12 Parks in Maple Grove, Minnesota

Maple Grove, Minnesota is a thriving suburb located just northwest of Minneapolis. Known for its natural beauty, excellent schools, and family-friendly amenities, Maple Grove offers residents a high quality of life. One of the top attractions drawing families to Maple Grove are its many beautiful parks. With over 40 parks encompassing more than 2,800 acres of land, Maple Grove has an abundance of outdoor recreation readily available.

The parks in Maple Grove provide the perfect setting for sports, fitness, relaxation, and family gatherings. From picturesque walking and biking trails to sports fields, playgrounds, unique attractions, and stunning nature centers, Maple Grove’s diverse parks have something for everyone. Outdoor enthusiasts can mountain bike, cross-country ski, play disc golf, participate in an adventure race and more without ever leaving the city.

Families with children flock to the creative playgrounds and splash pads to spend a fun-filled day. And those looking for a peaceful retreat from city life will find it along the banks of Rush Creek or strolling through the woods of Weaver Lake Park. Maple Grove’s city parks offer entertainment, exercise, and education through specialized recreation centers, community programs, entertainment venues, and reservable picnic shelters and event spaces as well.

In this article, we will highlight 12 fantastic parks that showcase the natural landscapes and amenities that make Maple Grove one of the most desirable suburbs in Minnesota.

1.Fernbrook Park

Nestled alongside Fernbrook Lane North, Fernbrook Park spans 65 acres of beautiful conserved prairieland. Naturalists and outdoor explorers will delight in navigating the park’s 2.3 miles of winding trails through grassy meadows, deciduous woods, wetland areas, and prairie. An interpretive guide is available detailing the unique plants and wildlife that call Fernbrook home.

Of special note is Fernbrook Park’s tallgrass prairie featuring little bluestem and big bluestem along with purple prairie clover and grayhead coneflower. The park’s trails traverse through this grassland, offering visitors the chance to admire prairie flowers and grasses. Wet prairie regions containing sedges and cattails also dot the landscape. In addition to prairie species, the trails meander through oak woodlands allowing opportunities to spot deer, songbirds, butterflies, and even wild turkeys.

With diverse natural scenery, an abundance of wildlife viewing spots, interpretive information for self-guided learning, and conveniently located near the Fernbrook Lane Recreation Center, Fernbrook Park has something for nature lovers of all ages. It provides the perfect introduction for children and adults alike to explore Minnesota’s treasured prairie landscapes right in their own backyard.

2.Weaver Lake Park

Surrounding the banks of Weaver Lake lies Weaver Lake Park, a gorgeous 124-acre park characterized by woodlands, wetlands, and beautiful lake views. Families and outdoor enthusiasts flock to Weaver Lake Park to hike and bike over 5 miles of trail, canoe and kayak on the lake, picnic in the reservable shelters, play on the playground and beach, and participate in educational programming at the Nature Center.

Weaver Lake Park’s figure eight walking path encircles Weaver Lake, treating visitors to placid views across sparkling waters. Benches situated periodically allow hikers to stop and soak up the peaceful atmosphere. The trail also leads past wetland areas, through oak woodlands, and by an outdoor bird viewing station.

The park’s unique Nature Center provides opportunities to learn about Weaver Lake’s flora and fauna through naturalist-led programs, self-guided scavenger hunts, and educational resources. Families will also have fun exploring the Nature Center’s kid-friendly displays including turtle shells, snakeskin, and taxidermy specimens.

With a picturesque setting and numerous amenities, Weaver Lake Park delights visitors seeking both recreation and education.

3.Baker Park

Known as Maple Grove’s flagship park, Baker Park totals 249 sprawling acres housing an abundance of attractions including picturesque nature trails, reservable picnic shelters, baseball and softball fields, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and the showstopping Bryant Lake Regional Park and Golf Course.

Outdoor enthusiasts will relish tackling the park’s 3.2 miles of paved recreation trails winding through prairie, wetland, and woodland environments. Abundant birdlife including chickadees, nuthatches, and even the occasional eagle can be spotted flitting through Baker Park’s oak forests. Keep your eyes peeled for white-tailed deer, ground squirrels, and butterflies as well. Benches are conveniently situated allowing hikers to take breaks to enjoy the tranquil scenery and dappled sunlight filtering through the trees.

After working up an appetite exploring Baker Park’s idyllic trails, take advantage of one of the park’s four covered picnic shelters available to reserve for family gatherings and celebrations. Shelters provide the perfect spot to barbecue, play lawn games, and relax in the refreshing outdoors.

Sports lovers can reserve one of Baker Park’s eight baseball and softball fields outfitted with dugouts, bleachers, and lighting for evening games. Sand volleyball courts are also onsite to enjoy some friendly competition.

When you need a break from athletics, kids can romp and climb on Baker Central Park’s creative playground built to resemble an enchanted forest. No visit to Baker Park is complete without venturing next door to the highly acclaimed Bryant Lake Regional Park boasting a scenic 18-hole golf course, biking and ski trails, and entertainment at the Landscape Arboretum.

4.Northwest Mirror Lake Park

Located adjacent to Maple Grove Senior High School lies 17.5-acre Northwest Mirror Lake Park. The park’s name pays homage to the mirror lake situated at its center reflecting gorgeous images of the open skies above. Gazebos and benches surround Northwest Mirror Lake offering the perfect vistas to enjoy a leisurely stroll and take in gorgeous water views.

Northwest Mirror Lake is ecologically significant providing critical habitat for birds, turtles, frogs, and more. It is not recommended for recreational activities in order to maintain the lake’s plants and wildlife. Those hoping to boat on the water can venture just southeast of the park to Lake Rebecca Park Reserve instead.

In addition to its scenic lake, Northwest Mirror Lake Park contains a playground and open lawn areas fit for games of tag, frisbee, or tossing around a ball. A .6-mile bituminous trail loops around Northwest Mirror Lake through prairie and wet meadow environments. It also connects to nearby parks and neighborhood paths for extended adventures. Interpretive signage teaches visitors about the wildlife, plant species, and ecological systems that surround the lake as they explore by foot.

Whether you seek somewhere peaceful to read a book lakeside, play an impromptu game of catch with kids, or embark on a naturalist hike to learn about prairie ecology and the lake ecosystem, Northwest Mirror Lake Park welcomes you to slow down and soak up its special slice of nature in the heart of Maple Grove.

5.Central Park

The aptly named Central Park provides a centrally located hub for recreation and community events in Maple Grove. Spanning almost 50 acres, Central Park packs seemingly endless amenities into its grounds including lighted hockey and tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, playground equipment with splash pad, walking paths, reservable picnic shelters, and the showstopping Maple Grove Community Center.

With indoor and outdoor pools, gymnasiums, fitness studios, an indoor track, sports courts, and multipurpose rooms there is no shortage of ways to stay active within Maple Grove’s impressive Community Center. Special events and educational programs also take place year-round providing entertainment for all interests and ages.

Outside the Community Center walls, Central Park visitors can play pick-up games on the hockey rinks and tennis courts or reserve them for league sports. Two reservable picnic shelters allow for hosting birthday parties, family reunions, and more in the open air outskirts of the Community Center. Kids are sure to enjoy burning off energy climbing the sprawling playground whose centerpiece is a fun splash pad to cool off when Minnesota’s summer heat hits.

Baseball and soccer fields flank the playground providing plenty of room to run free or kick around a ball. looping walking paths meander through Central Park’s prairie grassland allowing visitors to soak up some vitamin D and appreciate the park’s natural landscapes as well. Truly the heart of Maple Grove recreation, Central Park with its Community Center has all the amenities one could dream up for an active lifestyle under the open skies.

6.Arbor Lakes Park

Boasting Maple Grove’s largest trail network spanning over 5 miles in length, Arbor Lakes Park is a true gem for walkers, runners, bikers, and skiers. The park encompasses approximately 50 acres characterized by wooded groves, wetland pockets, and rolling open prairie. A scenic portion of Rush Creek also flows through the property.

Arbor Lakes Park’s defining feature is undoubtably its extensive trail system perfect for hiking, running, biking, or cross-country skiing depending on the season. Branching off from a central trailhead, cratered loops of beginner, intermediate and advanced mountain bike trails cater to riders of all skill levels. Trail runners will relish the peaceful, secluded single-track paths winding through forests and across wooden footbridges over wetlands. And those looking for more leisurely treks can stroll the paved Rush Creek Regional Trail stretching across various Maple Grove parks.

In addition to its top-notch trails, Arbor Lakes Park contains open space lawn perfect for games of soccer, football, frisbee and more. Kids are sure to enjoy the playground and reservable shelters make Arbor Lakes an ideal spot to host summer picnics or gatherings. Given its location near busy roadways, Arbor Lakes Park feels like a retreat where visitors can immerse themselves in nature and leave city life behind if only for a short while.

7.George Watch Park

Resting on a quiet residential street, George Watch Park packs impressive amenities into its compact 5.6 acres. Sporting two baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, playground equipment, and trails, the park has plenty to keep kids active and engaged. Trees, gardens, and benches line the park’s perimeter providing shade and beauty for visitors along with opportunities for quiet contemplation.

George Watch Park’s baseball/softball fields accommodate pickup games or scheduled leagues. Bleachers flanking the field allow fans and families to cheer on the players. After you’ve had your fill of America’s favorite pastime, spend some time shooting hoops on the basketball courts or mastering tricks on the skate park equipment. Children can burn energy climbing, sliding, and swinging on the playground whose design centers around bold primary colors and geometric shapes sure to ignite young imaginations.

When you’re ready for a breather, rest on one of the many park benches tucked under soaring oaks. Lush perennial beds bordering the park foster natural beauty and provide critical habitat for pollinators. Songbirds flit through the trees as squirrels scamper across the open lawn. You may forget you’re nestled into a Maple Grove neighborhood and not one of the city’s sprawling nature parks thanks to George Watch’s thoughtful integration of built recreation amenities and natural landscapes.

8.Edgewater Gardens Park

Designed specifically for Maple Grove seniors, Edgewater Gardens Park provides a charming setting tailored perfectly for older adults to gather, socialize, and stay active. Encompassing a cozy 3.9 acres on the shores of Lake Edgewater, the park contains scenic walking paths, raised garden beds, and a picturesque picnic shelter amidst rolling open space and tranquil lake views.

Visitors can stretch their legs on Edgewater Gardens Park’s paved walking paths weaving through prairie grassland and lakeshore vegetation. Interpretive signs identify native plants and highlight interesting nature facts that seniors – or grandchildren visiting the park with them – may find fascinating. The park walk culminates in Lake Edgewater itself. Visitors that venture close to the shore may spot turtles sunning themselves on protruding logs or waterfowl nesting in protected coves.

Eight waist-high raised garden beds allow seniors with limited mobility to enjoy gardening while seated or standing. Colorful annuals and perennials flourish in these specialized beds thanks to a local gardening club who maintains them. Master Gardeners lead informal programming in the garden as well teaching seniors gardening tips and bringing the beds to their full potential.

The park’s covered picnic shelter provides the perfect spot for reunions, club meetings, or packing lunches to enjoy al fresco. Or visitors can simply stop by to play cards, chess, or checkers at the shelter’s game tables. With its peaceful atmosphere, opportunities to garden and learn, furnishings tailored for seniors, and scenic lakeside trails, Edgewater Gardens Park fosters community while allowing Maple Grove’s older residents to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of the great outdoors.

9.Maple Grove Central Park West

As its name indicates, Maple Grove Central Park West shares a border with the main Central Park and Community Center complex. Encompassing 93 acres, Maple Grove Central Park West essentially stands as an extension of Central Park doubling accessible amenities including trails, picnic areas, reservable shelters, arts and entertainment, sports facilities, and more.

A notable highlight of Maple Grove Central Park West is the 1.3 mile segment of the Rush Creek Regional Trail it harbors. This paved path stretches over 9 miles connecting various Maple Grove parks and facilities when completed. Within Central Park West, the trail borders wetlands, prairie areas, and the park’s eastern forest allowing users to spot birds, butterflies, and other wildlife along their route.

The parkland itself features gentle rolling hills blanketed in native prairie grasses and wildflowers. Two covered picnic shelters are available to reserve for special events like graduations, showers or family reunions. The park also contains an open-air Arbor Amphitheater able to accommodate 300 people for concerts, performances, or cultural gatherings beneath the trees. An adjacent event lawn offers space for even larger events.

On the recreation front, Maple Grove Central Park West offers lighted tennis courts, soccer fields, a hockey rink, and Veterans Memorial Garden honoring the region’s military members. Trail connections to Central Park provide easy access to the indoor pool, waterslides, gymnasiums, cardio equipment and programming available at the Community Center as well. With gorgeous natural acreage, shelters, arts and cultural amenities, sports facilities and more, Maple Grove Central Park West works in tandem with Central Park proper to create an unparalleled hub for recreation, social gatherings, and community events.

10.The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes Park

Nestled into the bustling Arbor Lakes retail development lies a 4-acre oasis known as The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes Park. The park delivers a slice of nature to weary shoppers featuring prairie hiking trails, a marsh boardwalk, and even an outdoor amphitheater hosting regular warm-weather concerts and performances.

The highlight of The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes Park is its elevated boardwalk circling through the wetland marsh area. Signage posted along the route details the critical ecosystem services this protected wetland provides. Might you spot bulrushes, cattails, red winged black birds, painted turtles, or blue heron as you traverse the wooden walkway above the marsh?

Complementing the marsh boardwalk, a native prairie habitat planting encompasses much of the park. The prairie contains little bluestem, big bluestem, and switch grasses along with black-eyed susans, bee balm, and purple coneflowers providing bursts of color and critical food sources for pollinators. A mulched walking path allows visitors to meander through the prairie vegetation while taking in its beauty.

For shoppers laden with bags, weary travelers, or families simply wanting a moment’s reprieve, the park’s benches offer the perfect spot to stop and relax amidst nature. On weekends during the summer concert series, visitors can spread out blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy local bands performing live music. The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes Park delivers a refreshing dose of nature and entertainment to reinforce that even among retail stores and parking lots, beautiful green spaces have their place.

11.The Willows of Rush Creek

The Willows of Rush Creek Park spans just 5 acres but provides a unique amenity for the city: an off-leash dog park. Located adjacent to Rush Creek, the “Willows” offers a fenced 4-acre space for dogs to roam free and dog owners to gather within a picturesque natural setting.

A creekside trail allows pet owners to take leisurely strolls along Rush Creek with dogs by their sides. Inside the fenced area, pets can run full speed ahead, splash through the creek, play chase, and socialize to their hearts’ content. Separate areas accommodate large and small dogs to maintain safety. Strategically placed waste stations with baggies remind pet owners to clean up after their four-legged friends.

Picnic tables and benches spread throughout provide perfect perches for pet owners to oversee play time. Shade trees clustered around seating areas allow visitors to stay cool on hot summer days. The park allows dogs off leash from April 1 through November 1 each year to accommodate warm weather play.

The Willows of Rush Creek Park stands as the only Maple Grove park catering specifically to off-leash dog recreation. For suburban pet owners without access to large yards at home, The Willows provides a safe, designated environment for dogs to exercise both mind and body while socializing with other furry friends. It’s an amenity pet parents and pups alike benefit from and enjoy immensely.

12.Terrace Park

Nestled along Elm Creek lies Terrace Park, whose 17 acres offer access to bike trails, hike-ski trails, children’s programming, picnic shelters, and the adjacent Maple Grove Nature Center. Situated atop wooded bluffs overlooking Elm Creek, Terrace Park’s elevation provides gorgeous vistas without extensive hiking. Visitors delight in admiring views across sparkling creek waters below.

Nature enthusiasts of all ages partake in regular environmental education programming at the Maple Grove Nature Center held within Terrace Park’s grounds. Special events like Prairie Day educate residents on land conservation and native ecosystems while celebrations like Maple Grove Days foster community.

Miles of paved walkways cater perfectly to bikers or rollerbladers while mowed grass trails accommodate runners and hikers. Once snow blankets the landscape cross-country ski tracks crisscross the grounds allowing winter enthusiasts to enjoy the park year-round.

Three covered picnic shelters spread throughout Terrace Park welcome guests to stop and enjoy snacks al fresco or host family gatherings safe from unpredictable Minnesota weather. The park also offers convenient access to nearby amenities like the Maple Grove Recreation Center, Community Center, and Central Park. Wedged between vibrant city life.


Maple Grove’s parks offer a vast range of outdoor recreation, nature encounters, entertainment, community amenities, and quiet open spaces there is truly something for everyone. From whole morning adventures mountain biking at Arbor Lakes Park to leisurely strolls along Edgewater Gardens Lake, Maple Grove invites you to explore the many sides of nature at its sparkling gems of parks.

Area families will appreciate the city’s playgrounds, sports facilities, reservable shelters, pools, performing arts venues. Outdoor enthusiasts can paddle area lakes, ski woodland trails, hike prairie paths, climb adventures courses. And nature lovers will delight in abundant birdlife and native ecosystems protected at sites like Fernbrook Park’s tallgrass prairie. Whether you live or play in Maple Grove, taking time to experience the city’s cherished parks provides fun, exercise, relaxation, and vital connections to the natural world around us.

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