12 Parks in Waterbury, Connecticut (Updated July 2024)

Waterbury, Connecticut is home to numerous beautiful parks that offer residents and visitors alike a chance to enjoy the outdoors. From sprawling green spaces to small neighborhood playgrounds, Waterbury has something for everyone when it comes to outdoor recreation.

This article will highlight 12 of the top parks in Waterbury and provide an overview of the amenities and activities offered at each one. Whether you’re looking for sports fields, hiking trails, picnic areas, or just open space to enjoy, you’ll find plenty of options among Waterbury’s parks. So read on to learn about 12 fantastic parks that help make Waterbury such a livable city!

Fulton Park

Located on Robinwood Road, Fulton Park encompasses 130 acres and is one of the largest parks in Waterbury. Visitors to Fulton Park can enjoy an array of amenities including baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic areas with grills and pavilions, a large playground, walking trails through the woods, and open green spaces perfect for flying a kite or throwing a Frisbee.

The park also features a wading pool for children that is open during the summer months. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder Fulton Park is popular with residents and visitors of all ages.

Library Park

Conveniently located in downtown Waterbury right across from the Silas Bronson Public Library, Library Park covers just 1 acre but is a popular gathering place for residents. Visitors to the park will find bronze statues of former Waterbury residents Bob Cousy and John F. Kennedy.

There are also benches perfect for reading or just taking in views of the surrounding downtown area. Library Park hosts events like the Waterbury Arts Fest and the Taste of Greater Waterbury. It also displays holiday lights and decorations during the winter months, bringing cheer to the center of Waterbury.

Washington Park

Situated on the east side of Waterbury is Washington Park, covering nearly 10 acres. The park consists of wide open green space, making it perfect for pick-up games of soccer, football, Frisbee and more. There is also a playground area with slides and swings for children.

And picnic tables, walking paths and basketball courts round out the amenities for visitors to enjoy at Washington Park. Throughout the summer, the park hosts outdoor movie nights where families and friends gather on the lawn to watch movies.

Library & Recreation Complex

As the name implies, the Library & Recreation Complex contains both the Waterbury Public Library and a recreation center featuring a gymnasium, game room and the park department offices. Outside, the complex expands into a 5 acre park maintained by the city with multiple sports fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, a track, and playgrounds.

Visitors flock to the indoor recreation center year-round, while the outdoor facilities allow sporting leagues like soccer, lacrosse and baseball to practice and host games at the complex. Families also appreciate the park for its ample playground equipment.

Buck’s Hill Park

For visitors looking to experience Waterbury’s natural landscape, Buck’s Hill Park is the perfect destination. Encompassing over 140 acres, the park contains hiking trails that wind through the woods and up and down hills, including the summit of Buck’s Hill which rises 650 feet and offers gorgeous views of the surrounding areas.

Mountain bikers and trail runners also frequent the park regularly. And in the winter, Buck’s Hill transforms into a top sledding and tubing spot for residents thanks to its steep slopes. With so much scenic beauty, it’s easy to forget you’re still in the city while exploring Buck’s Hill Park.

Hopeville Pond State Park

Spanning over 1,000 acres in Waterbury, Bethlehem and Watertown, Hopeville Pond State Park provides opportunities for fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking and hiking on trails through the woodlands. Visitors can rent canoes, kayaks and rowboats during summer months to paddle on Hopeville Pond.

And a swimming area with a roped off section offers the chance to take a dip and cool off during hot weather. With a large picnic area and playground equipment for kids, Hopeville Pond State Park appeals to families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hanson Park

For residents of Waterbury looking for a neighborhood park, Hanson Park offers a nice reprieve from the city streets without having to travel far. Located on Pearl Harbor Street, the nearly 5 acre park contains basketball courts, tennis courts, a playground, and open space for activities like throwing a football or flying a kite.

Hanson Park also connects to the Little River walking trail which spans over 5 miles and connects other parks throughout the city.

Walsh Park

Baseball fans will enjoy a game at Walsh Park, home field of the Holy Cross High School baseball team as well as Waterbury Legion Baseball. The park features baseball diamonds, dugouts, batting cages, bleachers for spectators, concession stands and necessary field maintenance equipment.

Visitors to Walsh Park will likely catch a baseball game during spring and summer months while kids take advantage of the park’s diamonds and open spaces to practice and play pickup games.

Reidville Park

Situated along the Naugatuck River Greenway Trail, Reidville Park comprises nearly 25 acres. As such, one of the main draws of Reidville Park is its walking trails that connect to other trails like the Chase Promenade. Visitors can wander along the Naugatuck River or explore trails that wind through the woods along the riverbank.

Reidville Park also consists of a few baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and playground equipment. Those looking to have a picnic or let kids play at the playground while also taking in scenic views of the Naugatuck River will find Reidville Park appealing.

Cooke Street Park

One of Waterbury’s newer parks, Cooke Street Park opened in 2017 on the former site of Cooke Street School which had closed decades earlier and left an unappealing eyesore in its place. Now the nearly 2 acre park contains a performance pavilion, water play area, playground with climbing walls, and green space for lounging, playing catch or other activities.

During the summer, Cooke Street Park hosts events like outdoor concerts and a series of family movie nights. The park’s thoughtful design and amenities have made it popular with residents and a bright spot in the neighborhood.

Lakewood Park

Spanning 50 acres, Lakewood Park offers scenic woodlands, open green spaces and views of Mashapaug Pond. Visitors can fish for species like perch, trout and catfish or rent rowboats and kayaks from the city during summer months. There are also picnic spots and playground equipment for children.

Two campground loops provide RV camping sites and tent sites for visitors, along with comfort stations. And a recreation lodge is available to rent for events. With so much natural beauty, Lakewood makes an ideal park for appreciating the outdoors in Waterbury while camping or boating.

Randolph Park

Home to the Police Activity League (PAL) building, Randolph Park serves Waterbury youth with athletic fields, basketball courts, a playground and the Police Activity League center which runs programs to mentor kids. The park is also known for its elaborate holiday light displays during December when visitors can drive through and experience the twinkling wonderland.

Randolph Park comprises over 60 acres featuring trails, greenspace, picnic spots and scenic views of the Mad River winding through the park. Visitors will find it lively with youth sports games while families take advantage of the playground, pavilion and level ground for activities.


With its sprawling green spaces, winding trails, scenic waterways and vibrant neighborhoods, Waterbury has an array of fantastic parks to explore. This article highlighted 12 top parks, from the enormous expanse of Buck’s Hill Park to local favorites like Library Park and active recreation centers like the Library & Recreation Complex.

Visitors will discover parks perfect for sports, hiking, picnicking, spending lazy afternoons, or hosting celebrations. Waterbury’s parks contribute to an enjoyable quality of life with the ability to appreciate nature and gather as a community right within the city. So whether you call Waterbury home or you’re just passing through, take time to step into one of its marvelous parks.

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