12 Parks in Prescott, Arizona

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Prescott, Arizona is a charming city nestled in the mountains of north-central Arizona. With its mild climate, Old West history, and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, it’s no wonder Prescott is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike.

One of the best ways to experience Prescott is by exploring its many fantastic parks. From manicured urban green spaces to remote hiking trails with stunning views, Prescott offers something for nature lovers of all stripes. Keep reading to discover 12 of the top parks in Prescott that you won’t want to miss!

Watson Lake Park

Watson Lake Park is one of the most popular parks in Prescott. This lovely green space features a small manmade reservoir called Watson Lake that is surrounded by scenic granite rock formations. The park has miles of hiking trails that wind through pine and juniper forests past interesting boulder formations.

The trails also lead to several small hidden beaches along the lake that offer gorgeous views of Watson Lake and the towering Granite Dells rock formations that rise from the water. Visitors enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, non-motorized boating and birdwatching at Watson Lake Park.

Granite Dells Nature Preserve

Adjacent to Watson Lake Park, Granite Dells Nature Preserve features fascinating and artistic rounded granite rock formations that tower over the landscape. The preserve has miles of hiking trails ranging from easy to difficult past, around, and even on top of the smooth boulder formations that seem to sprout from the earth. Some rocky vistas provide sweeping panoramas of Watson Lake and the mountains surrounding Prescott. The unique geological formations make Granite Dells one of the most photographed spots in Arizona.

Flinn Park

Located along Miller Creek on the outskirts of Prescott, Flinn Park is a 64-acre open space that includes lush lawns, picnic areas, sports fields, and a playground connected by paved walking paths. Towering cottonwood trees line the creek banks, providing ample shade for park visitors.

An adjacent bark park offers a fenced in area for dogs to play off-leash. Flinn Park’s bike skills course features dirt jumps, teeter totters, bridges, and other obstacles. The sports fields and open lawn areas host community events and are popular spots for playing baseball, soccer, frisbee, or just having a picnic lunch under a sprawling cottonwood tree along the creek.

Rough Rider Memorial Park

Just west of downtown, the pocket-sized Rough Rider Memorial Park has manicured lawns shaded by oak, ash, and maple trees. Two memorials in the park honor the 1st US Volunteer Cavalry led by Colonel Theodore Roosevelt during the Spanish-American War. Benches in the peaceful green space provide a spot to enjoy a relaxing lunch break. An urban trail loops around the park, offering views of the surrounding neighborhoods. The park regularly hosts community events.

YMCA Skate Park

Prescott’s YMCA Skate Park near Pioneer Park offers street-inspired bowls, boxes, rails, ramps, and other skating obstacles for skaters and BMX riders of all skill levels.

Shady areas with benches surround the concrete skating areas where visitors can watch the stunts and flips of skaters at this free skate park. Helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads are required.

Pioneer Park

Located right in downtown Prescott along Gurley Street, Pioneer Park is a manicured open space with lawns shaded by a mix of trees. A bandstand is the site of summer concerts in the park series.

Paths lined by benches wind through the park, which also has picnic areas and is adjacent to playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts. The park often hosts craft fairs, festivals, and holiday celebrations. Pioneer Park offers a nice spot right in town to enjoy a brown bag lunch break.

Thumb Butte Trail System

The City of Prescott manages an extensive multi-use trail system with nearly 80 miles of trails weaving through rugged desert landscapes fringed by granite rock formations just a short drive west from downtown. Sections of the trail system wind past the prominent Thumb Butte, a large rock outcrop that resembles a stubby thumb.

Hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and equestrians share the sandy paths that meander through rolling desert hills covered in scrub oak, manzanita, prickly pear cactus, yucca, and more with stunning vistas of surrounding mountains.

Willow Lake Park

Nestled amid pine forests five miles north of Prescott, Willow Lake Park feels a world away but is just a short drive from downtown. A centerpiece azure lake is fringed by shady beaches that draw locals seeking an outdoor escape right in town.

Rowboats and kayaks glide across the small lake while anglers cast lines for trout from the shoreline. A stroll along the lake’s paved 2-mile multi-use trail offers serene nature viewing. Picnic tables, BBQ grills, playgrounds with rock climbing walls, and volleyball courts invite you to make a day of it at Willow Lake Park.

Goldwater Lake Park

The remote 272-acre Goldwater Lake Park delivers big blue skies, solitude and incredible natural landscapes just a few miles north of town. At the heart of the park lies the serene Goldwater Lake, perfect for kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding and catch and release fishing.

Miles of non-motorized boating trails weave through flooded forests and marshlands that attract diverse bird species. Six miles of multi-use trails provide access for hikers and mountain bikers to explore the park’s rugged topography and scenery. Goldwater Lake Park offers a peaceful natural escape with stunning lake views and amazing sunsets just minutes from downtown Prescott.

Mountain Valley Park

Nestled downtown adjacent to Courthouse Plaza, Mountain Valley Park is a quaint green space with manicured lawns shaded by a mix of trees.

The lush park has a bandstand gazebo, walking paths that connect to the downtown business district, and open space for lawn games or just soaking in views of the surrounding mountains that frame downtown. Visitors enjoy brown bag lunches beneath the park’s towering trees or attend summer concerts at the bandstand.

Gateway Park

Runners, walkers and bicyclists flock to Gateway Park just half a mile from Courthouse Plaza to traverse the nearly one-mile loop framed by pine and juniper trees. Workout stations with pull up bars are stationed along the paved path. Park benches provide spots to rest in the shade.

Gateway Park connects to a larger urban trail system expanding across Prescott. The scenic natural park delivers outdoor recreation right in town.

Antelope Park

Bordering downtown Prescott to the west, Antelope Park stretches over 40 acres of grassy fields criss-crossed by walking paths lined with benches. Shade shelters, picnic areas, playgrounds and backstops throughout the park provide spots for gatherings and recreation.

Pickup games of soccer, frisbee, football, or just flying a kite in the open grass areas are popular activities. Gardens, a small duck pond, the children-sized Fort Misery log cabin, and public art installations provide quaint scenery for strolling through Antelope Park just steps from Whiskey Row.


Exploring Prescott, Arizona’s parks offers a chance to soak in fresh mountain air and enjoy the great outdoors while still being just minutes from town. From remote desert hiking trails to scenic lakes perfect for boating to sprawling green spaces for picnics and games downtown, Prescott delivers quality parks and open spaces of all kinds.

Watson Lake, Granite Dells, Gateway, and Antelope Parks as well as Thumb Butte trail system are especially popular picks. But newcomers can pick from a dozen distinctive parks highlighted here to discover new favorite outdoor recreation spots to enjoy Prescott’s natural beauty at its best in its welcoming parks and open spaces.

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