About us!

At TideTrips.com, we’re fueled by the passion for discovery, led by our seasoned traveler, Emily Johnson. Emily’s journey has taken her from the cobblestone streets of Europe to the bustling cities of Asia, through the historical landscapes of the Middle East, and across the diverse expanses of the USA and Canada. Each destination has not only been a stop on her map but a vital part of our collective travel knowledge.

Europe: Chronicles of Charm and History

Emily’s European adventures bring to life the continent’s rich history and vibrant cultures. Here, she shares not just travel guides but personal anecdotes – from sipping coffee in a quaint Parisian café to walking in the footsteps of the ancient Romans.

Asia: A Mosaic of Experiences

Asia’s magic, as experienced by Emily, is a blend of tradition and innovation. She brings to TideTrips a treasure trove of insights, from navigating the vibrant streets of Tokyo to finding serenity in Bali’s lush landscapes.

The Middle East: A Journey Through Time

Emily’s travels in the Middle East have unearthed stories of ancient civilizations and modern marvels. Her experiences guide travelers through this region’s rich history, bustling souks, and breathtaking architecture.

USA & Canada: The Great North American Tapestry

From the urban jungles of New York to the tranquil beauty of Banff, Emily’s travels across North America are a testament to the region’s staggering diversity. Her tips and tales cover everything from hidden gems to celebrated landmarks.

Continuous Discovery: Travel Tips and More

At TideTrips, we believe that travel is an ongoing journey of learning and exploration. Emily’s comprehensive travel tips, born from her extensive travels, are designed to make your adventures seamless and memorable.

Join us at TideTrips.com, where every article and guide is a step towards your next great adventure. With Emily Johnson’s experiences as your compass, the world is just a click away!