12 Parks in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Hattiesburg, Mississippi is home to numerous beautiful parks that offer residents and visitors alike a chance to enjoy the outdoors. From scenic walking trails and sports facilities to playgrounds and picnic areas, Hattiesburg’s parks provide something for everyone. This article will highlight 12 of the top parks found in and around Hattiesburg.

For each park, you’ll find details on its location, size, amenities and recreational facilities. Whether you’re looking for a place to hike, bike, play sports or just relax on a nice day, you’re sure to find a perfect park in Hattiesburg. The city and surrounding areas take great pride in maintaining these outdoor spaces for the public’s enjoyment.

So read on to learn more about 12 fantastic parks that you can explore in Hattiesburg, Mississippi!

1.Kamper Park

Location: Kamper Park Boulevard, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Size: 181 acres

Kamper Park is one of Hattiesburg’s largest public parks at 181 acres. It offers visitors scenic walking trails that wind through pine and oak trees. The park has picnic pavilions with grills that can be reserved for gatherings as well as playground equipment for children.

Visitors can play tennis or sand volleyball on Kamper Park’s courts or play a pickup game on one of the park’s multi-use fields.

The park also features an 18-hole disc golf course, with alternate tee boxes to vary gameplay. Kamper Park is a great spot for families, groups of friends, and anyone who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of Hattiesburg’s landscape. It provides the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll or an active day outdoors.

2.Duncan Lake Park

Location: 5888 Terry Road, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Size: 18 acres

Situated around the peaceful Duncan Lake, this 18-acre park provides a scenic backdrop for walking, picnicking, and admiring wildlife. Visitors can stretch their legs on the park’s .6 mile asphalt walking trail, which encircles the lake. The playground includes slides and climbing equipment for kids.

Several pavilions with picnic tables overlook the lake, offering ideal spots to enjoy a meal outside. Benches are also scattered around Duncan Lake Park for those who want to sit and contemplate the natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking exercise or relaxation, Duncan Lake Park offers a serene oasis in the midst of Hattiesburg.

3.Town Creek Park

Location: 301 Rawls Springs Loop Road, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Size: 250 acres

Spanning 250 acres, Town Creek Park provides ample recreation opportunities amidst an oak-hickory forest. A scenic creek cuts through the park, offering a peaceful place to have a picnic, walk the dog, launch a kayak or canoe, or fish. Playgrounds, walking trails and an 18-hole disc golf course allow visitors to stay active.

Six picnic pavilions with barbecue grills can accommodate events and gatherings small and large. Three lighted tennis courts and a basketball court give athletes spaces to practice their swing or shoot some hoops. With diverse amenities meeting many interests, Town Creek Park makes for an engaging outdoor destination for Hattiesburg residents and tourists.

4.Dale Thorns Nature Trail

Location: Longleaf Trace Gateway Park, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Size: 40 acres

This beautiful 40-acre park contains one of Hattiesburg’s hidden gems: the Dale Thorns Nature Trail. Winding through Longleaf pine and oak woodlands, this paved 1⁄2 mile loop trail has educational signs identifying interesting plants, birds, and wildlife along the way. It offers a serene walk in nature while teaching hikers about local ecology.

Other park amenities include picnic tables, park benches, and the Longleaf Trace bike trail that passes through the park. Visitors can also access the Okatoma Creek Blueway from a canoe and kayak launch point in Longleaf Trace Gateway Park. Whether you walk, bike or paddle, Dale Thorns Nature Trail is a wonderful place to immerse yourself in Hattiesburg’s natural surroundings.

5.Jaycee Park

Location: 3200 Confederation Ct, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Size: 55 acres

Tucked behind the Hattiesburg Zoo, Jaycee Park spans 55 acres of beautiful green space and recreation facilities. Outdoor amenities include walking trails, playgrounds, picnic pavilions, a fenced-in dog park, and multipurpose sports fields. The park also features an expansive disc golf course winding through the grounds, with tee pads, signage and metal disc catchers on 18 holes.

Inside Jaycee Park’s community center building, visitors can shoot pool, attend events, or participate in programs like fitness classes. With so much to do just steps from the zoo, Jaycee Park makes for an ideal family outing or entire Saturday afternoon spent playing and relaxing. It’s one of Hattiesburg’s most popular active parks.

6.Lynn Cartlidge Park

Location: Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Size: 5 acres

While small at just 5 acres, Lynn Cartlidge Park packs a lot of fun into its compact footprint. This neighborhood park has playground equipment including slides, monkey bars, and swings for children of multiple ages. Shady pavilions with picnic tables allow parents to watch the kids play while enjoying a meal outdoors.

The park also features a basketball court and multipurpose field space to play catch, kickball, soccer, or anything else imaginations dream up. As one of Hattiesburg’s most centrally located parks near downtown, Lynn Cartlidge Park serves area families with an easy place to gather for play and quality time.

7.J.B. Woods Park

Location: 40Influence Dr, Petal, MS 39465

Size: 5 acres

Nestled next to Petal Primary School, J.B. Woods Park spans 5 acres in Petal, MS, just east of Hattiesburg. It offers playground equipment for both older and younger children, including swings, slides, and climbing structures. Several picnic pavilions provide shade for eating lunch or hosting birthday parties and other gatherings.

Two lighted tennis courts allow for pickup matches during the day or evening play under the lights. A walking trail with exercise stations loops around the playground and courts for those looking to walk laps or stop for bodyweight workouts. J.B. Woods Park packs lots of fun and fitness into its small footprint.

8.Fraser Park

Location: Bay Vista Drive, Petal, MS 39465

Size: 5 acres

Another excellent Petal park near Hattiesburg is Fraser Park, spanning 5 acres. It features a playground area with slides and climbing equipment amidst shade trees. Adjacent green space offers room to play catch, kickballs, fly kites or generally run around.

The park has a small pavilion for picnicking plus benches scattered throughout for taking a break. Fraser Park’s main draw is its scenic overlook of the Leaf River, with trails leading down to the riverbank. Visitors can fish off the dock or enjoy picturesque views of the gently flowing river from park overlooks.

9.Petal Skate Park

Location: Petal MS, 39465

Size: 4 acres

Adventurous kids and teens will enjoy this 4-acre skate park located in Petal near Hattiesburg. Concrete ramps, boxes, bowls, rails, and pipes provide diverse terrain for skateboarding and inline skating. Helmets and pads are recommended for safety while attempting tricks. Surrounding grassy areas and benches give spectators room to watch skaters in action.

Younger children can also take advantage of the park’s separate playground section, equipped with swings, slides and more. Whether you come to skate or cheer on the skaters, Petal Skate Park offers thrills for Hattiesburg area extreme sports enthusiasts. It’s the perfect place to practice your biggest stunts.

10.Royers Creek Park

Location: 283 Rouse Rd, Petal, MS 39465

Size: 40 acres

Nature lovers will flock to the 40 pristine acres of Royers Creek Park near Petal, Mississippi. Walking trails wind through wooded areas filled with longleaf pines, magnolias and native flowering plants like Black-Eyed Susans. The park has a diverse ecosystem, with Royers Creek cutting through to provide aquatic habitat.

Outdoors enthusiasts can picnic streamside, wade into the creek, watch for wildlife including deer and myriad bird species, or simply find a peaceful, secluded spot to read a book. With verdant natural scenery in every direction, Royers Creek Park is a quiet refuge to enjoy Hattiesburg’s gorgeous Southern surroundings.

11.Drummond Park

Location: 701 Mamie Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Size: 4 acres

Though small in size at 4 acres, Drummond Park holds huge historical significance in the community. Prior to desegregation, it was Hattiesburg’s only municipal park available to African American residents during the Jim Crow era. Today it honors that legacy through an historical marker and continued use as a neighborhood park.

Modern amenities include tennis and basketball courts, expansive playground equipment, pavilions, and picnic space. An open field invites pick-up football or soccer games. Though compact, Drummond Park provides room to play, relax in the shade, and reflect on Hattiesburg’s complex history all in one place.


Hattiesburg’s parks offer vast and varied opportunities to appreciate the natural beauty of Mississippi’s Pine Belt region through recreation. With amenities from playgrounds to skate parks, not to mention acres of pristine walking trails, river access and preserves brimming with native plants and wildlife, the parks system has something to satisfy everyone.

From peaceful natural settings perfect for reading or cloud-gazing to wide open fields and courts for competitive sports, Hattiesburg’s parks accommodate all interests. Several hold historical significance as well, telling the story of the city’s past. The 12 parks profiled here give just a preview of what visitors can experience.

No matter why you visit Hattiesburg, make sure to save time for exploring its scenic, recreational parks. Let this guide give you ideas of which parks best suit your travel plans and interests. Whether you’re a family looking to occupy kids for an afternoon or a solo traveler craving some quiet time in nature, Hattiesburg’s parks offer the perfect backdrop.

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