12 Things to Do with Family in Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi is a vibrant city located along the Mississippi Gulf Coast that offers visitors plenty of family-friendly activities and attractions. From scenic beaches and amusement parks to fascinating museums and delicious seafood restaurants, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Biloxi.

This article will highlight 12 of the top things to do with family while visiting this charming Southern city. We’ll cover everything from playing a round of mini-golf to taking a dolphin cruise across the Back Bay of Biloxi. You’ll also find recommendations for kid-approved restaurants, interactive museums, and spots to enjoy the great outdoors.

With its sunny weather, laidback hospitality, and array of entertainment options, Biloxi makes for an ideal family getaway. So read on to start planning your next vacation in this can’t-miss destination along the Mississippi coastline!

1.Enjoy Picturesque Views from Biloxi Beach

No trip to the Gulf Coast is complete without spending time relaxing on the beach. Biloxi Beach stretches across the shoreline, offering visitors soft white sand, gentle waves, and postcard-worthy views. Spend a day swimming, building sandcastles, searching for seashells, or simply admiring the scenery.

The wide beach has plenty of room to spread out and enjoys a breeze coming off the water, making for pleasant temperatures even during the summer. Lifeguard stations dotted along the shore provide peace of mind for parents. And the numerous beachfront resorts and rental properties make it easy for families to stay steps away from the sand and surf.

Whether you want to lounge on a beach towel or get your adrenaline pumping on a jet ski tour, Biloxi Beach is the perfect place to enjoy quality time with the kids.

2.Sample Fresh Seafood Right from the Dock

Biloxi’s harbors and marinas are filled with shrimp, oyster, and fishing boats bringing in the daily catch. For an authentic Gulf Coast experience, take the family to one of the city’s seafood factories, smokehouses, or docks to purchase the freshest shrimp, fish, crab, and oysters.

Many of the seafood processors even offer educational tours showcasing how they prepare, cook, and package regional specialties. Or grab a table at a waterfront restaurant like Mary Mahoney’s Old French House and watch the trawlers while you dine on po boys overflowing with local shrimp.

Don’t miss out on the chance to sample seafood straight from the source in one of America’s largest fishing communities. The kids will love seeing the boats and tasting the delicious Gulf bounty.

3.Charter a Fishing Trip

Continue the maritime fun by booking a fishing excursion for the whole family. Biloxi is home to dozens of charter boat companies that provide all the equipment and expertise for a memorable day catching fish on the Mississippi Sound or Gulf of Mexico.

From seasoned captains to state-of-the-art boats, you’ll have access to everything needed for success out on the water. Many charters even offer kid-friendly rates and perks like coloring books to keep little ones entertained between bites. Expect to reel in tasty fish like Speckled Trout, Red Snapper, Flounder and more!

Most trips only last a few hours, getting you back to shore in time for a fresh seafood dinner with your catch as the main course. Just don’t forget the camera to document your family’s fishing tales.

4.Play a Round of Mini Golf

For family-friendly fun away from the beach, venture over to Magic Island Thrill Rides and Fun Center. The entertainment park offers amusement rides, arcade games, bowling, and both indoor and outdoor mini golf courses. Kids will have a blast navigating the creative holes on each course as they challenge mom, dad, and siblings to a putting contest.

Between rounds, cool off from the Southern heat inside the tropical-themed amusement center filled with games, rides, and sweet treats. Special family packs make it easy to enjoy hours of entertainment without breaking the budget.

The ideal spot for some friendly competition, Magic Island provides a fully stocked arcade and prize counter so even the least skilled putters walk away with a memento.

5.Marvel at Marine Life on a Dolphin Cruise

See Biloxi from a different perspective – out on the water! Book passage on the Gulf Coast Dolphin Cruise for a sailing tour across Biloxi Back Bay in search of graceful bottlenose dolphins and other marine life. Expert naturalists narrate the journey, explaining the estuary ecosystem and identifying birds like bald eagles that you may spot soaring overhead.

The longtime family-owned company limits passenger capacity so each tour feels personalized, with plenty of room to walk the decks and take pictures. And kids delight at being put to work as “dolphin spotters” during the cruise. Whenever pods of dolphins swim near the boat, the crew drops hydrophones into the water so you can listen to the interesting squeaks, squeals and clicks the dolphins use to communicate underwater.

Gliding across the bay gives you a unique vantage point to take in Biloxi’s shoreline and seafood industry while your family bonds with nature during a memorable wildlife encounter.

6.Learn Local History at Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum

Gain a deeper understanding of Biloxi’s rich maritime heritage at this fascinating museum located downtown. Through engaging exhibits and educational programs, the museum chronicles 300 years of Coast history – from early European settlers to present-day fishermen and marine research.

Interactive displays like a replica shrimping boat, historic fishing equipment, and even a hall of fish let kids see, touch, and explore various artifacts. Other kid-friendly features include scavenger hunts and traditional maritime games that make learning about regional culture fun. And the on-site gift shop sells locally made art, jewelry, foods and more so you can take a piece of Biloxi home with you.

7.Tour Mardi Gras Museum

Biloxi knows how to celebrate Mardi Gras in signature colorful style, with elaborate floats, flamboyant costumes, and beads flying through the air. Get your family into the Carnival spirit at the Mardi Gras Museum, an immerse exhibition dedicated to the history and artistry behind the city’s famous Fat Tuesday festivities.

Vibrant displays feature decorative masks and clothing worn by past Mardi Gras kings and queens, alongside a dazzling collection of beaded necklaces in every size and hue. Historic photos and videos showcase elaborate floats from years past rolling down the coastal roads. You can even dress up and pose for silly family photos with thematic backdrops.

Don’t miss the museum gift shop, brimming with masquerade masks, crowns, and beads for purchase so you can decorate like a true Biloxian. It’s an uplifting destination sure to ignite family excitement, merriment and memories.

8.Find Fascinating Finds at Bakery Outlet

For an epicurean extravaganza perfect for foodie families, make a pit stop at Biloxi Bakery Outlet. The discount store carries an ever-changing selection of baked goods from across the region at prices too good to pass up.

Crates overflow with fresh loaves of French bread, trays of gooey cinnamon rolls, bins of frosted cookies, and shelves stocked with cakes, muffins, and more.

Let the kids go wild filling boxes with an assortment of their favorite tasty treats to enjoy throughout your stay. The bakery outlet offers such amazing variety at bargain basement prices, you can keep going back daily for new finds without breaking the bank. Don’t be surprised if it becomes your family’s favorite place to pop into during the trip!

9.Spend a Relaxing Afternoon at Biloxi Town Green

When you need some downtime from touring top attractions, make your way to beautiful Biloxi Town Green. This downtown park serves as a venue for community events and a peaceful oasis for locals and visitors. Lime green benches, floral gardens, and soaring oak trees line the block, offering shady spots to relax amid lovely scenery.

Let the kids run freely across the sprawling lawn or test their climbing skills on the colorful, castle-themed playground. Cool off with a splash in the dancing water fountains as dramatic jets shoot streams high into the air.

You can even pack a picnic lunch to dine al fresco under the pavilion while planning the rest of your day. Centrally located near shops and restaurants, Town Green makes an ideal home base during your Biloxi travels.

10.Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Chocolate Crocodile

For a specialized store catering to candy lovers of all ages, visit family-owned Chocolate Crocodile in downtown Biloxi. Part bakery, part candy store, part ice cream parlor, this whimsical shop crafts a world of homemade confections and baked desserts. Watch through the viewing windows as pastry chefs fill cannolis, pipe frosting onto cupcakes, and knead fudgy brownie dough.

Then let the family loose to select sweets from elaborately decorated cases and shelves. From specialty chocolate truffles with surprising fillings to towers of macarons in every color and flavor, it’s a sugar rush come true. Don’t miss their signature marshmallow pops dipped in Belgian chocolate and rolled in fun toppings like crushed candy or toasted coconut.

Take home a mixed box filled with all your favorites or enjoy a dine-in ice cream sundae topped with homemade hot fudge sauce and crunchy candies straight from Willy Wonka’s playbook.

11.See Exotic Species at Gulfport Zoological Park

Just a short ride from Biloxi, this small but superb zoo in Gulfport provides close-up encounters with nearly 200 animals from across the globe. Friendly staff and informative signs at each exhibit enhance your family’s learning experience as you make your way along winding paths shaded by soaring pines. Meet endangered lemurs, watch silly otters playfully tumble around, and listen to tropical birds singing.

Don’t miss the zoo’s newest residents – a pair of grizzly bear brothers who love wrestling and playing with toys provided by keepers. Special feeding times mean you can watch zoo animals dine on their species-appropriate diets.

And magic shows, training demonstrations plus chances to pet fuzzy rabbits and cool reptiles mean interactive fun for guests. With memorable wildlife sightings, family prices, and amenities like dining and gift shops on-site, the zoo makes for a full day of free-roaming exploration.

12.Sample Sweet Treats at Sweets and Treats

No family vacation is complete without ice cream – lots and lots of ice cream! At Sweets and Treats in Biloxi, you’ll find a candy store and old-fashioned soda fountain specializing in serving up smiles.

Display cases stretch nearly the entire length of the shop, filled with rows of handmade chocolates, fudge, brittles, taffies and other indulgences. Kids go crazy over the creative flavors and colorful varieties, from Cookie Monster fudge to chocolate-dipped Oreo pops.

But the main attraction is the retro ice cream counter whipping up craveable cool treats. Order classic flavors like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

Or live dangerously with unconventional varieties pickled pickle, salty caramel, or Superman (bright blue raspberry). Staff excel at creative milkshakes crowned with piles of whipped cream and wild toppings. And they happily customize orders with allergy-friendly ingredients so every guest leaves satisfied.


From sun-soaked coastline fun to entertaining museums and animal encounters, Biloxi offers an array of family-friendly attractions.

No matter which activities you choose from this list during your Mississippi Gulf Coast travels, quality time together filled with lasting memories awaits. Don’t be surprised if the kids ask to visit again before your vacation even ends – Biloxi has that effect!

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