12 Things To Do With Family In Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Bridgeport is the largest city in Connecticut located along Long Island Sound. This culturally diverse city offers visitors plenty of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy all year round. From zoos and aquariums to parks, beaches and museums, there is something for every member in the family.

The easy accessibility to other major cities like New York also makes Bridgeport an ideal place to stay when planning your family trips. This article lists 12 of the best things to do in Bridgeport, Connecticut with your family that will make your vacation truly memorable.

Take Your Kids to the Beardsley Zoo

The first must-visit attraction in Bridgeport with kids is the Beardsley Zoo. This zoo is one of the top places in Connecticut with over 300 species of animals. You can have an engaging experience at the South American rainforest with monkeys, jaguars and tropical birds.

Other great exhibits include the prairie dog exhibit where kids can pop up out of tunnels, owl exhibit with many species of owls and Amur Leopards. Do not miss the Farmyard area where children can pet and feed domesticated animals like ponies, cows, goats and sheep. The reptile house, Wolves of the Arctic and the Zoorassic Park dinosaur exhibit are other favorites for kids.

Visit the Discovery Museum and Planetarium

Another interesting place for families with kids in Bridgeport is the Discovery Museum and Planetarium. With many interactive hands-on exhibits kids can learn about science, arts and world cultures. Feature exhibits like Exploring Our Town, Space Exploration: Quest for Knowledge, Native American cultures are quite popular.

Other favorites include the energy lab, music and sound lab, health lab and outside Discovery Garden. Their state-of-the-art Planetarium features laser shows, sky presentations and seasonal stargazing events that both kids and parents find fascinating.

Have Fun at Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach located off-shore in Bridgeport’s South End is a nice family entertainment park to spend a summer day. This waterfront amusement park has over 20 rides including roller coasters, Ferris wheel, swings, scrambler, bumper cars and carousel.

The Shoreline Splashpad is perfect for cooling off in summer. Kids will also love the pirate-themed miniature golf course. And the laidback vibes of the beach make it ideal to relax with the whole family and enjoy a picnic while kids build sandcastles. Good food like hot dogs, burgers, salads are available at the Beachside Cafe.

Take a Cruise from Port Jefferson Ferry

Taking the Port Jefferson Ferry cruise is one of the top things to do in Bridgeport with toddlers and young kids. This scenic cruise lets you enjoy the spectacular views of Long Island Sound and the coastal landscapes. Dolphin and whale watching tours are also occasionally available.

The ferry ride itself with water splashing against the ferry as sea gulls fly alongside is an exciting experience for kids. On reaching Port Jefferson, you can explore the historic maritime village, try seafood delicacies, visit art galleries and the wildlife center. The ferry operates all year round except January and is just a 1.25 hours ride one-way.

Explore the Fascinating P.T. Barnum Museum

The P.T. Barnum Museum makes for an interesting visit in Bridgeport with older kids and teens who can better appreciate the legacy of the great showman. This museum located in the historic Iranistan Avenue displays artifacts from Barnum’s illustrious life.

You can see special exhibits related to Barnum’s deep association with Bridgeport and his contributions. His connection with the founding of America’s circus is depicted through photos, posters and captivating displays. Kids can have fun with interactive exhibits and activities. A tour of the museum makes for an enriching educational experience for children into Barnum’s eventful life.

Tour Beardsley Park and Zoo Gardens

Spread over 168 acres, Beardsley Park is a nice place for families with toddlers and young kids where they enjoy open playgrounds, hiking trails, ball fields and picnic spots. The park has a beautiful free Rose Garden, Tranquility Garden and Sunken Garden where you can teach botany to kids.

The park also adjoins the Beardsley Zoo so you can easily combine both visits. Special events like the annual Earth Day Celebration offer environmental education activities for children. With wide open spaces, the park is perfect for kids to run around and enjoy outdoor activities and sports.

Ride the Mini Train and Carousel in Seaside Park

If you are wondering what to do with kids under 10 in Bridgeport, head straight to the lovely Seaside Park. At this waterfront park families can enjoy picturesque views of the Long Island Sound. Kids will have a blast riding the colorful mini train that takes you all around this huge park. Other favorites include the vintage carousel, giant slide, swings and splash fountain.

With picnic areas throughout, the park is ideal to enjoy your packed meals from Black Rock Pizzeria. If you visit on Wednesdays or Saturdays, kids can participate in arts, crafts and Circus Skills workshops by Arena’s Circus. With plenty of room to run around and special kids activities, families love to relax for long summer afternoons at Seaside Park.

Tour the Housatonic Museum of Art

The Housatonic Museum of Art is one of the best educational places to visit in Bridgeport with teens. The museum located inside the Housatonic Community College has the largest art collection among all the community colleges in Connecticut.

Their collection has more than 1900 artworks of painting, sculptures, photos and mixed media from acclaimed international and national artists. Special exhibitions, art lectures, creative workshops happen throughout the year that can spark artistic interests among teens. Guided tours for student groups are also available on advance booking where teens can enrich their art exposure.

Watch Latest Movies at Bow Tie Majestic 6 Cinemas

For indoor entertainment in Bridgeport with family, the Bow Tie Majestic 6 Cinemas is a nice place to catch the latest movies. Conveniently located in downtown Bridgeport near great restaurants, this cinema has all the latest movie screenings.

With wide screens, surround sound and comfortable seating, movie watching is a luxurious experience. They also host special kids’ movie events that make it perfect for families. Reasonable ticket prices and good food like pizzas, burgers, sandwiches make it quite a value trip. So if you are looking for things to do in Bridgeport downtown with family, watching movies at this theater can be real fun.

Have Fun Playing Laser Tag at PXL Holdings

PXL Holdings located on Lafayette Street, Bridgeport offers a thrilling laser tag experience for families with older kids and teens. Their expansive laser arena and specialized laser tag gear makes you feel part of an immersive experience. With exciting variations like Inkblot and Capture The Flag, laser tag here will surely get your adrenaline pumping.

Family packages are available if you want to team up with kids against another family team and see who the laser tag experts are! They also host birthday parties in case you are looking to celebrate your kid’s birthday. With vibrant neon graphics, exciting music and enthusiastic guides, PXL Holdings promises complete family entertainment.

Visit Captain’s Cove Seaport

Captain’s Cove Seaport is considered among top Bridgeport attractions for families with kids of all ages. This family entertainment center located on the historic Bridgeport Harbor waterfront offers plenty of activities to engage everyone. Thrill rides like the pirate ship, scrambler, free fall and bumper cars are sure to delight the adventurous lot.

Train and carousel rides specially appeal to toddlers and young kids. You will surely work up an appetite walking all day here for which delicious food like chicken tenders, fried seafood, burgers and ice-creams are available. With picturesque views of the harbor and special events, Captain’s Cove Seaport promises complete family fun when in Bridgeport.

Tour the Fascinating Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo is rightly considered the crown jewel of Bridgeport attractions. Spread over 52 acres, this zoo has diverse wildlife exhibits to fascinate visitors of all ages. At the South American Rainforest exhibit, walk through habitats teeming with monkeys, jaguars, macaws and anacondas for an immersive rainforest experience.

The Farmyard has ponies, cows, pigs and goats which kids can feed and pet. Other interactive exhibits feature prairie dogs, owls, bald eagles, wolves, snow leopards and even dinosaurs! Special events like Animal Encounters, Creature Features and summer camps make it extra exciting for kids. With so much to see and do, Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo makes for an entertaining family day out in Bridgeport.


In summary, Bridgeport offers plenty of attractions and activities to delight families – from amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, cinemas, parks and ferries. The city’s convenient location also makes it perfect base to explore other nearby destinations. So whether it is toddlers, young children, tweens or teens, everyone can have a memorable time when holidaying in Bridgeport.

With something to cater to every taste and age, these 12 things to do are perfect for creating everlasting family memories during your Bridgeport vacation. So, pack your bags and come explore the abundant offerings of this vibrant Connecticut city brimming with entertainment for the entire family!

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