12 Parks in Sierra Vista, Arizona

Sierra Vista is a vibrant city located in southeastern Arizona, about 90 minutes southeast of Tucson. Nestled against the Huachuca Mountains and surrounded by Coronado National Forest, Sierra Vista offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The city has 12 beautiful parks for residents and visitors to enjoy, each with its own unique amenities, from sports fields and courts to dog parks, playgrounds, walking trails, and picnic areas. The parks give locals places to gather, play sports, relax, walk their dogs, have picnics, and enjoy the natural beauty and sunny skies of southern Arizona.

In this article, we will explore all 12 parks located in Sierra Vista – giving details on the amenities, features, and attractions that make each one worth visiting. Whether you want to play sports, go for a hike, exercise your dog, enjoy a picnic, or just relax in nature, you will find an ideal park in Sierra Vista.

Domingo Paiz Park

Domingo Paiz Park is a 10-acre park in central Sierra Vista near Fry Boulevard that offers plenty of amenities and recreation. The park features lighted softball/baseball fields, soccer fields, a basketball court, two playground areas, a splash area, walking paths with exercise stations, and a picnic ramada. The park often hosts youth sports games and tournaments on the diamonds and multipurpose fields.

The playground features swings, climbing structures, a zip line, and a merry-go-round to keep kids entertained for hours. The splash pad area provides interactive fountains and sprinklers for children to play in and cool off during hot weather.

The park has open green space and paved walking paths that circle throughout, with several exercise stations for visitors to stop and work out. The large ramada/picnic area provides shade and tables perfect for picnicking and gatherings after sporting events. With its variety of active amenities, Domingo Paiz Park is one of the most popular in Sierra Vista for recreation and exercise.

Veterans Memorial Park

Veterans Memorial Park is appropriately located along Veterans Memorial Drive near the VA Health Care Center. The 25-acre park honors all military veterans, especially those from Sierra Vista and nearby Fort Huachuca. The park features sports fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, walking paths with interpretive signs on plant species, and a Peace Garden.

With its four softball/baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, and sand volleyball pits, Veterans Memorial Park hosts games and tournaments year-round. The shaded playground has swings, play structures, and interactive musical instruments for kids. The walking paths meander along native plants with interpretive signs on Sonoran Desert species.

The Peace Garden provides a serene setting for rest and contemplation with benches circled around a sundial. The park hosts patriotic ceremonies on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and other military remembrance occasions. Veterans Memorial Park remembers those who served while providing recreational amenities the whole community can enjoy.

Oscar Yrun Park

Oscar Yrun Park spans 40 acres in eastern Sierra Vista near Fry Boulevard and Highway 90 and offers diverse recreation opportunities. Facilities include multiple softball/baseball fields, soccer fields, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts, playgrounds, lighted tennis courts, walking paths, picnic ramadas, and open multipurpose fields. Youth sports leagues use the park extensively for baseball, softball, and soccer games and tournaments.

Families enjoy the playground with climbing structures, swings, tunnels, mini zip lines, and a splash pad to keep kids engaged. Fitness buffs utilize the tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. Visitors walk the scenic paths through open fields and oak groves, with scenic views of the mountains in the distance. Large ramadas provide shade for family gatherings and picnics post-games or on weekends. With amenities for all ages and interests, Oscar Yrun Park has something for everyone.

Sierra Vista Skate Park

Sierra Vista Skate Park near Oscar Yrun Park provides a safe place for skaters of all ages and abilities to shred. The concrete 13,000 square foot skate park features a snake run, fun box, wall rides, banked turns, bowls, hubbas, quarter pipes, manual pads, grind rails, and plenty of smooth pavement for tricks. Skaters can ride bowls, practice technical street skills, and perform aerials off ramps and jumps safely away from vehicle traffic.

The skate park stays busy with local kids practicing tricks and honing skills after school and weekends. Local skate shops sometimes hold demonstrations and contests here with pro skaters. Graffiti art decorates the walls and surfaces – with new pieces constantly going up by talented artists. Providing challenges for all skill levels, Sierra Vista Skate Park delivers premium terrain right in town for the skating community.

James R. McDonald Memorial Park

James R. McDonald Memorial Park spans 40 acres in northern Sierra Vista near the main library and senior center. Facilities include a dog park, walking paths, basketball courts, a playground, picnic ramadas, memorial gardens, and open fields available for rental. The off-leash dog park allows pet owners to exercise dogs in a fenced four-acre area with obstacle courses.

Visitors walk the scenic paved paths that meander through desert landscaping marked with interpretive signs highlighting native plants. Basketball players utilize the lighted outdoor courts day and night. The playground keeps kids occupied on swings, climbing structures, and dinosaur spring toys.

Individual and group picnic sites allow for family and community gatherings – with some available to reserve. Memorial gardens remember slain police officers and deceased residents. With amenities for people and pets plus event rental spaces, James R. McDonald Memorial Park provides a well-rounded community gathering locale in Sierra Vista.

Rothery Educational Services Park

Located adjacent to Buena High School, Rothery Educational Services Park spans five acres packed with learning-focused amenities. Facilities include a botanical garden, greenhouse, xeriscape demonstration garden, observation pond and platform, sensory trail, orchard area, outdoor classrooms, and interpretative signs on native plants and ecosystems. Buena agriculture students utilize the park for lessons in horticulture, biology, and environmental conservation.

Visitors explore the botanical garden showcasing 160 regional plant species with information signs. The solar-powered greenhouse allows for year-round cultivation of plants to transplant outdoors. The park demonstrates responsible desert landscaping and gardening methods through the thoughtfully planted xeriscape demonstration garden.

An observation deck overlooks the wildlife pond – great for bird watching and learning about aquatic ecosystems. A sensory trail engages kids through textures, sounds, colors, and aromas from surrounding plants and materials. With interactive educational exhibits interwoven into a natural landscape, Rothery Park fascinates all ages while promoting environmental stewardship.

Nancy Kay Park

Nancy Kay Park in southeast Sierra Vista near Fry Boulevard provides eight acres packed with recreation amenities everyone can enjoy. Facilities include a splash pad, basketball court, playground, walking path, exercise stations, and picnic areas. The splash pad area with fountains, buckets, and ground sprays gives kids a place to play and cool off during hot weather. Visitors shoot hoops on the full basketball court day or night under the lights.

The playground features climbing structures, slides, monkey bars, swings, and a merry-go-round sure to please youngsters for hours. A paved walking path loops 0.3 miles through the park – great for a stroll, jog, bike ride or using the exercise station.

Picnic tables stationed around the playground and under ramadas allow for an enjoyable outdoor meal. With interactive water fun, courts for games, and play equipment, Nancy Kay Park packs family recreation into a small neighborhood area.

Len Roberts Park at Town & Country

Len Roberts Park occupies five acres within the Town & Country retail center along Highway 92. Facilities include a splash pad, playground, outdoor fitness equipment, walking paths, and a performance pavilion. The splash pad area helps kids stay entertained – and cool! – on hot summer days with interactive fountains, tipping buckets, and ground sprays. The playground features swings, towers, slides, monkey bars, and a spongy ground surface – fun for all ages.

Outdoor fitness equipment like ellipticals, stationary bikes, and a lat pull down machine allow people to exercise using their own body weight. Paved walking paths meander through mature trees and grassy areas. An open-air pavilion with a stage hosts weekend cultural performances and events. With family play spaces plus areas catered to getting fit, Len Roberts Park at Town & Country packs much into a small retail-adjacent public park.

Appleby Park

Appleby Park occupies four acres in a residential neighborhood in central Sierra Vista. Facilities include a playground, sand volleyball court, half basketball court, walking path with exercise stations, and picnic tables. The playground keeps kids engaged with swings, climbing towers, slides, see-saws, monkey bars, etc. Families enjoy pickup volleyball matches on the sand court – with the net and boundary lines permanently in place. Basketball players practice shots on the small outdoor court day or night under the lights.

Visitors walk or jog the 0.3 mile loop path – great for getting in mileage or using the integrated exercise equipment. Picnic tables allow for an open-air meal with families and friends. Though small, Appleby Park packs in amenities to entertain all ages close to surrounding homes so kids can walk or ride bikes easily for recreation and exercise.

Dog Parks

Sierra Vista has two off-leash dog parks that provide exercising areas for pets to run free and socialize safely. The Sierra Vista Dog Park occupies one acre near the municipal complex downtown. The fenced area has separate sections for large and small dogs. Benches, shade trees, and water stations allow owners to rest while dogs play.

Grass, decomposed granite, and paved areas give diverse terrains for pets. The four-acre dog section at James R. McDonald Memorial Park also provides off-leash play areas with agility equipment to stimulate canines physically and mentally. Sierra Vista dog owners have options to exercise pets while socializing with fellow dog lovers at both scenic, tail-wagging dog havens.

Airport Park

Though small at just 1.3 acres, Airport Park packs in amenities off Fry Boulevard near the municipal airport. Facilities include a playground, half basketball court, open field, and walking path – giving recreation variety within tight surroundings. The playground keeps kids busy on climbing structures, swings, monkey bars, etc. Basketball players practice shots on the small paved court with permanent goals. An open grass field allows space for playing catch, aerobics classes, yoga sessions, and informal sports practice.

A 0.2 mile loop walking path surrounds the park – great for exercise minutes between flights at the airport. Airport Park may be petite, but it provides a full roster of play opportunities for travel layovers or surrounding neighborhood recreation convenient to residential streets and airport parking.

Ely Park

Ely Park is a one-acre neighborhood park located in central Sierra Vista between 7th and 8th Streets near Ely Drive. Facilities include a basketball court, playground, walking path, and picnic tables for residents living nearby. Basketball players can shoot hoops day or night under the lights on the paved full-sized court. The small playground features swings, toys, and climbing towers sure to entertain kids for hours.

A 0.15 mile walking path loops around the park perimeter – great for getting exercise without needing to drive anywhere. Picnic tables offer relaxed gathering spots for chats or outdoor snacks after playing on the courts or playground. Though petite, Ely Park provides essential amenities like sports courts, play equipment, and pathways – packing vital recreation opportunities into a small neighborhood area for easy resident access.


Sierra Vista has 12 great parks spread throughout the city – each with unique amenities catered to community recreation, gathering spaces, and enjoyment of the outdoors. Sports leagues and families utilize fields and courts at parks like Domingo Paiz, Oscar Yrun and Veterans Memorial to play baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball and more. Skaters shred the terrain park features at Sierra Vista Skate Park for tricks and skills practice.

Playgrounds at Nancy Kay Park, Veterans Memorial, and others keep kids giggling and entertained for hours. Off-leash dog areas at James McDonald Park and Sierra Vista Dog Park allow pet exercise and socialization. Splash pads at several parks provide water fun during hot weather. Scenic walking paths give space for exercise, wildlife viewing, and enjoying native landscapes while special gardens provide learning opportunities. Ramadas and green spaces facilitate community events and personal celebrations.

Whether playing sports, walking dogs, going for a jog, enjoying a picnic, entertaining kids or relaxing in nature, Sierra Vista parks have something for everyone. The next time you are seeking recreation, fitness or family fun – visit one of Sierra Vista’s fantastic parks!

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