12 Things to Do in Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi is a charming coastal city located along the Gulf of Mexico in southern Mississippi. Known for its sandy white beaches, towering live oak trees draped in Spanish moss, vibrant seafood culinary scene, and historic attractions, Biloxi offers visitors plenty of things to see and do all year long.

With its balmy weather, Biloxi provides opportunities for water recreation like boating, fishing, and swimming. Land lovers can explore Biloxi’s creative shops and dynamic casinos. History buffs will especially enjoy touring antebellum homes and Civil War sites. And foodies indulge in fresh regional seafood from the Gulf like shrimp, oysters, crab, and fish.

Whether you seek adventure, education, or relaxation (or a bit of each!), Biloxi, Mississippi promises an unforgettable travel experience.

1. Stroll Along the Biloxi Beach Boardwalk

One of the best ways to take in the coastal scenery is by walking along the Biloxi Beach Boardwalk. Located along Beach Boulevard, this paved walkway travels parallel to the sandy shoreline.

As you stroll along the boardwalk, you’ll pass stately antebellum homes shaded by ancient oak trees draped in wispy Spanish moss. Snap photos of the glittering water as gentle waves lap the powdery white sand beaches.

Stop at one of the restaurants or bars along the boardwalk for refreshing drinks and waterfront dining. Enjoy live entertainment at night with gorgeous sunset views.

The Biloxi Beach Boardwalk offers the quintessential Gulf Coast experience for visitors and locals alike.

2. Tour Architectural Gems

History buffs will love exploring Biloxi’s architectural gems showcasing various periods, styles, and functions.

Magnolia Hill is an elegant antebellum estate built in 1851 with lush gardens and soaring Corinthian columns. Tour the mansion to marvel at its historical artifacts, decor, and original features.

St. Michael’s Catholic Church stands tall as the oldest building in Biloxi, constructed in 1848 with Gothic and Byzantine architectural details.

The Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum presents the rich maritime heritage and seafood traditions along the Gulf Coast inside a Works Progress Administration structure dating back to 1936.

Other historic sites include the Pleasant Reed House, the Old Brick House, Biloxi City Hall, and the Biloxi Lighthouse, offering glimpses into 19th and 20th century life in the region.

3. Cruise the Back Bay on a Biloxi Shrimping Trip

One of the best ways to soak in the beauty and bounty of Biloxi is from the water. Book an exciting Biloxi shrimping tour and head out on the Back Bay for a true taste of this age-old industry.

Biloxi was once the shrimping capital of the world, and traditional shrimping boats still harvest shrimp from the fertile waters using old time netting techniques little changed over the centuries.

On the cruise, you’ll learn how to work the rigging and haul in the nets teaming with fresh shrimp while your captain explains the flavorful history of the regional shrimping industry. Enjoy seeing dolphins, seabirds, and stunning scenery along the journey too.

4. Sample Fresh Seafood Right from the Boat

Seafood doesn’t get fresher than buying directly from the docked Biloxi shrimp boats. Head to neighborhoods like Point Cadet and visit Popp’s Ferry Bridge to purchase freshly caught regional shrimp, fish, crabs and oysters.

Not only does this experience offer access to uber-fresh seafood at very affordable prices, it allows a behind-the-scenes look at Biloxi’s rich maritime culture and heritage through chatting with the boat captains and crews.

After purchasing your seafood bounty, ask for recipes or restaurant recommendations to sample true Biloxi-style cuisine using your catch. Grilled, fried or boiled, these coastal eats taste their briny best shortly after harvested from the Gulf.

5. Play and Party at Biloxi Casinos

What started as a temporary solution to rebuild tourism post-Hurricane Katrina has launched Biloxi into a premier regional gambling and entertainment destination. Gamblers and revelers now flock to Biloxi’s bustling casino resorts lining the shorefront.

Test your luck at slots, poker, roulette, craps and other gaming. Catch live music acts or comedy shows in the casinos’ onboard theaters and concert venues. Grab celebrated eats at the casinos’ stellar restaurants led by famous chefs.

And relax in high rolling style with casinos’ ultra-luxurious rooms, pools, spas, clubs and amenities catering to an upscale clientele. Glitz, glamour and gaming excitement shiny bright on Biloxi’s casino row after dark.

6. Charter a Fishing Expedition

Cast a line into the sport fishing capital of the Gulf Coast by chartering your own deep sea fishing adventure. The fertile waters off Biloxi offer prime opportunities to hook impressive game fish like tuna, mackerel, snapper, grouper and marlin during different times of year.

From heading out past the barrier islands into blue water or navigating the marshes and bayous, experienced captains know the hot spots to target trophy fish. Charter options range from affordable shared trips to private chartered boats allowing flexible durations and thorough customization.

Novice anglers learn helpful techniques while seasoned fishing veterans enjoy personal guidance to navigate local conditions. Keep your catch or have it prepared at local restaurants for the ultimate fresh seafood dinner.

7. Tour Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library

History buffs can take an informative tour through Beauvoir, the historic final home of Jefferson Davis, the first and only President of the Confederate States of America. Listed as a National Historic Landmark, Beauvoir now serves as a museum, library and cultural center memorializing Davis’ life and career.

View Davis’ grave site marked with a soaring monument on the sprawling beachfront grounds. Tour his meticulously restored raised cottage filled with original furniture, artifacts and mementos accrued over his prolific career.

And learn little known facts about Davis through museum exhibits and the incredible collection of letters and documents housed at the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library onsite. Scholars, students and curious visitors gain fascinating context into this controversial and impactful American figure.

8. Explore Craft Beers at Biloxi Breweries

Join Biloxi’s craft brewery scene by sampling specialty beers at locally owned brewhouses.

The throwback vibe at Lazy Magnolia Brewery in downtown Biloxi pairs perfectly with its handcrafted beers flavored by Southern ingredients like pecans along with seasonal varieties and barrel-aged options. Food trucks onsite help soak up the brews.

At KC’s Sandshaker on the Back Bay, sip experimental releases capture coastal inspiration within the colorful open air taproom covered in sticky note doodles courtesy of thirsty patrons. Live music keeps the place rocking at night.

Underground 39 on casino row offers refined craft beers alongside wines and cocktails, with options to enjoy them waterside for picturesque views in their sleek lounge outfitted with airstream suites.

Explore even more independent brewers continuing Biloxi’s age-old tradition of thirst-quenching libations with creative new twists.

9. Charter a Sailing Adventure

Savor Biloxi’s slow pace and salty breezes with a smooth sailing charter cruise. Relax on deck as an experienced captain navigates the gentle currents and shares facts about Biloxi.

Many tours feature dolphin sightings playing in the boat’s wake plus stunning vistas of the sandy barrier islands and verdant protected marshes only visible from offshore. Multi-hour tours allow longer adventures tacking along the entire shoreline.

Some operators cater sunset champagne cruises or BYOB daytime excursions ideal for romance and quality time with loved ones. Guests rave over the calmness and perspective gained only found far from shore carried by wind power alone.

10. Explore Biloxi Local History and Culture Trail

Get to know authentic Biloxi by following the Biloxi Local History and Cultural Trail – an extensive path weaving 20 miles through historic districts and diverse neighborhoods.

This innovative trail allows biking, walking or driving while pointing out over 75 cultural sites and landmarks via informative markers with QR codes for audiovisual details.

Follow self-guided tours tailored by interest like Arts, Food, Music, Ecology, Civil Rights and more. Themed routes cover specific ground while a master tour connects the entire length of the trail.

Immerse in impactful locations normally overlooked by visitors and learn unknown histories that shape the city directly from citizens. Expand your understanding and appreciation of Biloxi’s essence through places shaping modern life.

11. Fill Up at a Biloxi Seafood Buffet

For fresh seafood galore, nothing beats the bountiful offerings at a Biloxi seafood buffet. These expansive food extravaganzas showcase the region’s fruits of the sea prepared myriad flavorful ways alongside Southern sides and comfort foods.

Towering displays boast mounds of expertly spiced boiled shrimp, crackling fried catfish, butter-soaked broiled crab legs, hand-shucked oysters and addicting crawfish étouffée ladled hot over rice. Balance out the seafood smorgasbord with classic fixings like corn fritters, cheese grits, cornbread and fried green tomatoes.

Go back for seconds and sample more seafood specialties until your tastebuds cry uncle. A Biloxi seafood buffet offers endless opportunities to try regional preparations using day-boat fresh catches from the Gulf.

12. Shop for Coastal Souvenirs on Highway 90

Scenic Highway 90 parallels Biloxi’s lovely shoreline and offers easy access to retail therapy in its abundance of gift shops, galleries and boutiques.

Peruse artwork, clothing, accessories and knickknacks touting Biloxi and Gulf Coast themes to commemorate your visit. Snag kitschy souvenirs like t-shirts, handmade pottery, vintage postcards and nautical décor for family, friends or yourself.

Pop into beach apparel shops for flip flops, hats, swim coverups, towels and other vacation must-haves before hitting the sand. And sample sweet treats like pralines or saltwater taffy as edible souvenirs gifted in pretty packaging.

By shopping locally at Highway 90 boutiques and emporiums, you support small businesses while collecting special mementos unique to the Biloxi shore.


Whether seeking sun and waves or local culture and cuisine, the vibrant coastal city of Biloxi, Mississippi serves up good times galore. Walkable and welcoming, Biloxi balances natural beauty and Southern charm with new world excitement.

Tour historic homes before trying your luck at modern casinos. Charter offshore fishing trips followed by sampling fresh catches dockside. And cap it off watching crimson sunsets mirrored on gentle waters while listening to live music carried in a saltwater breeze.

With such diverse options for entertainment, adventure, relaxation or revelry – in charming Biloxi, the hardest part is deciding what to do first! Just leave room for seconds, as you’ll surely want more.

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