Top 12 Romantic Things to Do in Virginia Beach

Known for its beautiful beaches, Virginia Beach also tops the charts as a romantic getaway for couples. From sunset walks on the boardwalk to cozy restaurants with ocean views, Virginia Beach sets the scene for romance.

Seaside Sunset Horseback RideGuided beachfront rides for a romantic experience.
Couples Massages & TreatmentsLuxurious spa experiences for relaxation.
Surf Lessons TogetherLearning to surf as a couple for an exciting adventure.
Dinner on the WaterfrontDining with ocean views for a romantic evening.
Create Sand Memories TogetherCollaborative beach art and sandcastle building.
Waterside CultureExploring art and culture in the ViBe Creative District.
Ferris Wheel at SunsetScenic views from the Ferris Wheel at 15th street.
Pedal through First Landing State ParkBiking side-by-side on scenic trails.
Kayak on the InletTandem kayaking in scenic inlets and channels.
Dine at a Floating RestaurantUnique dining experience on the water.
Attend a Symphony by the SeaEnjoy classical music by the ocean.
Picnic at Cape Henry LighthouseRomantic picnic with panoramic views.
Stargaze from Mount TrashmoreStargazing opportunities away from city lights.

For couples seeking quality time together, Virginia Beach brings plenty of ways to connect amid gorgeous seaside landscapes. The following 12 romantic activities capture favorite pursuits for visitors to fall deeper in love against Virginia Beach’s alluring coastal backdrop.

Take a Seaside Sunset Horseback Ride

Name and Location: Seaside sunset horseback rides are offered along the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach through companies like Southeastern Virginia Stables.

History and Significance: Horseback rides along Virginia Beach’s scenic coastline create romantic memories and closer connections while experiencing the area’s natural beauty from a unique vintage perspective.

What to Expect: Couples ride horses at a walk together along the bay or trails as experts guide, ending with gorgeous sunset views over the water. Beginners welcome for this magical, peaceful experience.

Visitor Information: Offered daily by appointment. Rides last 1-2 hours. Weight restrictions apply. Call ahead to ask about private rides for two to make it extra special.

Riding horses down walls of hard packed sand as sunlight flickers off rolling ocean waves makes for quintessential beach romance. Several local stables offer guided beachfront rides along Virginia Beach as the sunset glow sets a thoroughly enchanting mood.

Back Bay Equine Trails leads two hour trips providing spectacular views of the bay itself in addition to seaside vistas. Holding hands while cantering through shoreline shallows and crossing hidden tidal pools proves it’s not just the sun dipping into the horizon that makes hearts swoon.

Relax with Couples Massages & Treatments

Name and Location: Virginia Beach resort hotels like Hilton and Cavalier, plus local spas like John’s Day Spa offer indulgent couples massages and spa treatments perfect for couples relaxation.

History and Significance: Soothing spa experiences allow romantic partners to de-stress while focusing on sensual shared calm and reconnection, which numerous destinations in Virginia Beach recognized.

What to Expect: Side-by-side massages, relaxing facials, and rejuvenating body treatments aimed at couples provide peaceful quality time together to unwind as a special duo. Bliss!

Visitor Information: Call individual spas and hotels in advance for pricing, packages and reservations. Open hours vary. Gift certificates available to give that special someone!

For couples short on time together thanks to busy schedules back home, indulge in luxurious side-by-side massages targeted to dissolve away stress. Salons like Eden Day Spa or Spa Colonial, both centrally located hotels, deliver rejuvenating experiences tailored specially to duos in one seamlessly relaxing session.

Choose from Swedish and deep tissue techniques or opt for body Polish exfoliations or seaweed wraps in private suites outfitted with two massage tables, waterfall showers and amenities like chocolates and champagne. Feel tensions slip away as intimacy and circulation both improve, leaving partners energized to continue creating romantic vacation memories together with blissfully renewed minds and bodies.

Take Surf Lessons Together

Name and Location Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue offers couples surf lessons right on the Atlantic coastline at Resort Beach by their 16th Street headquarters.

History and Significance: Mastering surfing together creates fun memories while working as an adventurous team to ride the waves, solidifying bonds in the salty surf atmosphere.

What to Expect: Expert instructors teach couples basics on the sand before hitting the water for assisted practice, providing boards and wet suits as needed. Great active date!

Visitor Information: 1.5 hour lessons offered daily on request. Online reservations and waivers required. Cost per couple. No experience needed.

Riding waves in each other’s arms makes learning to surf into an exciting romantic adventure minus the pressure of professional competitions. Virginia Beach’s consistent gently-breaking waves combined with the area’s soft sandy ocean floor provides welcoming conditions ideal for beginners plus any level surfer to catch a thrill.

Local surf shops like Jimmy’s Roller Coasters offer group and private two hour lessons covering basics from paddling out through popping up successfully on boards. Let adrenaline take over screaming playfully together when rides bring wipeouts into the swirling froth. As skills improve, soulmates gets to shred waves together celebrating victories before plopping down salt-kissed and giddy to further bask in each other’s company.

Eat Dinner on the Waterfront

Name and Location: Waterfront dining spots like Surf Rider Restaurant or Catch 31 Fish House in Virginia Beach offer romantic bayfront tables at sunset.

History and Significance: Promenade waterfront restaurants let couples savor tasty plates while soaking up one-of-a-kind views, from sentry Rudee Inlet to resort Bayville, perfect for memory-making.

What to Expect: Picture windows or outdoor decks overlooking sun-sparkled waters create amazing ambiance to enjoy creative menus, local oysters, wine while connecting intimately despite surrounding spectacle.

Visitor Information: Advance reservations recommended, especially weekends. Area options open evenings year-round. Valet parking at some locations. Sample menus online.

One of Virginia Beach’s most iconic dates includes grabbing dinner along lively Cape Henry boardwalk, lit up colorfully after dark. Eateries like Dockside Seafood House or Waterman’s Surfside Grille have open air patio seating delivering both up close views of boats swaying in the marina and panoramas clear across the bay.

Watch flocks of seabirds while clinking wine glasses over plates of jumbo fried shrimp piled high. As the band strikes up dancing tunes, head onto the boardwalk to sway under the moonlight before capping off the night hand-in-hand during a midnight beach stroll. For effortless romance, Virginia Beach’s bustling waterfront area sets an indulgently charming ambiance with cuisine and entertainment to match.

Create Sand Memories Together

Name and Location: Virginia Beach’s Chesapeake Bay shorelines like First Landing State Park offer pockets of beach access for couples to find intimate spots alone.

History and Significance: Etching names together in the sand or leaving two sets of footprints behind makes for sentimental nostalgia, enjoying simpler moments that cement fond romantic memories unique to this coastal landscape.

What to Expect: Exploring lesser-used shore pockets and coves allows duos space for activities like admiring cloud pictures, building tiny sandcastles, reading together beachside and pensive aimless wandering while escaping crowds.

Visitor Information: Pack a double picnic. Seek cozy destinations south of main resort beach accesses for more alone time. Capture mental snapshots with loved ones!

Etch your initials inside a heart then frame it with seashells or sculpt a mermaid and muscle man from sand. Find a secluded section of sandy shore then tap into creative sides through sand play. Classic ideas include collaborating on a majestic sandcastle decorated with pieces of driftwood, seaweed, shells and stones for texture.

Bring props like stencils, buckets, shovels and sculpting tools to craft professional-worthy works while bonding over sheer silliness. When high tide inevitably drags sculptures back out to sea, using a phone camera to immortalize beachfront collaborations lets fleeting art endure as nostalgic symbols of carefree quality couple time.

Take in Waterside Culture

Name and Location: The ViBe Creative District along Virginia Beach’s inlet corridor and Rudee Loop mixes restaurants, shops, public art hubs and seasonal festivals for couples to explore.

History and Significance: ViBe celebrates Virginia Beach’s rich culture alongside the city’s founding waterways – perfect for partners to meander while admiring local artistic talents.

What to Expect: Couples hand in hand can visit artisan galleries like New Earth Glass Gallery, grab tacos from Peace Frog Restaurant then take in free live performances nearby as rotating displays inspire.

Visitor Information: The ViBe District loop links pedestrian friendly streets from 18th to 25th Streets near the boardwalk, open year-round for repurposed warehouse exploring by wandering duos.

The ViBe Creative District rings eclectic energy to Virginia Beach’s stunning ocean backdrop thanks to public art displays, events and dining popping with color and soul. Couples soak in spectacular artwork like Community Father Neptune, Winged Women and meticulously rendered murals during Navigator Brewing’s Weekend Art Walks.

Don’t miss April’s vibrant Neptune Festival when mythology and art combine during over-the-top boardwalk parades. Year-round at Zeke’s Beans & Bowls, share Hawaiian fusion cuisine on the artsy patio before toasting one another’s individuality with tiki cocktails as live music transports you together someplace wonderfully unforgettable.

Ride the Ferris Wheel at Sunset

Name and Location: The Virginia Beach Boardwalk Ferris wheel offers sunset rides for couples high above 31st Street along the Atlantic Avenue resort boardwalk.

History and Significance: Open seasonally since 2019, the beachfront Ferris wheel spins lovebirds 360 degrees skyward as colorful dusk paints the horizon above breaking waves, creating instant romantic magic.

What to Expect: Snuggled in an enclosed gondola, pairs feel top-of-the world glee circling up and down while witnessing the sunset seascape panorama unfold brilliantly all around during an apropos 15 magical minutes built for two.

Visitor Information: The Ferris wheel runs daily in peak season with varying closing times. Individual gondola rides for the couple last 3-4 cycles. Tickets purchased on site.

The Virginia Beach boardwalk boasts prime front row seats for watching the sun sink spectacularly over the Atlantic Ocean. For the ultimate vantage point, hop aboard the towering Ferris Wheel at 15th street which lifts passengers up in gently rotating glass pods trimmed with twinkling lights.

Snuggle close while gliding upwards through the early evening sky, anticipation building as candy-streaked heavens unfold around you. Buy tickets for multiple revolutions if needed to properly admire the 360 degree views as a glowing orb melts dramatically into purple waves. Capture Ferris Wheel photos kissing with the dreamy twilit vistas behind that garner serious romance points guaranteed.

Pedal through First Landing State Park

Name and Location: Cycling rentals are available within First Landing State Park off Shore Drive to explore the scenic trails and coastline, perfect for active couples.

History and Significance: As Virginia’s first state park, First Landing offers 19 miles of lush trails ripe for tandem bicycles built for two to journey together through vibrant habitats hand in hand.

What to Expect: Couples can leisurely pedal beach cruisers side-by-side along wooded cypress trails full of birds and wildlife, stopping for sweet picnics in secluded spots ideal for romance.

Visitor Information: Trailside Adventure rentals are located near the park entrance. Cruisers for two available. Helmets and locks provided. Site maps offered.

Named for English colonists first landing on American soil, this gorgeous park filled with woodland trails and wildlife feels worlds away yet only rests minutes from bustling resorts. Rent a surrey, two-person bicycle with cozy side-by-side seating, to traverse 19 miles of paved trails with awe-inspiring views of the Chesapeake Bay and relaxing sounds from singing birds accompanying your ride.

Built in canopies with padded seats keep riders shaded and comfy while pedaling past lagoons, across bridges over inlets and through quiet pine forests. Stop at secluded lookouts to reconnect spiritually and steal kisses as natures beauty taps into romantic impulses amplified by tingling privacy. With scenery made for falling head over heels for your companion all over again, First Landing remains a perennially enchanting escape.

Kayak on the Inlet

Name and Location: Virginia Beach’s scenic channels like Rudee Inlet provide perfect protected paddling routes to kayak for spirited couples seeking adventure together.

History and Significance: Cutting through the coastal landscape, area water trails let couples team up navigating nature’s playground, invoking bonds paddling tandem vessels intimately through the region’s rich maritime habitats.

What to Expect: Experiencing breathtaking marine vistas almost alone while synchronized stroking kayaks allows partners magical moments appreciating each other and surroundings more deeply. Bliss!

Visitor Information: Rentals like those at TRAD find kayak routes suiting skill levels from Rudee Inlet or into Back Bay refuge, providing gear and route planning.

Paddling sleek watercraft designed for two across sun speckled waters makes an active date capturing Virginia Beach’s allure through bayside adventures. Rent tandem kayaks to traverse scenic inlets and channels offering partners quality conversation without distractions beyond rippling tides.

Several rental companies provide hourly rentals and launch assistance from bayside parks like First Landing for leisurely guided paddles or self-guided trips navigating routes hugging Fort Story’s wooded sandy coastline. Dip paddles in sync gliding smoothly across glittery waves connecting intimately through rhythmic movement and teamwork. Such wordless waterborne waltzes magically deepen bonds making time kayaking together soul nourishment for the wears and tears of complicated modern love.

Dine at a Floating Restaurant

Name and Location: Tautog’s Floating Restaurant delivers a one-of-a-kind waterfront dining experience from Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach.

History and Significance: Tautog’s custom boat Venus De Milo began welcoming intimate crowds dockside starting 2020, offering elevated cuisine against sublime sunset backdrops through rounds of seasonal menus.

What to Expect: The compact oyster bar setting on rocking wooden waves makes for adventurous appetites, with captain and server narrating the preparation of nightly surf and turf specials tableside during this movable feast.

Visitor Information: Dockside dining available on reservation Wednesday through Sunday. Check Schedule for seating times and book well in advance. Cash tipping preferred.

Treat your sweetheart to fine dining at one of Virginia Beach’s singular floating restaurants easily accessed from the boardwalk. Both Tall Ship and Rudee Flipper adapt docked boats into elegant eateries with window-lined interiors ensuringoptimal waterfront ambiance from every cozy booth and table.

Menus run from landlubber friendly comfort food favorites like jumbo lump crab cakes and slow roasted prime rib to succulent fresh catches like sesame crusted tuna and whole live lobster. Complimentary champagne toasts sweeten already unparalleled views of the marina glittering around you as candlelight sets the mood for rich conversation stoking intimacy. With gentle waves rocking below and spectacular scenery framing couples immersed in each other’s company, on-water restaurants keep the magic swirling all evening long.

Attend a Symphony by the Sea

Name and Location: Symphony by the Sea performances take place along the Virginia Beach oceanfront at 24th Street Park near Neptune’s Statue during summer months.

History and Significance: Free al fresco concerts by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra have serenaded resort visitors since 1964 at 24th Street Park’s quaint outdoor stage framed by greenery and nearby rolling waves.

What to Expect: From blankets and beach chairs each Sunday around 5:30pm, lovebirds enjoy light classical compositions while watching the Atlantic coastline expand before them, toes in sand. Magical!

Visitor Information: Concert series spans early June through August. Arrive early for seat selections. BYO provisions, seating. Rain dates alternate Mondays.

What could be dreamier than swaying together as world-class musicians fill starry nights with romantic masterpieces against the harmonious backdrop of rolling ocean waves? Virginia Symphony Orchestra’s annual summer concert series brings melodic magic to the Oceanfront Lawn for a sublimely enchanting triple header.

Rest heads on shoulders snuggling on blankets and interconnected fingers grip tighter during dramatic crescendos, playful waltzes then familiar pop hits as a glowing full moon rises casting its silver glow on blissful faces. Whether longtime lovers or still in honeymoon phases, Classical melodies mingling with rhythmic tides makes for phenomenally profound shared escape.

Picnic at Cape Henry Lighthouse

Name and Location: Cape Henry Lighthouse lawns inside First Landing State Park offer grassy couple picnic spots with iconic lighthouse vistas.

History and Significance: Guiding mariners near the “First Landing” since 1792, intimate Cape Henry Light remains the oldest standing lighthouse where romancing duos can still spread picnic blankets today against vintage maritime backdrops.

What to Expect: Inside the park, loves can unpack wine and cheeses within view of the striking red and white lighthouse then wander hand-in-hand to nearby beach coves for isolated sunset-kissed moments.

Visitor Information: Pack your own picnic fixings and enter First Landing State Park to access Cape Henry Lighthouse grounds. Minimal picnic tables available near lighthouse lawn.

Pack a basket brimming with wine, cheeses and chocolates then hop the ferry shuttling lovebirds over to scenic Cape Henry Lighthouse. Climb 107 steps to the top taking in panoramic views of Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Snap selfies kissing with the iconic red and white tower then descend into gardens abloom in vibrant colors to picnic privately amid frolicking butterflies.

Partake in tasty bites feeding each other succulent fruits before following walking paths past a monument marking the 1607 English colonist’s first landing to a quiet beach left blissfully unoccupied save for random osprey spottings. Toast finding your own heaven together in this storied romantic paradise whose rich history sinks away leaving just present passions burning under an ageless sky.

Stargaze from Mount Trashmore

Name and Location: Lovers seek out Mount Trashmore skyviews after dark; the standout hilltop park off South Boulevard in Virginia Beach.

History and Significance: Now covered in grass, Mount Trashmore’s lofty elevation above surrounding landscape affords pairs panoramic night skies perfect for stargazing while cuddling together.

What to Expect: From the summit, couples embrace watching for meteors and constellations emerge above dazzling city lights, alone together enjoying awe and wonder nature’s celestial show elicits.

Visitor Information: Gates close at sunset but exterior hill access allowed. BYO blanket and snacks. Flashlights and bug spray recommended. Public parking on site.

Far from any big city light pollution, Mount Trashmore Park offers phenomenal stargazing opportunities for couples thanks to wide open grass hills unobstructed in 360 degrees. Arrive at dusk to secure the perfect stargazing spot atop the summit then unfurl blankets as dusk’s pastel watercolors fade ushering in starry brightness.

Identify twinkling celestial bodies using smart phone apps with handy AR functions allowing users to scan real time skies and pull up labels for constellations, planets, satellites and galactic phenomena detected overhead. Meteor showers like August’s dazzling Perseids provide ultimate excuses for stealing magical kisses made while shooting stars blaze brilliantly across the heavens leaving fiery trails sinking towards the moonlit ocean.


Surrounded by striking scenery, couples in Virginia Beach find countless ways to foster intimacy whether seeking peaceful or playful quality time together. Walking barefoot hand-in-hand down the shoreline, collaborating on an artistic endeavor then letting conversation and wine flow freely during an oceanside dinner all tap the destination’s inherent romance.

Craft lifelong romantic memories as gentle waves serenade strolls admiring colorful sunsets slowly sinking into the sea. Launch new adventures trying watersports while giggling hysterically before congratulating one another on victories locked in tight wet embraces. However couples choose connecting heart-to-heart, Virginia Beach brings idyllic backdrops sure to take relationships to happily-ever-after through vacation magic promising renewed bonds lasting well past when blissed out getaways inevitably must end.

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