Top12 Attractions in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is a city that offers endless entertainment, excitement and adventure. Known for its casinos and vibrant nightlife, Las Vegas also boasts world-class shopping, dining, attractions and more. From the iconic Strip and Fremont Street to stunning natural landscapes just outside the city, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas StripIconic casinos, hotels, and entertainment.
Fremont Street ExperienceVibrant pedestrian area with light shows.
The Mob MuseumExhibits on organized crime’s history.
The Neon MuseumCollection of historic neon signs.
The High Roller Observation WheelTallest observation wheel in North America.
Red Rock CanyonStunning natural landscapes and hiking.
Springs PreserveHistory and natural habitat of the desert.
The Forum Shops at Caesars PalaceLuxury shopping destination.
Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical GardensSeasonal floral displays.
Dig This Las VegasOperate heavy machinery for fun.
Ethel M Chocolate Factory & Botanical Cactus GardenChocolate tastings and cactus garden tours.
Madame Tussauds Wax MuseumInteractive wax figure exhibits.
Las Vegas Natural History MuseumExhibits on science, culture, and nature.

To help you make the most of your visit, we’ve highlighted 12 of the top attractions and things to do in Las Vegas that should not be missed. Here are the best places and sights to see on your next trip.

The Las Vegas Strip

Name and Location: The Las Vegas Strip refers to the stretch of Las Vegas Blvd South packed with iconic resort hotels and casinos. Located in the unincorporated townsite of Paradise, the Strip contains the highest concentration of world-famous sites.

History and Significance: As the city pushed resort development south starting in the 1940s, the Strip became synonymous with Las Vegas extravagance. Massive themed hotel complexes like Caesars Palace, the Venetian and Bellagio house extensive gaming, shops, restaurants and entertainment.

What to Expect: Visitors immerse themselves in ever-more elaborate environments catering to every pleasure with amusement park rides, volcano eruptions, dancing fountains, luxury shopping and endless gambling opportunities from Browser to Mandalay Bay.

Visitor Information: The Strip stays busy 24/7 year-round. Extensive free parking is available at all major resorts. Free trams connect certain properties while the monorail offers pay transport starting at the SLS station.

The Las Vegas Strip is an iconic stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard that features larger-than-life casino resorts and hotels with lavish themes. From ancient pyramids to the canals of Venice, a walk down the Strip feels like traveling the world without ever leaving Nevada. In addition to gambling, the mega resorts offer entertainment, dining, nightlife, shopping and more all in one place. No trip to Vegas is complete without experiencing the bright lights, excitement and sensory overload that the Strip has to offer.

Some iconic Strip destinations include Caesars Palace, The Venetian, Bellagio, MGM Grand and newer additions like Resorts World. Grab a drink and do some people watching for some of the best free entertainment in Vegas. And be sure to catch the dancing fountains at Bellagio and raging volcano at The Mirage.

Fremont Street Experience

Name and Location: The Fremont Street Experience is a five-block immersive pedestrian entertainment zone located in historic downtown Las Vegas underneath an LED display canopy.

History and Significance: Since its 1995 debut revitalizing downtown, the space hosts free nightly light shows on one of the world’s largest video screens suspended 90 feet overhead while visitors take in classic Vegas sights underneath filled with restaurants, bars and long-running casinos.

What to Expect: Gaze up at the Viva Vision sky parade while strolling beneath nostalgic neon signs and table game melodies. Street performers and lively patio bars add to the atmosphere. Check the indoor attraction lineup ranging from zipline to speakeasy.

Visitor Information: The pedestrian Fremont Street Experience remains open 24/7 year-round. Individual attraction hours vary. validated garage parking available at bins like The Garage and Neonopolis.

Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas takes the overstimulation and extravagance of the Strip and condenses it into a pedestrian only, four-block open air attraction bathed in lights. The focal point is the impressive Viva Vision video screen canopy 90-feet overhead that runs the length of Fremont Street and provides a spectacular immersive visual and audio experience.

After dark, the Fremont Street Experience really comes to life with free, nightly light shows displayed on the canopy that synchronize with music. Street performers and talented artists can also be found along the promenade. And be sure to look down and see classic cars parked along Fremont Street.

Lining both sides beneath the canopy are an array of bars, restaurants, shops and lower-priced casinos that offer gambling, drinks and plenty of neon lights. With its nostalgic old Vegas vibe and carnival-like atmosphere, Fremont Street is also referred to as Glitter Gulch and offers an alternative, more affordable nightlife destination to the Strip.

The Mob Museum

Name and Location: Officially the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, this modern, information-packed museum is located in a former federal courthouse just blocks from the Fremont Street district downtown.

History and Significance: Charting the rise and fall of organized crime in America alongside federal policing developments since the turn of the last century using an impressive array of artifacts and hands-on displays, this honest look at a lurid subject enlightens visitors on our complex social history around the taboo issue.

What to Expect: Visitors trace mob history decade-by-decade via engaging exhibits like the historic wall of guns spanning law enforcement eras. Special sites like the courtroom and morgue add impact. Informative programs run regularly around related topics.

Visitor Information: Open 9am-9pm daily except Thanksgiving/Christmas. General admission fees apply with combo deals adding Underground Speakeasy access. Valid ID required for alcohol purchases. Standard museum amenities on-site.

This popular, intriguing attraction provides an inside look at organized crime and the mob’s connection to Las Vegas. Featuring numerous immersive, interactive exhibits using props and technology, The Mob Museum showcases artifacts, photos and personal stories documenting mob history and key figures.

Some highlight exhibits explore the 1929 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, the operation of well-known mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky and more. The museum also features descriptions of various law enforcement efforts used to fight organized crime over the decades. Both informative and entertaining, The Mob Museum provides unique insight into this secretive world with ties dating back to Las Vegas’ early development.

The Neon Museum

Name and Location: The Neon Museum features over 200 rescued and restored iconic neon signs exhibited outdoors on a central Las Vegas campus accessible from downtown.

History and Significance: Dedicated to collecting and preserving neon since 1996 when so much classic signage was being lost as venues shuttered, today the museum protects an American art form born in the 1930s that defined 20th century visual advertising. The collection represents over 100 years of Las Vegas history.

What to Expect: Visitors book timed tours daylight or nights to wander among relics from iconic casinos and mid-century motels grounded in interpretive history. The museum continues restoring signs inside the Boneyard daily, viewable through a window.

Visitor Information: Guided tour tickets start at $19 for daylight visits with nighttime and package tour options. Online reservations required as visits sell out. Closed Sundays and select holidays only. Gift shop on-site during opening hours.

Las Vegas is known for its iconic neon signs. The Neon Museum features an outdoor collection of restored, historic neon signs from old casinos, businesses and classic Las Vegas establishments. Known as the Neon Boneyard, this unique museum offers daytime and evening guided tours along its Neon Walk where knowledgeable guides share the origins and fascinating stories behind many of the preserved signs.

Popular restored signs on display include old Stardust, Sahara, Flamingo and Golden Nugget signs. The museum also has additional signs on exhibit inside its Neon Boneyard North Gallery accessible with admission tickets. By visiting, you can learn more about neon’s role in the city’s development while glimpsing into classic Las Vegas history.

The High Roller Observation Wheel

Name and Location: The High Roller is a 550-foot tall observation wheel on the Las Vegas Strip offering unmatched 360-degree views during 30 minute rotations in futuristic glass encased pods.

History and Significance: Opened in 2014 as the world’s largest observation wheel taking the record height spot from the London Eye, the dynamic structure with 17,000 LED lights has become another iconic addition to the Las Vegas skyline and draws substantial visitor interest.

What to Expect: Groups up to 40 embark pods playing an interpretive skyline video during gradual rotations taking in unmatched elevated sunset views of the Strip and valley beyond. Bar service and private cabins available to take the experience to a new level.

Visitor Information: The wheel stays open 365 days a year generally 11am through midnight with varying rates per ride. Combo tickets add happy hour packages on-site at The LINQ entertainment district.

Reaching up to 550 feet when fully-elevated, the High Roller at The LINQ is currently the tallest observation wheel in North America. Each spherical cabin offers 360-degree panoramic views during the 30 minute ride. One full revolution showcases stellar views of the city, the Strip and surrounding landscape from an unparalleled height and perspective.

Rides aboard the High Roller run from late afternoon until late at night with dynamic views varying by time of day. Specialty cabins with an open bar or catered dining experience are also available. The High Roller is particularly stunning to ride during sunsets, at night when Vegas lights up or to catch views of Mount Charleston snow-capped in the winter.

Red Rock Canyon

Name and Location: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area contains some of America’s most stunning desert landscapes just 17 miles outside the Las Vegas Strip off Highway 159/Charleston Blvd with doubtle Access 13 miles from the 215.

History and Significance: Established in 1967 protecting significant geological features and desert ecosystem spanning 195,819 acres centered around the Keystone Thrust geological formation, the conservation area provides essential refuge for plants and wildlife beside monumental natural beauty.

What to Expect: Signature features visitors enjoy via driving tour or hiking trails include the mighty red sandstone formations along the canyon over 3,000 feet deep, petroglyphs, diverse cacti and unique variations from sandy washes to wooded oasis across distinct zones.

Visitor Information: The scenic loop drive requires a $15 vehicle fee while individual trailhead access remains free. The visitor center offers guide materials from 8am-4:30pm. Pets allowed on some trails. Site hours vary seasonally.

For gorgeous scenery featuring a red rock landscape starkly contrasted against blue skies and white clouds, head 20 miles west from the Las Vegas Strip. Designated a National Conservation Area, Red Rock Canyon is known for its unique, vivid geological features formed by the Keystone Thrust Fault.

There are many ways for visitors to enjoy this natural wonderland. Drive the scenic loop with access to several outlook points for taking pictures and short hikes. Go horseback riding amidst the towering sandstone formations. Rent a bike or lace up your hiking boots for miles of trails showcasing more secluded areas of the canyon not visible from the road. Unique sights include the massive Calico Hills, the Colorado River (when water levels permit) and ancient petroglyphs.

Springs Preserve

Name and Location: Springs Preserve contains 180 acres dedicated to nature walks, botanical gardens, museum exhibits on sustainability and wildlife within city limits just west of downtown Las Vegas.

History and Significance: Before Las Vegas sprawled to epic proportions, artesian springs bubbled across the valley landscape feeding plants, animals and people for centuries. As steward of the last remaining springs, today’s preserve seeks to connect guests back to this lost balance through education and contemplation.

What to Expect: Guests follow interpretive walking paths through pollinator gardens, soak in desert scenery from trails and attend exhibits build consciousness around fragile ecosystems and responsible living today to ensure future generations inherit a nurturing environment.

Visitor Information: Open daily 9am-5pm excluding holidays. General admission applies with seasonal variations plus fees for tours, train rides and special events. Validate parking ticket at entry to avoid garage fees.

The Springs Preserve complex covers 180 acres maintained to integrate Nevada’s vibrant history with the natural habitat of the desert. Attractions found on the grounds include the Nevada State Museum, outdoor memorials and trails, an abundance of local flora and fauna, the Origen Experience gallery highlighting Las Vegas innovations and a living home showcasing sustainable desert design.

People of all ages enjoy navigating the site via the trails, elevated boardwalks and bridges. Indoor galleries and exhibits give visitors a glimpse into how past generations harnessed the springs to enable development of the land. The Springs Preserve also hosts intriguing events, lectures, train rides and seasonal activities making it an ideal family-friendly destination for learning and fun.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

Name and Location: The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace contain 160 designer stores alongside bars and restaurants all housed under an ornate Roman streetscape theme located conveniently right on the Las Vegas Strip.

History and Significance: As one of the first elite theme mall experiences directly tied to a resort property when The Forum Shops opened in 1992 inside the iconic Caesars Palace, this luxury shopping mecca offers visitors the ease to readily indulge material passions between casino sessions thanks to a brilliant layout including animatronic shows.

What to Expect: From hidden opulent entryways to a towering Atlantis fountain show, navigating the three-story Forum wing feels like an adventure with new details constantly delighting the eye as ways to spend money await around each corner – whether on original artwork, haute couture or premium sweets. Don’t miss the Fall of Atlantis show every hour.

Visitor Information: As part of Caesars Palace, the Forum Shops mirror the resort’s 24/7 operation. Validated valet parking accessed either through Caesars porte cochere or via Strip entry. Direct tram connections to several sister properties under the same ownership.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace offer luxury shopping at its finest. As one of Vegas’ premier shopping destinations, the Forum Shops span 636,000 square feet and feature 160 specialty stores. The high-end shops offer globally-recognized brands in fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, fine art and more all housed under elaborately embellished domes and arches.

Spanning three levels, the Forum Shops also embrace ancient Roman grandeur in their details including marble, columns and fountains overlooked by a towering Atlantis statue. Whether you have expensive taste or just want to browse, admiring the striking architecture, galleries and aquariums make visiting the Forum Shops compelling any time of day. Don’t miss the Festival Fountain Shows at the central Grande Esplanade either.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Name and Location: The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens feature stunning floral displays inside the lobby of the iconic Bellagio resort on the Las Vegas Strip rich with sights, scents and imagination.

History and Significance: Since Bellagio opened in 1998, the Conservatory has wowed guests by transporting them to dynamic worlds recreated through horticulture excellence six times annually in tribute to the seasons and major holidays when the space unveils dramatically different layouts. Over 100 expert staff actualize concepts.

What to Expect: Give your senses a workout strolling under arbors, beside streams and waterfalls among thousands of vibrant blooms accentuated by specialty lighting and integrated architectural props that fully realize distinct seasonal themes within the soaring Mediterrean-style indoor courtyard. Stop to sniff the flowers!

Visitor Information: As the centerpiece lobby feature of Bellagio, the Conservatory remains freely accessible 24/7 year-round in tandem with resort hours. Validate valet ticket for free parking then enjoy this garden of earthly delights before trying your luck at the tables.

A beloved, complimentary attraction at the luxurious Bellagio resort is the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. The lush gardens occupy over 14,000 square feet at the hotel entrance filled with vibrant landscapes that change 5 times annually coordinating with the seasons and holidays.

Massive floral arrangements, scented flowers, decorative arbors, water features and unique structures fill the space. Flawless designs have included an exploration of Italy, romance of Japan, playful adventure of the North Pole and even the festive world of Candy Land! Each display takes days for horticulture and engineering teams to install, making the Conservatory a truly changing work of art for visitors to admire on every trip.

Dig This Las Vegas

Name and Location: Dig This Las Vegas provides recreational heavy equipment operation experiences with bulldozers and excavators guaranteed to fulfill adventure seekers’ dreams.

History and Significance: Founded in 2012 near downtown Las Vegas, Dig This made childlike vehicle fantasies a reality for ages 18+ by acquiring an excavation site outfitted with kid-sized big tonnage equipment for visitors to maneuver through instructor-led sessions with safety first.

What to Expect: After classroom orientation, guests drive scaled down bulldozers and excavators through a series of activities from digging trenches to stacking tires under coach guidance geared for all skill levels to pick up terminating in memorable competitions with photos included to prove your steel mastery.

Visitor Information: Ticket minimum age 18. Open daily 8am-8pm, advance booking assures session entry with combo package values available. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas only. Onsite equipment protects from elements.

Adults who want to fulfill childhood dreams of operating heavy machinery will love Dig This Vegas. They offer visitors a truly unique experience to drive real bulldozers and excavators. Options range from two hours to multi-day training sessions led by expert instructors covering beginner operation all the way up excavation games and skill challenges.

After a quick orientation to learn controls, safety protocols and equipment basics, participants can dig trenches, stack tires or smash cars in a secure, five acre dirt lot. Excavating against friends and family also makes for lively competition. With fun, hands-on learning of big machines most only see from afar, Dig This is one activity people rave about long after leaving Las Vegas.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory & Botanical Cactus Garden

Name and Location: Ethel M Chocolates conjures sweet confections onsite adjacent their popular display Botanical Cactus Garden a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip accessible via free parking.

History and Significance: Founded by Forrest Mars of Mars candy dynasty fame in 1981 honoring his mother Ethel, their small batch chocolate factory store offers samples among lovely 3-acre desert-themed grounds open to free public wandering daily containing over 350 botanical cactus/succulent varieties lovingly maintained showcasing each plant’s unique beauty.

What to Expect: The glass-walled chocolate viewing zone allows visitors to catch creation steps from bean to finished product before browsing the expansive retail selection with favorites like their famous crunchy Bark. Outside brick paths meander through theme gardens with interpretive signs identifying species from around the globe – peak spring to view blooming colors.

Visitor Information: No reservation needed to enjoy Botanical Cactus Garden access during Ethel M Chocolates’ hours 8:30am-6pm daily excluding holidays. The adjacent seasonal Lights display activates in winter months with discounted tickets online.

Chocolate lovers simply must visit Ethel M Chocolates, part of Mars Inc. behind brands like Snickers and M&Ms. The Ethel M facility produces their gourmet chocolates sold globally while offering free chocolate tastings and factory viewing along a self-guided elevated mezzanine. Their adjoining three-acre Botanical Cactus Garden displaying thousands of cacti is also free to walk through.

The garden features 300 species organized by geographical zones with educational signs identifying many plants by species and origin. Blooming seasons mean different plants present vivid colors while the Holiday Lighting December through January transforms the garden into a fairyland. The combined chocolate factory tours and beautiful cactus gardens make Ethel M a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Name and Location: Madame Tussauds Las Vegas houses over 100 incredibly lifelike wax figure replicas of celebrities housed centrally along the Strip directly across from The Venetian.

History and Significance: As part of the Madame Tussauds wax empire stemming from early 1800s London, the Las Vegas location focuses on recent pop culture icons from film, television, music, sports and politics rendered in uncanny accuracy further enhanced by the ability to pose beside figures in scenes underscoring their fame.

What to Expect: Moving through themed rooms, visitors get goosebumps by the realism recreating familiar faces – stand on stage “singing” with Katy Perry, attend the red carpet with Brad Pitt or take the court beside Lebron James in this playful tribute to celebrity. Upgrade your visit with add-on attractions.

Visitor Information: Open seven days a week from 10am-8:30pm with last entry at 7pm. General admission fees apply with packaged upgrades adding experiences like wax hands or 4D Marvel movie. Standard resort location validated parking.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum lets visitors mingle with wax figures of their favorite celebrities up-close and take selfies. Interactive areas allow you to walk the red carpet, appear on magazine covers or even virtually perform on stage. Separate themed sections feature iconic stars of film, television, music, sports and history with new wax replicas added frequently.

Popular figures have included Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin and The Rat Pack along with contemporary stars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars. The museum also immortalizes famous figures like previous presidents, cultural icons Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr. and scientific pioneers like Albert Einstein. If interested in celebrities, the strikingly life-like wax figures make Madame Tussauds a definite selfie-stop.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Name and Location: The Las Vegas Natural History Museum illuminates regional wildlife, geology and cultures via engaging exhibits located just off the Strip next to the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum.

History and Significance: Chartered in 1991 but not opened until 2007, this vital scientific collection contains over 26,000 artifacts spanning archaeological items, preserved animals and minerals endemic to Nevada alongside areas like the Grand Canyon packaged in educational, family-friendly displays on multiple floors bringing the region’s history to life.

What to Expect: Favorite spaces include the vast undersea-themed marine life volume with dramatic whale skeleton, the glowing gemstone vault and Egyptian mummy exhibit. Hands-on activities make exploration more impactful. Don’t miss the lifelike dinosaur replicas!

Visitor Information: Open daily 9am-4pm excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas. General admission fees apply with member/online discounts. Validated parking in museum lot is free. The onsite gift shop offers regional gifts.

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum makes learning about science, culture and the natural world fun through creative, state-of-the-art exhibits and displays. Their human body exhibit called BODY WORLDS showcases real human body specimens preserved using plastination. This allows visitors to see muscles, organs, nervous systems and full bodies up-close, evensectioned to reveal internal structures.

Also popular is the Treasures of Egypt exhibit spanning artifacts of pharaohs and dynasties with mummies, tombs and interactive elements bringing the culture to life. The Wild Nevada area teaches about regional geology, plants, animals and ecosystems through realistic animal mounts, animation and exploration. Beyond permanent collections, the museum also hosts renowned traveling exhibits on dinosaurs, gems or specific cultures to pique all interests.


Las Vegas offers endless possibilities across dining, entertainment, nightlife and attractions. From world-famous landmarks like the Strip and Fremont Street to natural wonders like Red Rock Canyon, there are sights and activities to appeal to all tastes. Family-friendly spots like the Springs Preserve satisfy all ages while iconic destinations for adults like casinos embody Vegas’ reputation for extravagance.

When visiting, make time for quintessential Vegas like the neon-lit corridor of the Strip with sights like the Bellagio fountains and High Roller wheel. But also venture to historic areas like the Downtown Arts District to experience Glitter Gulch’s Fremont Street where old Vegas charm still captivates. Attractions covering unique interests whether racing bulldozers, learning organized crime history or catching your favorite stars preserved in wax make every visit fresh and memorable.

With this list highlighting 12 of the most recommended attractions and sights, you’re set for an amazing visit to fabulous Las Vegas!

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