12 Parks in Middletown, Delaware

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Middletown, Delaware is a charming small town located on the banks of the Appoquinimink River. With a population just under 21,000 people, Middletown offers residents and visitors a relaxed pace of life and close proximity to nature.

The town boasts 12 wonderful parks for outdoor recreation, wildlife viewing, and community gatherings. The parks range in size and amenities, but all provide open green space, walking trails, and places for children to play. Whether you want to have a family picnic, walk your dog, play sports, or simply connect with nature, Middletown has a park for you.

Silver Lake Park

Silver Lake Park is one of Middletown’s most scenic parks thanks to its centerpiece water feature. This 99-acre park surrounds glistening Silver Lake, which is ringed by native vegetation. Geese, ducks, and other waterfowl flock here to nest and feed. You can bring bread to feed them, but make sure not to overfeed them.

A 1.1 mile paved walking trail encircles Silver Lake, passing through shade trees and open spaces with lake views. For those wanting a longer walk, connecting trails lead into wooded areas away from the lake. There are also playground facilities for children and open grass areas to throw a ball or enjoy a picnic. Whether you live in Middletown or are just passing through, plan some time to commune with nature at Silver Lake Park.

Eisenberg Park

If you’re looking for a park with sports amenities, Eisenberg Park is an excellent choice. Conveniently located in a residential area, Eisenberg Park spans 15 acres and provides five tennis courts and two full size basketball courts. The tennis courts are beautifully kept with bright playing surfaces and full fencing; they also have lights for night play.

Two playground areas give younger children places to have fun when not watching the big kids play sports. Wooded edges and ornamental trees create a pleasant environment at Eisenberg Park. Bring a packed lunch and make an afternoon of your park visit.

Phillips Park

For natural scenery, Phillips Park showcases some of Middletown’s best preserved woodlands and wetlands. Meandering trails take you through 25 acres of varied ecosystems, where majestic old growth trees rise from the forest floor and marshy areas attract nesting water birds. As one of Middletown’s most nature-focused parks, Phillips Park presents excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

Keep your eyes peeled for deer, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and over 40 species of birds. Interpretive signs educate guests about local plants and animals while directing hikers along 2.5 miles of rustic dirt trails. With such a large area to explore, you’ll want to bring sturdy closed-toe shoes for hiking. Phillips Park proves that Middletown’s natural sanctuaries rival parks outside the city limits.

Henry Law Park

For sports lovers looking for a pick-up game or just a place to practice, Henry Law Park delivers convenient recreation facilities close to downtown Middletown. Its 17 acres include four lighted tennis courts and one lighted basketball court, both with easy street level access. The tennis courts utilize a modern quick-dry playing surface and have an adjacent practice wall.

Two youth playgrounds give kids places to entertain themselves off the courts. You’ll also find picnic pavilions with tables and grills if you get hungry after all that running around. The park hosts summer sports camps for children, so check out the schedule at the Middletown Parks and Recreation website. Hit up Henry Law Park when you need some exercise or friendly games with friends and neighbors.

Kershaw Park

Nestled along the Appoquinimink River, Kershaw Park charms visitors with its lovely riverfront setting and active marina. Kershaw Park spans over 80 acres featuring a boat launch area, fishing pier, open play spaces, and nearly a mile of river frontage. The marina bustles with activity as captains take residents and visitors out fishing, crabbing, sailing, kayaking, and enjoying river cruises.

Boat slips are available for rent by the day, month, or season. The fishing pier gives landlubbers access to the river for catch and release fishing. Pack a rod and tackle box to try your hand at catching bass or perch. Picnic areas and playgrounds give families places to enjoy park amenities when not on a boat. Kershaw Park connects Middletown residents and visitors to the nautical lifestyle.

Boulder Park

True to its name, Boulder Park’s defining feature is the large rock formations scattered throughout the area, evidencing the Ice Age glaciers that shaped Middletown’s landscape over 12,000 years ago. Children especially delight in scrambling over and between these primordial rocks. More timid climbers can access flatter boulder tops using built-in steps.

Three youth playgrounds also provide recreation options for younger visitors. Sports amenities include basketball courts and baseball/softball diamonds for pick up games. Nature lovers will enjoy observing birds flitting through the mature shade trees that create a graceful canopy over much of Boulder Park’s 39 acres. Pack a meal to enjoy at the picnic pavilion and make a day out of exploring Boulder Park’s geological wonders.

Town Point Park

For stunning river views in the heart of Middletown, head directly to Town Point Park. As you may guess from the name, this pocket park sits on a point extending into the Appoquinimink River, which curves dramatically around the land. Visitors strolling along the paved walkway can watch boats glide across the water in nearly 270 degrees of natural panorama.

Interpretive signs describe Middletown’s history and explain what caused the river’s bend. Town Point Park connects locals and tourists with Middletown’s early settlement along this key waterway. Benches line the walkway for resting while enjoying the vista and scouting for soaring eagles or jumping fish. Though it only measures half an acre, tiny Town Point Park offers one of Middletown’s most breathtaking scenes.

Sunset Park

When the day is done and dusk settles in, the place to be is Sunset Park. Its elevated position on a bluff overlooking the Appoquinimink River provides unobstructed views of the sunset’s magical transformation from day to night. In cooler months, the park may catch more of a sunrise glow than a sunset, but the early morning hours also hold beauty for those willing to wake with the sun.

A stand of stately pecan trees on the western rim shades picnic areas used mostly during the warmer months when more people gather for sunset watching. A ornamental garden along the park road sports daffodils in spring and mums in fall. Guests will need to provide their own seating for sunset viewing sessions that can stretch into dark. Arrive in time to catch dusk’s full spectrum and reflect on the day disappearing across Sunset Park’s peaceful landscape.

Levels Green Park

Levels Green Park spans just 3 acres, but provides important amenities for Middletown families with active children. Levels Green fills its compact space with a large playground structure featuring climbing equipment, slides, forts, and bridges. A swing set area gives parents a place to push youngsters experiencing the thrill of pumping their legs towards the sky.

Shade trees surround the cushioned playground surface to provide relief on hot sunny days. An intimate picnic pavilion offers one picnic table within its enclosure and another nearby for al fresco dining. Families can bring dinner to the park to feed hungry kids before heading over to tire them out on the playground. Listen for squeals of joy as your children frolic at this neighborhood play space.

Wyoming Park

For open vistas and room to roam, head over to Wyoming Park and its 50 acres of recreational facilities and wide open spaces. Its name nods to the Native American heritage of the land, while the park has its own historical significance as well. Early settlement farms once occupied this same area. Now a covered picnic pavilion, playgrounds, and ballfields dot the acreage surrounded by neighborhoods on three sides.

A one mile walking trail encircles the park over gently sloping terrain. Most of the path is paved with intermittent woodchip or boardwalk sections flanked by shade trees and ground vegetation. The loop trail system gives you flexibility in choosing your distance. Escape the hustle of Middletown by coming to Wyoming Park to stroll, play, or just daydream in the landscape.

Johnson Park

Tucked away in a tranquil Middletown neighborhood, Johnson Park provides a peaceful retreat for quiet reflection in nature. At just under 5 acres, the park feels intimate yet spacious during visits. A small playground area features swings and FREE climbing equipment on a rubber surface under the shade of towering oak trees. Picnic tables scattered around the open grass field offer spaces for families to enjoy meals alfresco.

Walking paths lined by benches meander through sections of the park, leading to a lush floral garden perfect for butterfly and bird watching. As one of Middletown’s most low-key parks, Johnson Park attracts guests looking for solitude, making it an ideal spot for artists to sketch and writers or poets to find inspiration for their craft. The next time you crave stillness apart from the typical hustle and bustle of town, escape to the cozy confines of Johnson Park.

Everett Field

If team sports are your thing, then you’ll want to know about Everett Field, one of Middletown’s active recreation complexes. The facility includes multiple ball fields suitable for hosting regional amateur league competitions. Baseball diamonds accommodate youth and adult players with base path dimensions scaled appropriately. Bleachers and equipment sheds line the fields to support game day activities. Batting cages give players spaces for off-field skills development too.

Between the bases, crews meticulously groom the turf surfaces to keep them lush and smooth for match season. Concession and restroom facilities on site provide fan conveniences when tournament play draws a crowd. While league teams enjoy priority booking at Everett, casual play occurs based on availability. Grab your mitt and bat to join weekend pick-up games with players of all ages and abilities pitching, hitting, and chasing down fly balls at Everett Field.


Middletown’s 12 parks provide impressive variety for a small Delaware town. Nature lovers will relish preserves like Phillips Park and Silver Lake Park for their ecological diversity and serenity. Families can choose playgrounds parks such as Levels Green or recreational parks like Boulder Park for burning off their boundless energy.

Sports fans will feel right at home at facilities like Henry Law Park and Everett Field with their courts and ballfields tailor-made for friendly competition. And everyone will appreciate open vistas offering pockets of scenery, like those at Sunset Park and Town Point Park.

When it comes to quality and quantity, Middletown over delivers on places to play, learn, and make community connections through its wonderful public parks system.

Whether passing through or lucky enough to live in Middletown, be sure to spend some time outdoors and enrich your stay by exploring these 12 great parks.

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