. Central Park

As its name suggests, Central Park is located right in the heart of downtown New Britain. It covers just 4 acres, making it much smaller than other parks on this list, yet what it lacks in size it makes up for in amenities and convenience of location. Central Park is home to the picturesque Memorial Arch monument honoring New Britain war veterans as well as a large fountain and reflecting pool.

The park’s manicured lawns and brick walkways make it a popular gathering place, while facilities like chess tables, a bandstand performance venue, and benches throughout provide visitors plenty of ways to relax and enjoy the space.

Visitors can also pay their respects at the city’s Civil War Memorial. For travelers exploring downtown New Britain, Central Park is a must-see oasis perfect for people-watching, unwinding from shopping, or resting your feet after touring other attractions in the walkable district.

5. Newton Manor Park

For a more natural and peaceful park scene in New Britain, head to Newton Manor Park located on the western edge of town. Encompassing 76 acres, the park is a popular birding destination, as various species can be spotted from its nature trails that wind through meadows, wetlands and young forest habitat.

The best spot for birdwatching is at the park’s observation deck along the 1⁄4 mile multi-use trail, providing views across an open pond and marshland that attracts migrating waterfowl. Families also enjoy Newton Manor Park for its large playground, picnic pavilion, and multipurpose sports field.

And in winter, an adjacent 10-acre parcel called Sloper Mountain is open for sledding and tobogganing. With inviting natural scenery and recreation for all seasons, Newton Manor Park offers a peaceful getaway just minutes from downtown New Britain.

6. Rockwell Park

Adjacent to Central Park in downtown New Britain, Rockwell Park is a small half-acre green space that packs a lot of charm. Known for its sculptural 1930s-era water feature named the “Three Graces Fountain,” Rockwell Park attracts visitors who want to admire its artistic centerpiece while enjoying the park’s elegantly landscaped gardens and lawns.

The fountain sculpture depicts three Art Deco-style bronze female figures holding an umbrella, bowl, and floral garland representing faith, hope and charity. Visiting the fountain makes for great photo opportunities. Rockwell Park also serves as a nice spot for an urban picnic lunch or simply relaxing on benches under shade trees on Main Street. Despite its compact footprint in the downtown district, Rockwell Park’s lovely landscape design and stately fountain sculpture give the park an outsized visual impact.

7. Chesley Park

Situated in a residential neighborhood in northern New Britain, Chesley Park offers a pleasant community gathering space. At 9 acres, the park provides area families a safe place for children to play with amenities that include playground equipment, basketball courts, and baseball/softball fields. Visitors can enjoy pick-up games or just observe summer recreation leagues held at the park.

Chesley Park also features green open space and mature shade trees perfect for picnics or letting kids run free in the grass. Neighborhood walkers also enjoy traversing the park’s paved walking path that circles the perimeter. For New Britain residents living near Chesley Park, it’s a valued recreational outlet that fosters community connections – both valued qualities in any neighborhood park.

8. Willow Brook Park

Not to be confused with the disc golf course at Stanley Quarter Park, Willow Brook Park is the largest city park located in the southern part of New Britain. At 185 acres, it contains a diverse range of active and passive recreational offerings across its expansive grounds. Families flock to Willow Brook Park to enjoy its splash pad, picnic grove playground, athletic fields and walking trails that traverse through beautiful natural scenery.

The park also manages a thriving community garden with over 200 plots for homeowners and residents. Nature lovers enjoy birdwatching at East Swamp Wildlife Management Area located within Willow Brook Park, a wetland habitat containing winding boardwalks over marshy areas. With size and amenities to spare, Willow Brook Park has a recreational option for visitors of every interest. It’s especially perfect for summer outings with kids.

9. Beehive Field

While not a traditional park, Beehive Field has been a notable recreational and gathering space in New Britain since 1925. Operated by the New Britain Bees baseball team, Beehive Field is home to various amateur and professional baseball games from April through September that the public can attend. The 4,000-seat ballpark provides attendees not only entertaining baseball but great people watching with lively crowds.

Before and after games, people like to tailgate in the parking lot similar to minor league baseball culture. Beehive Field also hosts concerts and community events like ethnic festivals and fireworks shows. For both residents and visitors, catching a baseball game or summer event at historic Beehive Field is a fun way to soak in New Britain’s community charm.

10. Churchill Park

One of New Britain’s most visually striking parks, Churchill Park delight visitors with its gorgeous landscaping, winding walking paths and central water feature. Located adjacent to Central Connecticut State University, the 25-acre park provides a quiet, relaxing setting to study, read or just take in the lovely grounds. Designed by the famed Olmsted Brothers firm, Churchill Park’s aesthetic sensibility and attention to detail shine through at every turn.

Visitors can stroll along curved walkways over arched stone bridges spanning the park’s pond and enjoy viewing spots with park benches perfectly situated under shade trees. Well-manicured lawns, mature ornamental trees and flower beds provide a beautiful backdrop for graduation and wedding photo sessions frequently held at the park. Churchill Park demonstrates how lush park landscapes can provide relaxation and inspiration within a busy city.

11. Goodwin Park

Covering over 168 acres just north of downtown New Britain, Goodwin Park provides something for every outdoor enthusiast. Hiking and biking trails weave all around the park’s large acreage, including dirt single-track mountain bike trails through wooded sections that attract cyclists from across the region.

Other park features include athletic fields for baseball, football, soccer and field hockey that accommodate competitive leagues and pick-up games. In winter, the park’s ponds offer ice skating as well as picturesque scenes with snow dusted trails and trees. Goodwin Park also contains playgrounds, picnic areas and the North Ridge Golf Course, making it a great destination for spending a full day outdoors with the entire family no matter the season.

12. Washington Park

The final park highlighted is a New Britain gem located just south of downtown – Washington Park. Built in 1898, the nearly 7-acre park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for retaining its original Victorian era design and features. Visitors admire the park’s ornate ironwork gates, winding pathways, mature trees and patriotic monuments from past centuries still preserved today.

One of the park’s most iconic attractions is the activity under the stone pavilion where locals gather to play chess at built-in tables or engage in animated community discussions in several languages. Indeed, Washington Park lives up to its historic legacy as the city’s preeminent meeting place where diversity is celebrated every day. From solitary strolls to large festivals, there is always lively human interest to enjoy at this New Britain institution.


For a medium-sized city, New Britain offers big variety and abundance when it comes to local parks. From the grandeur of Walnut Hill to quirky baseball charm at Beehive Field, the parks highlighted in this article reveal the diverse beauty, recreational offerings and gathering places that make New Britain special.

Whether you live in town or are just passing through, visiting these premier green spaces will provide fantastic scenery, facilities and fun while showcasing treasured community touchstones. The parks of New Britain make the city even more dynamic to explore and call home.

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