12 Parks in Flagstaff, Arizona

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Nestled in the picturesque southeastern corner of the Colorado Plateau in northern Arizona, Flagstaff is a nature lover’s paradise. Surrounded by the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine forest in the U.S. and situated just south of the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, this mountain town boasts endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.

In addition to its proximity to national monuments and Native American ruins, Flagstaff itself contains over two dozen public parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. From neighborhood playgrounds to historic downtown greenspaces, these well-maintained parks offer a wide range of amenities including sports fields, walking paths, native vegetation, public art displays, and captivating views of the San Francisco Peaks.

This article will highlight 12 of the best parks in Flagstaff, detailing their locations, main attractions and facilities, and any special features that make them stand out. Whether you want to hike forested trails with the family, play a pickup game of tennis, attend a local festival, or simply relax in nature, you’re sure to find a welcoming green space to meet your needs in Flagstaff’s diverse collection of urban parks.

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Tucked just seven miles east of downtown Flagstaff along Interstate 40 lies Walnut Canyon National Monument. Known for the nearly 300 prehistoric Sinagua cliff dwellings carved intricately into limestone and sandstone walls, this picturesque canyon offers visitors a glimpse into the architecture and lives of people who inhabited the area 700 years ago.

In addition to a self-guided island trail allowing up-close viewing of the cliff dwelling ruins, a one-mile long Rim Trail features breathtaking views of the canyon as it winds through open meadows filled with Gambel oak, pine trees, and other native vegetation. Picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and ranger-led talks and programs run frequently from the visitor center highlighting topics like geology, wildlife, archeology, and astronomy. With no light pollution, Walnut Canyon offers exquisite stargazing opportunities after dark as well.

Buffalo Park

Stretching over 120 acres just northwest of downtown, Buffalo Park is one of Flagstaff’s most popular multi-use parks thanks to its diverse recreational amenities. It contains several baseball/softball fields, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts, an 18-hole disc golf course, and a BMX track with beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain.

Leashed pets are welcome in Buffalo Park and the park contains over five miles of easy hiking and mountain biking trails that wind through open meadows and ponderosa pine forests in the shadow of the San Francisco Peaks. Winter activities enjoyed by locals include cross-country skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing after substantial snowfall. The scenic setting coupled with so many activity options make this a classic Flagstaff park suitable for all ages and interests year-round.

Thorpe Park

Adjacent to Flagstaff’s historic downtown district, Thorpe Park encompasses ten acres of lush lawns, mature shade trees, winding pathways, and public art installations. As the city’s original town square, Thorpe Park has borne witness to countless community gatherings, summer concerts, art fairs, and holiday festivities since its creation in 1926.

Visitors can play a game of chess at one of the park’s concrete tables or relax in the grass while soaking up unobstructed views of the towering San Francisco Peaks. Of particular note is the Walk of Flags display containing state flags from all 50 American states arranged in alphabetical order along a section of pathway. Benches and picnic tables also dot the landscape for those who want to relax amidst Thorpe Park’s natural artistry and storied past as Flagstaff’s first official meeting place.

Bushmaster Park

In east Flagstaff, Bushmaster Park offers 80 acres of wide open green space surrounded by pine forests perfect for playing fetch with Fido or hosting a child’s birthday party at one of its covered ramadas. In addition to a playground and picnic area, Bushmaster contains an 18-hole disc golf course, sand volleyball courts, multiple fields for baseball, softball and soccer, three lighted tennis courts, and a BMX track.

Visitors with dogs should take advantage of the park’s dog exercise field complete with agility equipment like jumps and hoops. Leashed dogs are also permitted on the park’s hiking trails and open grass areas. For avid anglers, the seven-acre Bushmaster Pond is consistently stocked with rainbow trout and features a fishing pier with lovely views of the San Francisco Peaks. Whether you’re an athlete, nature lover, or amateur fishermen, Bushmaster Park appeals to outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes.

Woody Mountain Park

Boasting nearly 200 acres of open meadows and dense pine forest at an elevation of 7,200 feet, Woody Mountain Park is one of Flagstaff’s hidden recreational gems. Located just south of the city proper, the park contains a popular system of non-motorized singletrack trails perfect for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking during the spring, summer, and fall months.

Winding through hillsides blanketed in wildflowers and towering ponderosa pines, the trails range from relatively flat and smooth to more steep and technical for advanced riders. In the winter, Woody Mountain Park transforms into a prime snowshoeing and cross-country skiing destination after substantial snowstorms. Visitors should keep an eye out for elk, mule deer, porcupines, Abert squirrels and countless birds native to the region’s high-altitude habitats. With convenient access and stunning scenery in all seasons, Woody Mountain Park is a must-visit for Flagstaff’s active residents and guests.

McMillan Mesa

Offering panoramic views of the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert, five-mile long McMillan Mesa park is located just northwest of Flagstaff city limits. The park contains the world famous Arizona Trail—a continuous 800-mile path winding through diverse landscapes from the U.S.-Mexico border all the way to Utah.

McMillan Mesa provides novice and experienced hikers access to a more approachable three-mile section, featuring awe-inspiring lookout points over skillfully constructed switchbacks. Mountain biking and horseback riding are also permitted on the wide trails. Cyclists should be prepared for steep inclines and fast downhills over rocky terrain.

Because the park is disconnected from major roads and neighborhoods, visitors can expect a peaceful, secluded experience surrounded by volcanic cinder cones, juniper trees, and breathtaking examples of the Southwest’s quintessential high-desert habitat.

Foxglenn Park

Foxglenn Park is a popular recreational green space in central Flagstaff catering to families and pet owners. Spanning 44 acres, this park boasts a beloved off-leash dog park with separated areas for large and small breeds to socialize and exercise. Human children can burn off energy on Foxglenn Park’s modern playground equipment, sports courts, and network of paved walking trails weaving through open fields.

Visitors can reserve one of Foxglenn’s covered ramadas for hosting a birthday party or family reunion while grilling up a tasty meal. Four illuminated tennis courts also offer playing opportunities at night when temperatures become more bearable during Arizona’s hot summers. Conveniently located just off Route 66, Foxglenn Park appeals to animal lovers and kids of all ages within minutes of downtown Flagstaff.

Continental Park

Continental Park stretches along both banks of the Rio de Flag river just over a mile from downtown Flagstaff off Forest Meadows Street. Its picturesque pedestrian bridges and walking paths lined with deciduous trees offer visitors a chance to get outside and enjoy nature within city limits. When the weather warms up, Continental Park visitors dip their toes in the Rio de Flag’s crisp mountain-fed waters for some relief from the summer heat.

The park also contains a frisbee disc golf course with receptors spread out along the length of the trail network. Families often come to Continental Park to play together at its basketball court and children’s playground. Its proximity to local neighborhoods combined with lush vegetation thriving along the riverbanks make this a cherished urban green space to connect with nature and spend meaningful time with loved ones.

Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve

Hugging the eastern outskirts of Flagstaff, Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve spans 635 acres of stunning high-altitude landscape colored with vibrant wildflowers in spring and summer. This picturesque park features numerous unique rock formations and impressive views overlooking the city. Visitors admire the curious geologic features while hiking and mountain biking on nine total miles of dirt trails tracking through pine forest and steep terrain.

In addition to diverse wildlife and scenic vistas, Picture Canyon is culturally significant to native tribes and contains hundreds of ancestral petroglyphs etched into dark boulders contrasted by yellow and sagebrush dotted hillsides. Because some of the more intense trails have steep drop offs, visitors with acrophobia or small children should take caution. For capable outdoor enthusiasts and sightseers who don’t mind a bit of exertion to access panoramic views, Picture Canyon Natural and Cultural Preserve will overwhelm the senses through natural splendor and human history.

Cogdill Recreation Center

The Cogdill Recreation Center is a modern 58-acre facility owned by the city of Flagstaff featuring both indoor and outdoor amenities perfect for active individuals and families. Inside the building contains a leisure pool, lap pool, and splash area with fun water features for children. Fitness lovers can break a sweat using state-of-the-art equipment in the weight room before shooting some hoops on the indoor basketball court or registering for exercise classes ranging from yoga to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Outside Cogdill Recreation Center features multiple multi-use fields for baseball, softball, soccer, and flag football surrounded by mature ponderosa pines. Eight hard courts are available for tennis players and families can enjoy cookouts under shade shelters after working up an appetite swimming and running around the playground. Year-round recreational opportunities in a gorgeous setting make this a treasured community gathering place promoting healthy lifestyles.

Mount Elden Lookout Estates Park

One of Flagstaff’s newer recreation spaces, Mount Elden Lookout Estates Park occupies 17 acres of densely wooded landscape in Sunnyside, minutes from downtown. The park’s defining feature is its modern 40-foot tall lookout tower offering birds-eye views of the gorgeous surrounding landscape encompassing the San Francisco Peaks and city skyline. Hikers ascend fourteen flights of stairs to access the tower’s panoramic viewing platform to enjoy outstanding photo opportunities.

In addition to its lookout tower, Mount Elden Lookout Estates Park contains a playground, running track, basketball court, and system of paved exercise paths weaving through Ponderosa pine forests abundant with wildlife. The challenging terrain appeals to avid runners and mountain bikers preferring a more primitive outdoor experience compared to Flagstaff’s manicured urban greenspaces. Families appreciate having an exciting, elevated destination to explore together as they soak up fresh air and brilliant scenery.

Ponderosa Park

Situated northeast of downtown Flagstaff, scenic Ponderosa Park contains acres of rolling grass hills dotted with stately Ponderosa Pines set against an imposing view of the snow-capped San Francisco Peaks. Its lush landscape encourages residents and visitors to relax in the cool shade reading a book, enjoying a leisurely stroll on paved pathways, or gathering with friends for a friendly game of Frisbee toss.

The park’s signature monument replica of locally quarried Moenkopi Sandstone commemorates Flagstaff pioneer David Babbitt, who engineered an intricate system of canals bringing water from the peaks down into the valley to help establish Arizona’s first frontier settlement. Ponderosa Park frequently hosts live music performances and community events on weekends taking advantage of its peaceful atmosphere and convenient proximity to central Flagstaff amenities.


As a destination revered for outstanding natural landscapes ranging from red-hued canyons to alpine forests, Flagstaff complements its surrounding wilderness areas with a diverse collection of vibrant green spaces in town welcoming outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or pets, want to engage in heart-pumping athletics or just unwind on a grassy lawn, Flagstaff’s parks contain everything you need to meet your recreational preferences against a beautiful mountain backdrop.

From quiet riverside nature trails to bustling spaces hosting lively community programming, these 12 public parks represent Flagstaff’s unwavering commitment to promoting happy, healthy living amidst Northern Arizona’s quintessential high-altitude scenery. During your travels across the region’s painted deserts, sweeping plateaus and volcanic peaks, schedule some time to hop off the highways and appreciate Flagstaff’s magnificent parks system up close.

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