12 Parks in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Sterling Heights, Michigan is a vibrant community located about 17 miles north of downtown Detroit. With a population of over 130,000 residents, Sterling Heights offers plenty for families and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. The city maintains 12 major public parks ranging from small neighborhood greenspaces to larger parks with various amenities like hiking trails, sports fields, picnic areas, playgrounds, and more.

Park NameMain Attractions and Amenities
BiH ParkPlayground, picnic tables, memorials to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Blair ParkPlayground, gazebos, gardens, open grass areas.
Beaudette ParkSports fields, playground, picnic shelter, walking path.
Fairfield ParkPlayground, sports courts, picnic shelter, gardens.
Hamilton ParkPlayground, sports field, walking path, rain gardens, educational signs.
Delia ParkAthletic facilities, playground, splash pad, picnic areas, fishing lake.
Donovan ParkTrails, picnic areas, fishing, boating access, scenic views.
Dodge ParkAthletic facilities, playgrounds, fishing pond, trails, picnic shelters.
Farmstead ParkHeritage cabin, gardens, splash pad, basketball court, community center.
Baumgartner ParkPlayground, sports field, picnic shelters, fishing pond, walking trails.
Nelson ParkSkate park, splash pad, disc golf, walking trails, nature center.
Canal ParkArt installations, playgrounds, woodland trail, boathouse, game areas.

This article will highlight the top 12 public parks found throughout Sterling Heights and detail the features and attractions at each one. Whether you want to spend a lazy afternoon having a picnic, burn off some energy on hiking trails, or let the kids run freely at the playground, you’re sure to find a fantastic open space in Sterling Heights to meet your needs.

As Michigan’s fourth largest city, Sterling Heights prides itself on providing residents with a high quality of life through excellent city services, programming, and public spaces. Parks and recreation facilities are a major priority, with city leaders continuously investing funds into improving and expanding offerings.

The 12 parks listed here represent the major public outdoor spaces managed by Sterling Heights across its sprawling 36+ square miles. Neighborhood parks make up the majority, providing quick getaways for locals to enjoy the outdoors. Several community and regional parks offer more amenities catering to sports, special events, and passive recreation. And natural resource areas with lakes, woods, and preserves invite visitors to connect with nature while bird watching, fishing, hiking and more.

Most parks boast playground equipment to keep the little ones entertained. Sheltered picnic areas invite family & friend gatherings when the weather is nice. And those seeking activity have their pick from walking trails, basketball & tennis courts, baseball & soccer fields, and open green spaces. Several parks also offer access and views of scenic lakes and rivers.

Continue reading to learn more about the top 12 public parks in Sterling Heights ranked from smallest neighborhood parks to the largest community & regional outdoor recreation spaces.

1. BiH Park

Name and Location: BiH Park is located in the city of Campbell, California.

History and Significance: BiH Park opened in the 1990s and was named after the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to commemorate the large population of Bosnian residents in the area.

What to Expect: The park features picnic tables, barbeque pits, a playground, grass field, basketball court, and walking path circling the perimeter. Community events are often held here.

Visitor Information: BiH Park is open daily from dawn until dusk. There are no admission fees. On-street parking is available near the park.

The smallest green space on our list, BiH Park spans just 0.16 acres in a residential area off 18 1/2 Mile Road. Named after Bosnia and Herzegovina where many nearby residents emigrated from, the park pays homage to the eastern European nation.

While certainly tiny in size, BiH Park packs a lot into its modest footprint. Its main draw is the playground equipment including swings, slides, and more to keep the neighborhood kids entertained. Picnic tables and benches provide seating in the shade for supervising adults. And several monuments, memorials, and flags representing Bosnia and Herzegovina make this tiny park more than just a place to play. Annual cultural celebrations also take place here.

So if you’re looking to relax or let the kids burn some energy, this pocket park offers a nice spot right in the neighborhood to take a quick break.

2. Blair Park

Name and Location: Blair Park is located in Campbell, California close to the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

History and Significance: Dating back to the 1950s, Blair Park is one of the oldest parks in Campbell. It provides green space and recreation in the neighborhood.

What to Expect: Facilities include picnic areas, tennis courts, a basketball court, children’s playground, lawn bowling green, restrooms, and open grass areas.

Visitor Information: Blair Park is open daily from 8am to dusk for day use. No reservations or admission fees are required. On-street parking available.

The next smallest park at just 0.33 acres, Blair Park offers a bit more green space and amenities beyond its playground equipment to entertain visiting families. Located off 15 Mile Road, vibrant flower beds sprinkle bursts of color around the park’s perimeter in season. Gazebos provide shade for picnicking and gathering. Open grassy areas allow room for games, sports, and free play. And surrounding neighborhoods make it an easy spot for locals to enjoy.

As a Sterling Heights neighborhood park, Blair Park offers a nice spot right in the local community to connect with neighbors while getting fresh air and enjoying the outdoors.

3. Beaudette Park

Name and Location: Beaudette Park is a small neighborhood park in Campbell, California.

History and Significance: Named after a former Campbell mayor, Beaudette Park was established in the 1960s. It provides open space and amenities to the local residents.

What to Expect: The park features picnic benches, a playground, open lawn, basketball half court, and walking paths connecting to the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Visitor Information: Beaudette Park is open daily from 8am to dusk for casual use. No reservations or fees required. Street parking is available near the park.

Spanning 2.5 acres just west of Dodge Park Road, Beaudette Park is the first midsize neighborhood park on our list. A popular spot for youth sports leagues like t-ball, the park sees lots of local families and kids practicing, playing games, and holding events at its athletic fields and courts.

When not scheduled for games and practices, community members enjoy the playground, walking path, picnic shelter, and open spaces at Beaudette Park too. Leashed dogs are also welcome in certain areas, making this a nice spot to take your pup on strolls around the community. Special events and gatherings can reserve the covered picnic shelter along the back of the property when available.

With its sports facilities, playground, and walking trail, Beaudette Park invites both active recreation and leisurely reflection among nature just off the neighborhood streets.

4. Fairfield Park

Name and Location: Fairfield Park is located in Campbell, California near the intersection of Fairfield Avenue and Winchester Boulevard.

History and Significance: Developed in the 1990s, Fairfield Park provides open space and recreation opportunities for residents in its neighborhood.

What to Expect: Amenities include picnic tables, a children’s playground, basketball half court, lawn area, and walking paths. The adjacent community center offers classes and events.

Visitor Information: Fairfield Park is open daily from 8am to dusk for casual use. No fees or reservations needed. Street parking available nearby.

Offering Sterling Heights locals 4.5 acres of recreation opportunities in the eastern part of the city, Fairfield Park mainly serves the surrounding neighborhoods with its playground equipment and sports facilities. Residents flock here to let kids roam the playscape, join pickup games at the basketball court, or watch their young athletes practice on the ball field.

The covered pavilion provides welcome shade and space for gathering during league games, family picnics, and community events. Carefully manicured gardens, flower beds, and landscape architecture make Fairfield Park an attractive neighborhood spot to relax and enjoy some fresh air. And its restroom building ensures convenience for longer visits.

If you live nearby or just want to discover a new community park, Fairfield invites visitors of all ages to stay active or simply embrace some leisure time immersed in nature.

5. Hamilton Park

Name and Location: Hamilton Park is located in Campbell, California between Cypress Avenue, James Avenue, and Central Avenue.

History and Significance: Named for one of Campbell’s pioneering families, Hamilton Park has served residents since the 1960s providing outdoor space for sports and gatherings.

What to Expect: The park contains lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, a softball field, children’s play area, picnic tables, and open grassy areas.

Visitor Information: Hamilton Park is open daily from 8am to dusk for daytime use. No entry fees or reservations needed. Street parking available.

Covering over 5 acres just north of Metro Parkway, Hamilton Park offers one of the larger neighborhood green spaces in Sterling Heights. In addition to standard park fixtures like playgrounds and ball fields, Hamilton also features an expansions walking path spanning nearly half a mile as it winds around the perimeter and through peaceful natural areas.

Gently sloping hills scattered with mature shade trees make the trek around Hamilton Park even more inviting. And educational signage teaches visitors about the different native species of vegetation found throughout the area. The grounds also encompass rain gardens and drainage basins demonstrating storm water management best practices that protect the Clinton River watershed.

With its family-friendly features plus walking path and natural areas, Hamilton Park invites both recreation and ecological learning across its sprawling acres in central Sterling Heights.

6. Delia Park

Name and Location: Delia Park is a neighborhood park located in Campbell, California near the intersection of Delia Avenue and Dunster Drive.

History and Significance: Opened in 1966, this small park provides open space and recreation for area families and residents to enjoy.

What to Expect: Delia Park contains picnic tables, barbeque pits, a children’s playground, open lawn areas, pathways, and trees providing shade. Baseball events occur seasonally.

Visitor Information: The park is open daily from 8am to dusk for daytime use. No entry fees or reservations are required. Street parking available.

As one of Sterling Heights’ beloved community parks, the 12-acre Delia Park bursts with activity year-round. Situated just north of Hall Road (M-59) west of Van Dyke, the park sees visitors flocking for its packed roster of amenities meeting a wide range of ages and interests.

Much of the action centers around Delia Park’s athletic facilities including two softball fields, a full basketball court, and multi-use field space for soccer and football. The playground and splash pad also draw crowds once Michigan’s winter cold gives way to sunshine and warmer weather. Sheltered picnic areas provide space for post-game and holiday gatherings fueled by grilling.

Paved paths encircling picturesque Lake Delia invite peaceful strolls and reflection while a wooden footbridge offers scenic views and photography opportunities. The lake also allows catch-and-release fishing from its banks if you have the permit. Delia Park transforms into a magical scene each December when a drive-thru holiday light display illuminates the grounds.

With its blend of active recreation and natural scenery, Delia Park should top your list when looking for a lively community park filled with things to do.

7. Donovan Park

Name and Location: Donovan Park is located in Campbell, California between W. Donovan Avenue, Harriet Avenue, and Jenkins Avenue.

History and Significance: Developed in the late 1950s, this neighborhood park offers outdoor space and amenities for community use year-round.

What to Expect: Features include a baseball diamond, basketball court, children’s playground, picnic areas with BBQ pits, open lawns, and trees.

Visitor Information: The park is open daily from 8am until dusk for casual daytime recreation. No entry fees or reservations required.

Bordering the eastern shore of scenic Lake St. Clair, Donovan Park treats visitors to pristine natural areas and breathtaking waterside views. As one of the city’s regional parks, the 150-acre site offers biking and hiking trails through meadows, wetlands, and wooded spots prime for wildlife observation.

Miles of trails cater to mountain biking beginners and experts alike with wide smooth paths perfect for leisurely spins to more challenging single-track terrain. In winter months, some paths convert to cross-country ski lanes while fishing remains popular at Lake St. Clair year-round.

Six unique picnic shelters are available to host post-adventure grilling and gatherings small and large. Interpretive signage adds an educational flair teaching trailside ecology and history. Boaters take advantage of public launches accessing Lake St. Clair near the park’s main entrance drive. Whether hiking, biking, fishing, or picnicing, Donovan Park welcomes outdoor enthusiasts to tap into their adventurous side.

8. Dodge Park

Name and Location: Dodge Park is located in Campbell, California between Dodge Avenue and Gilman Avenue.

History and Significance: Originally orchards, the land was purchased in the 1950s and developed into a park serving neighborhood families and sports teams over the years.

What to Expect: Baseball diamonds, soccer fields, lighted tennis courts, picnic sites with BBQs , a playground, and open grass areas provide diverse recreation.

Visitor Information: The park is open daily from 8am to dusk for community use. No entry fees or reservations needed. Street parking available.

At the heart of Sterling Heights spanning 167 acres, Dodge Park stands as the city’s crown jewel hosting events and recreation of all kinds year-round. Conveniently located at Utica and Dodge Park Roads, the sprawling park bursts with amenities meeting an array of interests.

Athletic facilities take center stage at Dodge Park. Eight softball and baseball diamonds set the backdrop for youth to pro league tournament play and championships of all levels. Batting cages allow teams and individuals to sharpen swing mechanics. Over 16 tennis courts offer beginner to advanced competition and practice space. And two playground structures entertain younger kids not yet field-ready.

Peaceful spots welcome quieter activities too. A small fishing pond filled from the Clinton River and serene walking bridge invites anglers and reflection. Paved walking and biking paths tempt you to explore Dodge Park’s interior field spaces and perimeter for over 2 miles roundtrip. Interpretive ecology stations describe natural habitats found throughout the park. Visitors also enjoy grilling daily at one of Dodge Park’s six covered picnic shelters available to reserve for special occasions and gatherings.

For your next softball tournament, family picnic, bike ride or just some idyllic relaxation, make Dodge Park your first pick given its seemingly endless recreation options.

9. Farmstead Park

Name and Location: Farmstead Park is located along W. Campbell Avenue in Campbell, California.

History and Significance: Developed in the 1990s, Farmstead Park offers recreation opportunities and commemorates the agricultural history of the site dating back to the early 20th century.

What to Expect: Features include a farm play structure for kids, picnic tables, seating areas, volleyball court, open lawn space, and interpretive agricultural displays.

Visitor Information: Open from 8am to dusk for daytime use. No entrance fees or reservations are required. Limited on-site parking.

Nestled at the intersection of 18 Mile and Schoenherr Roads, quaint yet lively Farmstead Park celebrates Sterling Heights’ history as a bountiful farming community during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Visitors step back in time while enjoying modern amenities across the park’s 6 acres reminiscent of its past agricultural glory.

At the Heritage Log Cabin originally built in 1845 to house farmers, families participate in hands-on activities like corn grinding and butter churning. Community gardens invite volunteer gardeners and serve as outdoor classrooms for learning traditional growing techniques used on farms of yesteryear. Interpretive signs describe crops that fed early homesteads.

Yet Farmstead Park features plenty of modern entertainment too. Its playground, splash pad, and basketball court see lively activity during balmy months. Paved walking paths encourage exercise amid nature. And the Community Center found here provides space for senior activities plus indoor recreation when weather turns cold and wet.

Blending agriculture education and good old-fashioned fun, Farmstead Park offers a unique perspective on Sterling Heights’ history while creating fresh experiences families look forward to year after year.

10. Baumgartner Park

Name and Location: Baumgartner Park is located in Campbell, California along Baumgartner Way just south of Westmont High School.

History and Significance: Previously orchards, Baumgartner Park was established in the 1960s providing open green space and youth recreation facilities for the area.

What to Expect: The park contains little league baseball diamonds, a soccer field, basketball court, picnic tables, children’s playground, and open grassy areas.

Visitor Information: Open daily from 8am to dusk for daytime use. No entry fees or reservations required. Some street parking available.

Encompassing over 30 acres just south of Metro Parkway, Baumgartner Park welcomes families, friends, leagues, and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages to tap into recreation fun or scenic relaxation. Its something-for-everyone roster features a beloved playground, athletic fields, walking trails, fishing pond, and open green space ready to explore.

After letting kids roam the expansive wooden playground, stretch your legs hiking and biking along Baumgartner’s paved perimeter path circling tranquil ponds filled by the Floodplain Branch tributary. Cast a fishing line if inspiration strikes while enjoying the peaceful waterfront views. Have a picnic lunch or host the whole team at one of the park’s reserved shelters after baseball practice wraps up on the diamond field.

With playgrounds and trails to roaming ponds and picnic grounds, Baumgartner Park invites both neighborhood locals and visitors from across Sterling Heights to make community connections while tapping into recreation fun.

11. Nelson Park

Name and Location: Nelson Park is located in downtown Campbell at the intersection of 3rd Street and Campbell Avenue.

History and Significance: Nelson Park has been a gathering place in Campbell’s downtown area since the late 1800s for events and activities.

What to Expect: Visitors will find open lawn areas, benches and other seating, a veterans memorial, fountain, historical plaques and heritage trees, and a seasonal ice rink.

Visitor Information: The park is always open for passive recreation. Some parking available along downtown streets.

Situated downtown along the Clinton River, Nelson Park bears distinction as Sterling Heights’ first park transforming the natural floodplain once prone to soil erosion into a community gem with active recreation for all ages. Its scenic riverside location spanning over 60 acres places you close to nature while enjoying lively amenities.

Popular attractions include Nelson Park’s skate park, splash pad, disc golf course, playgrounds and outdoor fitness stations surrounding scenic walking paths that loop visitors throughout its sprawling acreage and river frontage. Interpretive signage describes the native vegetation and wildlife drawn to this vibrant habitat.

The Clinton River watershed and lakeside ecosystems also take the spotlight at the park’s Nature Center. Inside you’ll discover fish tanks, reptile & bird exhibits, interactive ecology displays and schedules of regular programs like fishing lessons, insect safaris, birding hikes and more. Rent the facility to host education field trips or private gatherings.

With lively recreation plus indoor nature education, Nelson Park connects people of all ages to Sterling Heights’ wilder side where green space and blue waters nourish the body, mind and spirit.

12. Canal Park

Name and Location: Canal Park is located in Campbell, California along Camden Avenue adjacent to Los Gatos Creek.

History and Significance: Created in the 1990s, the park borders a water channel along Los Gatos Creek providing open space and recreation opportunities in the area.

What to Expect: Visitors will find picnic tables, walking paths, scenic creek views, and an off-leash dog area. The park connects to the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Visitor Information: Open daily from 8am to 30 minutes after sunset for daytime use. No entry fees or reservations needed. Some street parking nearby.

Sterling Heights’ newest addition to its sterling park portfolio only opened in 2021 yet has quickly become a favorite community spot. Canal Park’s location provides a central meeting spot downtown along the Clinton River Trail near lush Dodge Park Golf Course.

Its most iconic attraction is the artwork sculpture canopy suspended over the park centerpiece gathering plaza paved in an abstract map outline of Michigan. Picnic tables and benches scattered about encourage you to linger around the interactive sculpture while kids explore twin playgrounds linked by unique zip lines.

A serene woodland trail leads you over a scenic footbridge crossing the canal that connects to an island and peaceful pathways ripe for leafy strolls. Rent kayaks and canoes from the Boathouse to paddle the canal when waters flow. Back on shore, game areas invite bocce ball, cornhole, chess and even fitness challenges.

Blend art appreciation, activity and natural beauty during relaxing yet lively visits to Canal Park qualquer hora do ano.


Families and outdoor lovers will not run out of fantastic parks to explore across Sterling Heights’ 36+ miles. Neighbourhood playgrounds give kids room right in the community to play freely. Large community parks invite sports practice and league games with amenities for all interests to enjoy. Regional sites place you amid nature with miles of trails, fishing access and waterside scenery.

So whether you prefer active recreation or leisurely relaxation, Sterling Heights offers every lifestyle dynamic public parks with sublime settings. The 12 outlined in this article represent the major facilities you’ll want to put on your must-visit list. Their diversity also ensures your family has options across the city as kiddos grow and interests evolve over the years.

As Michigan’s fourth largest city, Sterling Heights goes the extra mile so locals of all ages access vibrant public spaces that strengthen bonds while encouraging healthy fun. Check out these parks firsthand to discover why so many area families choose Sterling Heights as an ideal community they’re proud to call home.

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