Top 12 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is well-known for its glitz, glamor and over-the-top experiences. But beyond the casinos and shows lies a thriving culinary scene with award-winning chefs and restaurants that rival any major foodie destination.

Restaurant NameCuisine TypeNotable Features
Joël RobuchonFrenchExquisite dining, Michelin-starred chef
Twist by Pierre GagnaireFrenchAvant-garde cuisine, seasonal menus
Restaurant Guy SavoyFrenchExclusive French cooking, tasting menus
BouchonFrench BistroClassic comfort cuisine, by Chef Thomas Keller
L’Atelier de Joël RobuchonFrenchRelaxed Michelin star dining, open kitchen
PicassoSpanishFine dining with Picasso paintings, seasonal tapas
Bazaar Meat by José AndrésSteakhouseUnique Spanish tapas, prime steaks
SHOKUDO by MorimotoJapaneseStreet food favorites, modern share plates
Best FriendKoreanModern Korean flavors, BBQ and banchan
Sparrow + WolfAmericanGlobal flair, local ingredients, artsy plates
Other MamaCal-AsianModern mashups, vibrant flavors

From Michelin star establishments to hip new hotspots, Sin City dining offers something for every palate. Keep reading to discover the very best restaurants to check out on your next trip to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas continues to emerge as a top tier culinary destination thanks to its ever-growing portfolio of celebrity chef outposts and local restaurants pushing the envelope. World-class dining is available across price points from the Strip to Downtown and even in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Las Vegas restaurant scene provides phenomenal food experiences perfectly complementing the thrill of casinos and entertainment the city is famous for. You’ll find many award-winning restaurants lead by famous chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Guy Savoy, Nobu Matsuhisa and more.

With so many standout dining options in Las Vegas, it can be tough deciding where to make reservations. So whether you’re looking for cutting-edge cuisine or classic steakhouses, read on for our picks of the 12 best restaurants in Las Vegas to try on your next visit.

Joël Robuchon

Name and Location: Joël Robuchon is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering an upscale dining experience that epitomizes high-end French cuisine.

History and Significance: Named after the legendary French chef Joël Robuchon, who was awarded more Michelin stars than any other chef in the world, this restaurant continues his legacy of culinary excellence. The establishment has been a pinnacle of fine dining, representing Robuchon’s innovative approach to French cuisine.

What to Expect: Guests can expect a lavish dining experience with a focus on precision, flavors, and presentation. The menu offers a multi-course degustation experience, showcasing the finest ingredients and culinary techniques.

Visitor Information: Reservations are highly recommended, and the dress code is formal. It’s an ideal spot for special occasions, offering both intimate settings and private dining options.

For a once-in-a-lifetime French dining experience, Joël Robuchon offers one of the finest and most expensive meals in Las Vegas. Relish in the exquisite French cuisine of Chef Joël Robuchon, who has more Michelin stars than any other chef in the world.

The 16-course seasonal Degustation menu takes you on a flavorsome tour de France, with standout dishes like Le Caviar presented in a dazzling tin of smoke. From the stellar service, elegant atmosphere, to undeniably upper echelon authentic French cuisine, it makes for a spectacular special occasion restaurant.

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

Name and Location: Twist is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, within the Waldorf Astoria. It is Pierre Gagnaire’s first and only restaurant in the US.

History and Significance: Pierre Gagnaire, a Michelin-starred chef known for his innovative and artful culinary creations, brings his unique style to Twist. The restaurant is celebrated for its inventive approach to French cuisine, blending classic techniques with modern twists.

What to Expect: Diners at Twist can expect a menu that changes seasonally, featuring complex dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. The restaurant’s design, with a dramatic glass staircase and sweeping views of Las Vegas, adds to the dining experience.

Visitor Information: Dress code is smart casual. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends and holidays. The restaurant provides a memorable experience for those celebrating a special occasion or seeking an innovative meal.

Another famed French chef, Pierre Gagnaire of 3-Michelin-star fame now calls Las Vegas his home at Twist inside Mandarin Oriental. Here, Chef Gagnaire puts an avant-garde spin on French cuisine with unique ingredient combinations and unconventional presentations.

Menus change seasonally but often include Gagnaire signatures like the “egg” made of crunchy carrot mousse in a thin carrot shell with delightful head cheese. With stunning Strip views from 23 floors up, Twist lets you tantalize your taste buds with Chef Gagnaire’s modern French fare while taking in the glittering lights of Vegas.

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Name and Location: Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Restaurant Guy Savoy is inside Caesars Palace, offering an exclusive French dining experience.

History and Significance: Guy Savoy, another Michelin-starred chef, brings his world-renowned French cuisine to Las Vegas. The restaurant mirrors the quality and service of its Paris counterpart, maintaining high standards that have earned it numerous accolades.

What to Expect: The menu features Guy Savoy’s signature dishes, emphasizing quality, freshness, and the chef’s personal touch. Expect a refined atmosphere, impeccable service, and a wine list that complements the exquisite cuisine.

Visitor Information: Reservations are required, and the dress code is formal. It’s an ideal venue for an unforgettable dining experience, offering tasting menus that highlight the best of French culinary art.

The only place in America for tasting celebrated Chef Guy Savoy’s exquisite French cooking is at his namesake Restaurant Guy Savoy inside Caesars Palace. Having earned 3 Michelin stars for his Paris restaurant, Guy Savoy expertly crafts 13-course tasting menus of stunningly plated French haute cuisine.

You’ll find his famed artichoke-black truffle soup on the ever-changing menu along with decadent dishes like crispy-skinned sea bass or roasted duck carved tableside. The elegant dining room with views into the kitchen makes for a sublime setting when enjoying Chef Savoy’s French mastery.


Name and Location: Bouchon, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, brings the charm of French bistro dining to the Venetian Resort.

History and Significance: Created by Chef Thomas Keller, renowned for his commitment to quality and detail, Bouchon offers an authentic French bistro experience. It’s known for its attention to traditional bistro cuisine, served in a casual yet sophisticated setting.

What to Expect: Patrons can enjoy classic French dishes, freshly baked breads, and a selection of wines that transport diners to the heart of France. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Visitor Information: Bouchon is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, making it a versatile option for any meal. No strict dress code is enforced, but smart casual wear is recommended. Reservations are advised, especially for dinner.

For incredible classic French bistro fare in Vegas, Bouchon inside The Venetian soars. Chef Thomas Keller of renowned French Laundry fame keeps Bouchon stocked with staples of French comfort cuisine prepared impeccably.

Start off with classic pâté en croûte before moving to rich roasted chicken or steak frites flawlessly executed. And no meal is complete without the profiteroles or eclairs for dessert. With its traditional decor and daily specials board, Bouchon makes you feel like you’re dining at a charming corner bistro in France rather than a Vegas mega resort.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Name and Location: Also situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon offers a more accessible, yet equally sophisticated, dining experience compared to its namesake.

History and Significance: This restaurant carries on Joël Robuchon’s legacy, offering a unique counter-service format where diners can watch their meals being prepared. It’s a concept that merges the simplicity of a workshop (atelier) with gourmet dining.

What to Expect: The menu features Robuchon’s signature French cuisine with a focus on simplicity and flavor. The intimate setting allows for a personalized dining experience, where guests can interact with the chefs and witness the art of cooking firsthand.

Visitor Information: The dress code is smart casual. Reservations are highly recommended due to the limited seating available at the counter and the popularity of the experience.

For a slightly more relaxed and affordable way to enjoy renowned French chef Joël Robuchon’s Michelin star-caliber cooking, book a seat at his L’Atelier inside the MGM Grand. With an open kitchen concept at a counter wrapping the cooking action, L’Atelier lets you watch as masterful culinary feats take place before your eyes.

The sharing style tasting menus remain on par with Robuchon’s fine dining next door, albeit with slightly lower frills. Revel in roasted quail, buttery escargots, decadent seafoods and more French specialties served among friendly chatter between the counter dining guests. For intimacy with cooking and top French cuisine in one, L’Atelier delivers big.


Name and Location: Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, within the Bellagio Hotel, Picasso is a fine dining restaurant that blends the art of Pablo Picasso with exquisite Spanish and French cuisine.

History and Significance: Named after the famed artist, Picasso houses a collection of original Picasso artworks, creating a unique dining atmosphere. The restaurant has earned multiple awards for its culinary excellence and its integration of art and dining.

What to Expect: The menu reflects the influence of Spanish and French flavors, with seasonal dishes crafted from the finest ingredients. The ambiance is enhanced by the stunning views of the Bellagio fountains, providing a backdrop that complements the artful presentation of the food.

Visitor Information: Dress code is formal, and reservations are strongly recommended. It’s an ideal choice for art lovers and those looking to celebrate a special occasion in a memorable setting.

For a uniquely artsy fine dining experience on Vegas’ prestigious Bellagio property, Picasso transports guests to Spain. Floor to ceiling paintings from Pablo Picasso’s abstract era deck the walls while Chef Julian Serrano’s delicate Spanish small plates thrill the palate.

Menus change seasonally but often include pan con tomate, garlic shrimp, patatas bravas and other classic tapas elegantly plated and gently elevated. For more unique bites, selections like sea urchin with caviar or foie with fig jelly also enlighten. And Picasso’s signature desserts like orange chocolate truffles not to be missed either! With views of the Lake Como fountains from most tables, Serrano’s Spanish cuisine impresses as much as the namesake art.

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Name and Location: Bazaar Meat by José Andrés is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, within the SLS Las Vegas Hotel. It’s a celebration of the carnivorous, offering a diverse selection of meat dishes.

History and Significance: José Andrés, a celebrated chef known for his innovative and adventurous culinary approach, has created a dining experience that focuses on the quality and preparation of meat. Bazaar Meat is acclaimed for its inventive menu and vibrant atmosphere.

What to Expect: Diners can anticipate a wide array of meat-focused dishes, from traditional steaks to exotic cuts, all prepared with impeccable technique. The restaurant also offers a selection of seafood and vegetarian options, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Visitor Information: The dress code is smart casual. Reservations are recommended, especially on weekends. It’s a perfect spot for groups and those looking to explore unique culinary creations.

Vegas newcomer Bazaar Meat inside SAHARA joins the city’s prestigious steakhouse scene by providing signature José Andrés flair. Steps from the casino floor, Bazaar Meat welcomes guests with glamour including a libation cart tableside for cocktails sparked with liquid nitrogen and more.

Choices of Wagyu and USDA Prime steaks tempt from the menu, while Andrés adds unique Spanish tapas touches to things like tartares and sides. An epic indulgence, the signature chateau cut Tomahawk for two gives Instagram worthy theatrical tableside carving. For steakhouse elegance done the playful Andrés way, Bazaar Meat sizzles with innovation and flavor.

SHOKUDO by Morimoto

Name and Location: SHOKUDO by Morimoto is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering a modern take on Japanese cuisine by the renowned Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

History and Significance: This restaurant reflects Morimoto’s philosophy of blending traditional Japanese techniques with Western influences, creating a unique dining experience. It’s known for its quality ingredients and innovative presentations.

What to Expect: Guests can enjoy a range of Japanese dishes, including sushi, sashimi, and Morimoto’s signature creations. The modern and elegant setting provides a fitting backdrop for the sophisticated flavors on offer.

Visitor Information: Dress code is smart casual. Reservations are recommended to ensure a spot in this popular dining venue. It’s an excellent choice for sushi aficionados and those seeking a contemporary Japanese dining experience.

Inside Caesars’ sleek new Nobu complex, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto now helms SHOKUDO for showcasing Japanese street food favorites. As you enter, a glowing neon sign sets the tone for a hip neighborhood Tokyo shop atmosphere with Shiner beer even on tap.

The menu overflows with fun modern Japanese share plates riffing on iconic street eats. Highlights include takoyaki fried octopus dumplings, yakitori chicken skewers and Japanese curry rice. For an only-in-Vegas experience, try the glitzy uni tartare with real gold flakes! With rocking music and graffiti decor, SHOKUDO is Japanese pub fare executed masterfully for the perfect Caesars night out.

Best Friend

Name and Location: Best Friend is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering a vibrant and eclectic dining experience that blends Korean flavors with Los Angeles street food vibes.

History and Significance: This restaurant is a reflection of the dynamic culinary scene of Los Angeles, brought to Las Vegas by Chef Roy Choi. It’s known for its laid-back atmosphere and innovative approach to Korean cuisine.

What to Expect: Diners can expect a menu full of flavorful Korean dishes with a twist, served in a funky and casual setting. The restaurant also features a lively bar, making it a great spot for both dining and drinks.

Visitor Information: The dress code is casual. Reservations are recommended for dinner. Best Friend offers a unique and relaxed dining experience, perfect for those looking to enjoy good food in a fun atmosphere.

When it comes to modern Korean flavors, Best Friend inside Park MGM brings the fire and charm. Overseen by famed restaurateurs behind LA hotspots Here’s Looking at You and Ssaw Red O, Best Friend takes Vegas guests straight to Seoul with K-BBQ grilled meats and fun banchan sides.

Share fluffy steamed buns, crisp Korean fried chicken, bulgogi beef and pork belly right at the table off flaming tabletop grills. Banchan like kimchi, bean sprouts and pickled daikon refresh between meat courses. For something sweet, the thick honey corn ice cream with crunchy toasted rice seals the deal on this contemporary Korean gem.

Sparrow + Wolf

Name and Location: Sparrow + Wolf is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering American cuisine with global influences in a chic and comfortable setting.

History and Significance: Chef Brian Howard’s Sparrow + Wolf showcases his vision of American cooking, drawing on his extensive travel and experience. The restaurant is celebrated for its innovative dishes that combine familiar flavors with unexpected twists.

What to Expect: The menu is constantly evolving, featuring seasonal ingredients and bold flavors. Diners can enjoy a variety of dishes, from small plates to hearty mains, along with a curated selection of cocktails and wines.

Visitor Information: The dress code is smart casual. Reservations are recommended, particularly on weekends. Sparrow + Wolf is a great choice for those seeking an adventurous dining experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional American cuisine.

Downtown’s vibrant Arts District lays claim to Sparrow + Wolf inside hip casino free enclave Fergusons Downtown. Lead by James Beard recognized chef Brian Howard, Sparrow + Wolf blends global flair with local ingredients for deliciously artsy sharing plates.

The ever-changing progressive American menu might include Korean braised pork belly, Chinese xiao long bao dumplings, or Thai coconut ceviche with local citrus and fish. Sparsely decorated with cozy booths or counter dining right off the exhibition kitchen, Sparrow + Wolf delights foodies craving creative new flavors with a view behind the culinary magic.

Other Mama

Name and Location: Other Mama is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering a fresh and innovative approach to seafood and cocktails in a casual setting.

History and Significance: Created by Chef Dan Krohmer, Other Mama is a testament to his passion for seafood and unique culinary experiences. The restaurant has quickly become a local favorite, known for its quality ingredients and creative dishes.

What to Expect: The menu focuses on fresh seafood, sushi, and raw bar items, complemented by inventive cocktails. The atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming, making it a great spot for casual dining.

Visitor Information: Dress code is casual. While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended for larger groups. Other Mama offers a delightful dining experience for those looking to enjoy fresh seafood in a relaxed environment.

Another Arts District darling, Other Mama dazzles taste buds with vibrant modern Cal-Asian mashups courtesy of Chef Dan Krohmer. Tucked away in a tiny converted house, Other Mama’s homey hip location belies the explosion of flavors coming from the kitchen.

Start with crispy pork belly bao buns or tantalizing tempura mushrooms with miso aioli. Moving into sharing style mains, the orange chicken puts a gourmet spin on takeout favorites with lightly fried Mary’s chicken draped in sweet and savory citrus glaze. Other Mama keeps things fresh and funky throughout a menu bursting with savory, spicy and sweet sensations.


This taste of the Las Vegas dining scene only scratches the surface of its vibrant culinary excellence. From decadent French cuisine to modern global fusion, Sin City’s ever-expanding portfolio of restaurants provides a food lover’s paradise perfectly complementing the world famous casinos, clubs and shows.

Wherever your tastes take you during your Vegas travels, make time to explore the phenomenal meals waiting around every corner. Our list of the 12 best restaurants gives you amazing options across cuisines and budgets to dine at the top of your game.

Just be sure to come hungry! Once you get a helping of the unbelievable cuisine Las Vegas’ culinary masters whip up daily, you’ll quickly start planning for your next dining adventure here.

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