15 Things To Do in Leuven, Belgium in 2024

Leuven, a vibrant city pulsating with academic life and rich in history, stands as Belgium’s premier destination for those who seek a blend of intellectual vibrancy and historical depth.

As the home of the oldest Catholic university in the world, Leuven is a city where the past and the present coalesce in the most harmonious way possible. Its streets are lined with impressive landmarks, innovative breweries, and lush green spaces, offering a dynamic array of activities for every type of traveler.

From the awe-inspiring Gothic architecture of the Town Hall to the lively atmosphere of the Oude Markt, often referred to as the world’s longest bar, Leuven invites its visitors to indulge in its unique blend of culture, history, and nightlife.

ActivityBrief Description
Historic Streets and SquaresExplore architectural landmarks and medieval markets.
Café CultureExperience vibrant student-run cafes and pubs.
Dijle River CruiseEnjoy boat tours with scenic views and historical insights.
Historic Parks and GardensVisit green spaces like the Botanical Garden and Park Abbey.
Gothic ArchitectureMarvel at buildings like St. Peter’s Church and Great Beguinage.
AB InBev Brewery TourDiscover beer-making history with tastings and tours.
Traditional BakeriesIndulge in local baked goods and artisanal treats.
NightlifeEnjoy student nightlife, clubs, and bars.
Artistic MasterpiecesVisit museums with medieval to contemporary art collections.
Belgian CuisineSample innovative dishes from local chefs.
Outdoor ActivitiesRun or cycle through nature trails and parks.
Old Market ShoppingShop at open-air markets for local products.
Music and FestivalsAttend diverse cultural and music events.

Whether you’re in pursuit of scholarly excellence, architectural marvels, or simply the joy of relaxing in a charming Belgian city, Leuven has something to offer.

In this guide, we will navigate through 15 must-visit spots in Leuven that capture the essence of its youthful spirit and ancient soul, ensuring that your journey is as enriching as it is enjoyable.

Wander the Historic Streets and Squares

Name and Location: Leuven’s historic city center features charming pedestrian streets and atmospheric squares, like the Grote Markt, Oude Markt, and Ladeuzeplein.

History and Significance: Leuven grew as a center of cloth making in the Middle Ages. Much of the medieval street plan and architecture remains intact today.

What to Expect: Visitors can explore charming narrow alleys lined with gabled facades. Key sights include the 15th century Town Hall and prominent churches surrounding the squares.

Visitor Information: Wandering Leuven’s pedestrian zone is free. Guided walking tours are available to learn more about the architecture and history.

With architectural landmarks spanning nearly a millennium, Leuven’s historic central district rewards wandering. The breathtaking Gothic Town Hall anchors the Grote Markt, Leuven’s vibrant heart since medieval markets. Nearby, the 15th century St. Peter’s Church wows with extravagant Baroque altarpieces. Don’t miss the hidden gem Irish College, its courtyard lined with 18th century brick buildings today housing pubs and boutiques. For panoramic views, climb the bell tower of 1425’s Great Beguinage, where costumed guides offer glimpses into history.

Savor the Café Culture like a True Student

Name and Location: With Europe’s oldest university, Leuven is packed with lively cafés and bars, especially around the Oude Markt and Tiensestraat.

History and Significance: Long a student town, Leuven’s vibrant café culture flows from generations of scholars who’ve studied among these historic streets and buildings.

What to Expect: Visitors can sit at a streetside café and watch student life go by, or head to a cozy bruin café to try Belgian beers and classic snacks like fries and waffles.

Visitor Information: Leuven’s compact center makes café-hopping easy. Try À la Mort Subite on Tiensestraat for art nouveau decor and Bar Stan on Tiensestraat for over 100 Belgian brews!

As home to Belgium’s largest university since 1425, Leuven cultivates a spirited café culture spilling across stately squares. Join intellectual debates at cozy Tafelrond, order crispy frites at iconic El Barrio Restobar, or try daredevil shots at raucous Rock Café. For laidback vibes, grab a craft beer at indie Zomerlust Brouwerij tucked behind a flower shop. Wherever you go, strike up conversations with erudite students and professors who give Leuven its infectious energy.

Cruise Down the Dijle River

Name and Location: The Dijle River flows through the heart of Leuven, lined with scenic walking paths, parks, architecture, and boat tour launches.

History and Significance: The Dijle has played an important role in Leuven’s growth and industry since medieval times. Today it provides idyllic views of the city.

What to Expect: Visitors can book a Dijle riverboat tour for unique vistas of Leuven. Or simply stroll along the riverbanks soaking up charming waterside scenery.

Visitor Information: Boat tours run on weekends or daily in summer. Cost is about €9. The riverbanks have pedestrian zones perfect for relaxed walks.

See Leuven from a captivating waterside perspective with boat tours gliding along the picturesque Dijle River. Friendly guides narrate sights like the great College of Saint Donatus, serene parks dotted with ducks, and hidden natural gems including a 600-year-old oak tree. Special cycling boats allow pedaling past verdant riverbanks while sipping Belgian beers. Romantic evening rides reveal Leuven’s glittering reflections, best enjoyed with cheese and wine as the summer sun fades.

Relax in Historic Parks and Gardens

Name and Location: Leuven has many green spaces that make ideal spots to unwind, including Stadspark, Kruidtuin Botanical Garden, and Park Abbey Grounds.

History and Significance: Several parks and gardens have origins dating back to Leuven’s medieval history, like the Abbey Grounds, site of a former 12th century abbey.

What to Expect: Visitors can enjoy a picnic lunch, go for a tranquil stroll among flowers and trees, or simply admire classic Belgian landscape design at these historic green spaces.

Visitor Information: Leuven’s parks are freely accessible. The Kruidtuin Botanical Garden charges a small entry fee and has scheduled hours.

With nearly 20 green spaces sprinkled throughout the city, Leuven delights nature lovers with abundant outdoor repose. The Botanical Garden invites meandering through curated beds presenting 8,000 plant species. The immense Park Abbey harbors leafy trails leading to a gorgeous Baroque-style abbey. Grab picnic fixings from the Saturday farmer’s markets before heading to tiny Park Cardinal Mercier, shaded by towering trees. Wherever you go, Leuven’s parks promise an urban escape into seasonal floral beauty.

Explore the Striking Gothic Architecture

Name and Location: Leuven is renowned for its ornate 15th century Gothic buildings clustered around locations like the Grote Markt and Naamsestraat.

History and Significance: Prosperous cloth merchants funded Leuven’s impressive Gothic town hall, churches, guild houses and dormitories when it was a thriving medieval center.

What to Expect: Visitors can admire the elaborate, carved facades and soaring spires of landmarks like St. Peter’s Church, the Town Hall, and University Hall. Guided tours provide background.

Visitor Information: Leuven’s iconic Gothic buildings can be viewed from the street anytime. Schedule a guided tour for access inside certain buildings.

Leuven overflows with awe-inspiring Gothic buildings, notably its 15th century St. Peter’s Church whose soaring pillars and elaborate carvings represent the ornate Brabant style. The medieval Great Beguinage, a World Heritage Site, reveals intimate daily life within its walls during private walking tours. Marvel at the vaulted stone ceiling inside Gothic Town Hall, and seek out the ornate residences, cloisters and chapels tucked throughout the city. Though small, Leuven remains among Europe’s best showcases of medieval Gothic splendor.

Discover Belgian Beer at AB InBev Brewery

Name and Location: The AB InBev Brewery in Leuven offers behind-the-scenes tours at one of the world’s largest brewers, known for beers like Stella Artois and Leffe.

History and Significance: Brewing has flourished in Leuven since the 1300s. This brewery has been operating since the late 1800s.

What to Expect: Tours showcase the brewery process and cellars. Visitors learn about the brand’s history and enjoy beer tastings. The brewery also has dining options.

Visitor Information: 90 minute brewery tours run daily for €10. Book ahead online as spaces are limited. The minimum age to tour is 16.

No visit to beer-mad Belgium is complete without touring a brewery. In Leuven, the global headquarters of AB InBev opens its doors to reveal centuries of brewing heritage. This family-friendly tour lets you glimpse high tech innovations guiding modern production, learn signature Belgian styles, and sip samples like Leffe, Hoegaarden and Stella Artois paired with local cheeses. Don’t miss the breweriana museum’s artifacts from six centuries of Belgian beer history – a beer lover’s paradise!

Indulge at a Traditional Bakery

Name and Location: Leuven is full of cozy bakeries selling indulgent Belgian treats. Top picks include Zussen bake shop on Tiensestraat and the famous Dandoy biscuit bakery.

History and Significance: Belgians are renowned connoisseurs of breads, pastries and sweets. Bakeries in Leuven use time-honored recipes to perfect classic baked goods.

What to Expect: Visitors can sample or take away Belgian specialties like liege waffles, speculoos cookies, chocolate croissants, fancy patisserie cakes, and more at these historic bakeries.

Visitor Information: Bakeries in the old town are open daily. Find seats to savor the baked goods or get them to go for an on-the-move snack.

With a bakery seemingly on every corner, Leuven brims with old-world artisan goodness like vocês stuffed with custard and chocolate, picture-perfect fruit tarts, crusty loaves of sourdough, and melt-in-your mouth Liegeoise speculoos cookies. Historic bakeries like Meert and massive supermarket displays offer edible souvenirs, but don’t miss popping into a cozy neighborhood shop. Chat with the skilled bakers as tantalizing aromas envelop you, then relax under yellow awnings for an impromptu curbside tasting of sweet indulgences.

Experience Exhilarating Nightlife

Name and Location: As a spirited university town, Leuven offers buzzing nightlife bars and clubs clustered around the Oude Markt square and Tiensestraat.

History and Significance: Leuven has long catered to the entertainment demands of its large student population. Today, countless pubs and late-night venues keep the city’s nights lively.

What to Expect: When the sun sets, visitors can soak up Leuven’s energetic nighttime vibe. unwind at a traditional brown café or dance the night away at a trendy nightclub.

Visitor Information: The Oude Markt square is Leuven’s nightlife hub. Check venues for cover charges and dress codes on weekends. Have your ID on hand.

When the sunset gongs ring from St. Peter’s belfry, Leuven transforms into Belgium’s best student party scene. Legendary Oude Markt square packs with rambunctious university crowds sloshing beer beneath glowing string lights. Dance on tabletops at enormous club Noir, or sing along to live bands rocking intimate tavern Zomerlust. Just off the chaotic square, candlelit wine bars and comfy pubs like De Werf host acoustic acts for a more relaxed evening. However you choose, Leuven after dark promises unforgettable fun.

See Artistic Masterpieces

Name and Location: M Leuven museum exhibits an outstanding collection of historic and contemporary artworks from the Southern Netherlands in a striking modern building.

History and Significance: M Leuven houses works spanning 600 years of artistic heritage in the region. The collection has over 20,000 pieces, including by renowned artists.

What to Expect: Visitors can admire top works Flemish Primitive and Renaissance art such as van Eyck, as well as avant-garde installations, Surrealist pieces, and contemporary exhibits.

Visitor Information: M Leuven is open Tuesday to Sunday. Admission is around €12. Guided tours in various languages are available.

Beyond its architectural beauty, Leuven claims several museums housing fine art collections spanning medieval to contemporary works. M Leuven spotlights Jan van Eyck and Flemish Primitive masters alongside avant-garde installations, while University Museum MAK’s illuminated manuscripts and scientific oddities offer cultural insight. Fans of Magritte and other surrealists should visit M-Museum Leuven, while St. Peter’s Church holds extravagant Baroque altarpieces. For free student exhibits, simply explore KU Leuven’s striking modern arts campus.

Sample Innovative Belgian Cuisine

Name and Location: Leuven has a dynamic dining scene with restaurants found on charming streets like Muntstraat and Parijsstraat.

History and Significance: Leuven chefs put creative spins on Belgian classics while utilizing fresh local ingredients. The city’s eateries range from casual to fine dining.

What to Expect: Visitors can savor Belgian mainstays like moules-frites plus innovative fusion fare at Leuven’s restaurants. Be sure to save room for decadent Belgian chocolate desserts too!

Visitor Information: Restaurant districts like Muntstraat offer plenty of dinner choices. Reserve tables in advance for popular eateries.

Once dominated by hearty Flemish fare, Leuven’s dining scene now explodes with creative young chefs. Blend gourmet flare, artistry and global influences at Sir Kwinten’s masterfully plated degustation. Experience emerging talents at pop-up dinners organized by food magazine Ambi. Taste New Nordic recipes with local ingredients at oak-interiored restaurant Ozé. For affordability, follow university students to underground Nomads Restaurant operated by volunteering refugees serving curries, tajines and more homemade specialties.

Run or Cycle Through Nature

Name and Location: Heverleebos-Meerdaalwoud Forest lies just minutes from Leuven’s center and provides over 1,000 acres of woodland trails perfect for running, walking, or cycling.

History and Significance: These vast wooded areas once belonged to nobility and abbeys. Today they offer locals and visitors a natural oasis right on the edge of town.

What to Expect: Visitors can explore miles of blissful forest paths. Trails have waymarkers and route options for all levels from leisurely strolls to intense training rides.

Visitor Information: The forest trails are freely accessible year-round. Optimal times are spring through fall. Visitors center provides trail maps.

Lattice-like cycling highways make Leuven ultra-bikeable, but runners also enjoy flowers-fringed trails threading through green belts encircling the city. The Dijlepad route links riverside parks before entering Heverleebos forest, passing a historic Cistercian abbey en route. Nearby Abdijmuseum Park urns uphill to explore romantic ruins dating to 1129. Tracing medieval walking paths, the Keizersberg run summit mist-veiled hilltops dotted with over 500 plant varieties identified by informational signs, for a vivid history lesson amid nature.

Shop the Atmospheric Old Market

Name and Location: The Vrijdagmarkt in Leuven’s historic center hosts a lively market every Friday from 8am to 1pm with over 100 vendor stalls.

History and Significance: Leuven’s market tradition dates back to the Middle Ages. Today local farmers and artisans continue selling their wares in the square each week.

What to Expect: Visitors can browse an array of products like farm-fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, handicrafts, and prepared foods while soaking up the bustling market ambience.

Visitor Information: The market runs every Friday rain or shine. Come early for the biggest selection. Stalls start packing up after noon.

Every Saturday morning, Leuven’s Grote Markt transforms into a lively open-air market where locals shop for artisanal edibles under the great Town Hall’s watchful facade. Sample ripe berries, creamy cheeses and Belgian pralines while browsing stalls of fresh flowers, handmade soaps and colorful macarons. Don’t miss ready-to-eat street foods like savory pastries, Belgian waffles, or enticing Middle Eastern dishes that make grazing through the market a mouthwatering experience. It’s the perfect tast of authentic local life!

Attend Music Performances and Cultural Festivals

Name and Location: Leuven hosts festivals and music events throughout the year like the Zomerfesten summer festival in July/August and Musica Sacra religious music festival.

History and Significance: Leuven has long been a cultural city. These lively festivals allow locals and tourists to experience high-caliber music, theater, dance, and street arts.

What to Expect: Visitors can enjoy free and ticketed performances by talented musicians, orchestras, choirs, theater troupes, and other artists in Leuven’s indoor and outdoor venues.

Visitor Information: Check festival websites for full event schedules and book tickets in advance online for popular shows. Events take place across the city.

From intimate jazz combos to extravagant classical orchestras, Leuven’s vibrant performing arts calendar hits all the right notes. The majestic Stuk arts center hosts hundreds of concerts, plays and dance spectacles starring international talents, while free summer park stages draw party-loving university crowds. Year-round cultural festivals include glittering Christmas markets, the religious procession of the ‘Great Parade’, open-air cinema atop Town Hall in summer, and the raucous student-led Oude Markt Days in March.


With atmospheric medieval architecture, vibrant cafe culture, abundant nature, exciting nightlife and thriving university presence, Leuven rewards visitors with a vibrant diversity spanning history, urban energy and Flemish traditions. Wander cobbled lanes dotted with soaring Gothic buildings before joining lively student debates in the ancient squares. Sample innovative cuisine from young chef talents, locally brewed abbey ales, and sweet indulgences from historic bakeries in this dynamic town embraced by all who discover its charms.

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