12 Parks in Danbury, Connecticut

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Danbury, Connecticut is home to numerous beautiful parks that offer plenty of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. From hiking trails to sports fields, playgrounds to nature preserves, Danbury’s parks have something for everyone. This article will highlight 12 of the top parks in Danbury and provide details on the amenities and attractions offered at each one.

Whether you enjoy walking, running, biking, playing sports, picnicking or just relaxing in nature, you’re sure to find a park perfect for your needs in Danbury. Many of these parks also host special events and activities throughout the year, so be sure to check online or at the park office to see what’s happening during your visit. So grab your walking shoes or athletic gear and explore some of the gorgeous outdoor spaces Danbury has to offer!

Tarrywile Park and Mansion

Tarrywile Park spans over 745 acres and includes hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, gardens, ponds, meadows and woodlands. The environment provides habitat for an array of plants, birds, animals and insects. The Tarrywile Mansion, a 65-room Georgian-style mansion built in 1895, overlooks the picturesque landscape.

Today the mansion operates as a cultural center, hosting weddings, meetings, community events and educational programs. The park also features a large off-leash dog area where dogs can play and socialize. With its diverse landscape, historic mansion and plentiful amenities, Tarrywile Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Danbury.

Wooster Mountain State Park

At over 600 acres Wooster Mountain State Park contains the highest natural elevation in the city at 1,056 feet. The park contains diverse wooded terrain, a mountain laurel sanctuary, and slopes that provide the perfect setting for seasonal recreation. Hiking trails weave throughout the park offering beautiful vistas from the mountaintop as well as from overlooks on the Blue Trail.

In winter months the park is popular for downhill skiing and in summer is favored by berry pickers and mountain bikers. Families can choose from a picnic area, playground, and fields for athletic activities. The park also connects to multiple other parks through trails systems for those seeking more adventure. With plenty of amenities and stunning natural scenery, Wooster Mountain State Park is a year-round destination for visitors and locals alike.

Rogers Park

Rogers Park’s 58 acres include amenities and recreation like athletic fields, basketball courts, playgrounds and tennis courts. Walking paths, passive green space and a gazebo also invite visitors to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

As one of Danbury’s most iconic parks it hosts beloved events annually like summer concerts, movies in the park and holiday celebrations. Families will find no shortage of ways to spend a nice day at Rogers Park with all of its opportunities for play, fitness and special community events. Visitors can also enjoy spectacular city views and picturesque sunsets in the evenings.

Redding Road Park

Featuring multiple athletic fields, playground equipment, walking paths and open space for recreation, Redding Road Park provides an inviting outdoor environment for visitors. The park contains a softball field with dugouts, a Little League baseball field, soccer field, basketball courts, picnic tables, fitness station, and on-site parking.

People utilize the grounds for fitness activities like running on the paths or using the exercise equipment. Families enjoy supervising children climbing, swinging and using imaginations on the playgrounds. Groups and sports team take advantage of the baseball, softball and soccer fields for friendly games and tournaments. Redding Road Park acts as both a lively hub of activity as well as tranquil oasis within the city offering enjoyment for all.

City Center Green

City Center Green consists of open park space as well as vibrant gardens displaying seasonal flowers and greenery. Visitors enjoy strolling the brickwork path encircling the park admiring ornamental decor like lampposts and sculpture while resting for a spell on benches scattered throughout. Large events take place periodically in the green like musical performances on the band shell stage, art shows, food festivals and other community gatherings.

People meet up for brown bag lunches reclining together on the open lawn while children find joy chasing one another in games of tag. Downtown office workers frequent the park on breaks to clear minds and rest eyes from staring at computer screens too long. Tranquil, community-focused and picture perfect, City Center Green brings people together year round whether for play, respite or celebration.

Ellsworth Park

Nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood, Ellsworth Park contains playground equipment, basketball courts and a large open grassy area utilized for athletic activities from soccer to frisbee games. Families congregate to the park allowing kids to burn off energy running freely, climbing, swinging and going down slides.

The park also includes stationary exercise equipment for adults looking to integrate outdoor fitness routines. Guests can enjoy pick-up games of basketball on the courts or a simple stroll along the walking paths encircling the park. With its playgrounds, courts and open space Ellsworth Park invites both adults and children to engage in recreation and exercise in a safe, welcoming environment.

Quarry Head Park

Quarry Head Park occupies 20 acres on the shores of Lake Kenosia. Visitors take advantage of passive and active recreational opportunities like hiking, fishing, non-motorized boating and athletic fields for sports. Children expend energy climbing, swinging and using other equipment on the creative playgrounds.

Families and groups utilize picnic tables and grills for afternoon and evening barbeques. The still waters of Lake Kenosia attract leisurely kayakers and canoeists as well as those seeking to cast lines out fishing. With its diverse natural landscape and abundance of amenities, Quarry Head Park presents the perfect lakeside setting for outdoor play, fitness and relaxation.

Beaver Brook Park

Spanning over 400 acres Beaver Brook Park contains cascading waterfalls, verdant meadows and preserved wetland areas home to abundant wildlife. A portion of the blue-blazed hiking trail stretching to Yale’s West Campus in New Haven passes through the park. Visitors hike throughout the large expanse encountering sites like the Whisky Still where moonshine was distilled during the Prohibition Era.

The park presents excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation and environmental education through its nature center. children learn about local flora and fauna firsthand while individuals, families and groups enjoy activities like hiking, birdwatching, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Beaver Brook Park with all its scenic natural beauty beckons nature lovers to explore the environs and discover its varied plant and animal inhabitants.

Rogers Park Beach

Rogers Park Beach provides visitors one-half mile stretch of shoreline along beautiful Candlewood Lake. Families frequent in summer months to play in the refreshing waters, building sandcastles and enjoy lakefront picnics. The park contains amenities like snack bars, restrooms, showers, picnic tables and charcoal grills for public use.

Visitors rent sailboats and paddle boards at Echo Bay Marina nearby taking advantage of prime sailing conditions on the lake. Hikers and runners enjoy picturesque views of the water along trails encircling the park.

Children wear themselves out swimming while parents relax beachside with a good book listening to laughter and delighted squeals. Rogers Park Beach offers the ideal setting for creating lasting summer memories dipping toes in the sand and swimming in crystalline waters.

Segar Park

Centrally located Segar Park provides residents and tourists convenient access to playground equipment, athletic fields and courts in the heart of downtown Danbury. Families bring energetic children to run freely and use apparatus like slides, climbing structures and swinging bars that inspire imaginations. Adults utilize the basketball courts for friendly competition and pickup games.

The park’s open spaces also accommodate informal soccer, football or frisbee games. Individuals seeking exercise incorporate laps around the park into daily fitness regimens. The beautifully landscaped grounds offer visitors vivid seasonal flower displays and serene running water elements. Segar Park’s location and wealth of amenities make this small downtown greenspace a popular gathering place for locals.

Henry Park & Maple Ave Dog Park

Henry Park spans just over ten acres and is bisected by the beautiful Still River. Park amenities include athletic fields and courts, playground equipment, walking paths and the Maple Avenue Dog Park. Visitors take advantage of the off leash dog park to exercise canines and socialize them with other dogs.

The playgrounds provide excellent opportunities for children to build physical coordination and gross motor skills. Families often picnic on the grounds while individuals may practice yoga enjoying the tranquil scenery. Fishermen also frequently cast lines into the river hoping to make catches. Henry Park presents a scenic setting to enjoy nature and recreation along the banks of the lovely Still River.

Maurice Sendak Park

Located along the banks of the beautiful Still River, Maurice Sendak Park spans three acres and offers recreational activities alongside lovely nature views. Families with small children frequent the park to utilize the playground equipment inspired by characters and themes from famous children’s author Maurice Sendak’s popular works.

Kids can climb aboard Wild Things soft sculptures, explore a playground version of Max’s bedroom and sail down on a slide shaped like a boat. The park also contains story walk stations displaying pages from Sendak’s books integrated along the walking paths. Visitors follow the paths from page to page reading tales like Where the Wild Things Are while also admiring lush, scenic river views. With its innovative playgrounds and homage to a classic author, Maurice Sendak Park delights both children and parents alike.


Danbury contains extensive park space allowing locals and visitors plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation from hiking and nature enjoyment to court and field athletics. The parks contain unique amenities and natural landscapes inviting everyone to get outside rain or shine.

From Rogers Park showcasing city skyline views to Wooster Mountain State Park’s impressive vistas, beauty abounds everywhere.

Families frequent playgrounds helping their children strengthen growing muscles and imaginations. Groups congregate for team games using ball fields and courts. Individuals integrate exercise routines utilizing walking paths and stationary equipment.

Danbury parks foster community and provide space allowing pessoas to connect with one another as well as the environment. The city’s gorgeous green spaces offer something for all interests, ages and abilities morning to night.

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