Top 12 Parks in Irvine

Irvine is a vibrant city in Orange County, California that is home to over 280,000 residents. This master-planned community boasts top rankings for safety, education, jobs and more. Beyond its pristine neighborhoods and bustling business centers, Irvine offers over 16,000 acres of parks and open space.

Park NameKey Features
William R. Mason Regional Park207 acres, lake, walking trails, sports courts, playgrounds, dog parks
Jeffrey Open Space TrailNearly 4-mile loop trail, nature scenery, connects to other trails
Northwood Community Park58 acres, sports courts, playground, picnic areas, scenic ponds
Irvine Ranch Historic ParkHistoric structures, museum, educational programs, picnic sites
Jeffrey Trail2.2 miles paved trail, suitable for walking, jogging, cycling
Peters Canyon Regional Park352 acres, trails, reservoirs, birdwatching, recreational activities
Quail Hill Community Park44 acres, playground, splash pad, sports courts, picnic shelters
Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial ParkMilitary memorial, athletic fields, playgrounds, skatepark
Los Olivos Community ParkLakes, waterfalls, sports courts, playgrounds, picnic areas
Orange County Great ParkEmerging large park, various attractions including a balloon ride
Deerfield Community Park44 acres, wildlife lake, jogging path, playgrounds, sports courts
University Community Park110 acres, sports facilities, historic barns, scenic ponds
Citrus Glen ParkPlaygrounds, sports courts, amphitheater, summer concerts

There are dozens of beautiful parks to explore across the city, featuring amenities like playgrounds, sports fields, walking trails, skate parks, dog parks and scenic lakes. The mild Southern California climate means Irvine parks can be enjoyed year-round.

Whether you’re a family looking for a new weekend destination, an athlete searching for fields to play on, or just want to find a peaceful natural escape, Irvine has an amazing park waiting for you. To help you discover the best parks this city has to offer, here is a guide to the top 12 parks in Irvine.

William R. Mason Regional Park

Name and Location: William R. Mason Regional Park is located at 18712 University Dr, Irvine, CA 92612.

History and Significance: This 206-acre park features historic structures from the Irvine Ranch era including the Starr Barn.

What to Expect: Visitors enjoy picnics, hiking trails, sports fields, playgrounds, and visiting the historic ranch buildings.

Visitor Information: Open daily 7am-10pm. Free admission and parking. Dogs allowed on leashes.

One of the most popular parks in Irvine is the sprawling William R. Mason Regional Park. This 207-acre park has amenities and activities to keep the whole family entertained. The centerpiece of the park is a 12-acre lake where visitors can go fishing or walk along the water’s edge on the 1.2 mile walking trail encircling it.

For sports and games there are lighted tennis courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields and softball diamonds. The park also features playgrounds, barbecues, picnic shelters and a concession stand. Other amenities include a roller hockey rink, skatepark and two off-leash dog parks separated for large and small breeds.

Special events are frequently held at the park, such as outdoor concerts, holiday celebrations and sporting tournaments. Whether you come for the fishing, fields, playground or programs, William R. Mason Regional Park has something for everyone.

Jeffrey Open Space Trail

Name and Location: The Jeffrey Open Space Trail is located in the Jeffrey Open Space Reserve in Irvine.

History and Significance: This trail goes through a scenic wildlife corridor and one of the last remaining oak woodlands in Irvine.

What to Expect: Hikers can walk the 2.3 mile loop trail among oak and sycamore trees and enjoy scenic valley views from atop the hills.

Visitor Information: Trailhead at Walnut Ave & University Dr. No fees or permits required. Leashed dogs allowed.

For those looking to immerse themselves in nature, the Jeffrey Open Space Trail is a hidden gem. This nearly 4-mile loop trail takes you through a scenic canyon filled with a variety of trees, shrubs, wildflowers and wildlife. It’s one of the few trails in Irvine to feature elevation changes as you make your way in and out of the canyon.

The trail is open to hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. It connects to the Irvine Ranch Conservancy’s nearby Limestone Canyon and Fremont Canyon Trails, allowing you to create a longer route through protected wildlands. While traveling Jeffrey Open Space Trail, keep your eyes peeled for native creatures like rabbits, coyotes, bobcats, deer, hawks, hummingbirds and more.

Northwood Community Park

Name and Location: Northwood Community Park is located at 4531 Bryan Avenue, Irvine, CA 92620.

History and Significance: One of Irvine’s many green neighborhood parks, Northwood Park offers recreational amenities.

What to Expect: Visitors enjoy the playground, hiking trail, sports fields, basketball and tennis courts located in this peaceful community park.

Visitor Information: Open daily from 5am-10pm. No entrance fees. Free on-site parking lot.

The most expansive park in Irvine at 58 acres, Northwood Community Park has something for all ages and interests. There are eight tennis courts, five volleyball courts, two basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields, as well as one of the biggest playgrounds in the city. The playground features a towering fort with slides, bridges, tunnels, ladders and more.

For picnicking there are dozens of tables and barbecues scattered throughout the park. You can also reserve one of the covered group picnic shelters for parties or events. Northwood has scenic ponds, charming bridges and a network of walking paths winding through gardens and shady groves of trees. Night owls will appreciate the lighted tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer facilities available until 10pm.

Irvine Ranch Historic Park

Name and Location: Irvine Ranch Historic Park is located at 13042 Old Myford Rd, Irvine, CA 92606.

History and Significance: This park preserves the agricultural heritage of Irvine Ranch with historic structures visitors can tour.

What to Expect: Guests can see the visitor center museum, historic houses, barns, and sheds. Walking tour maps provided.

Visitor Information: Open Thurs-Sun 12-4pm. Free admission and parking. Tours available.

Step back in time with a visit to Irvine Ranch Historic Park. This park preserves structures and landscapes reflective of Orange County’s ranching and agricultural heritage. The historic Vickers Ranch House, built in 1878, has been restored into a museum with rotating exhibits and educational programs. Guests can tour the interior of the Victorian farmhouse or visit the surrounding grounds and barns.

Just down the road lies Rancho San Joaquin, a living history farm modeled after an 1840s Mexican rancho. Costumed docents bring the rancho era to life by demonstrating blacksmithing, carpentry, candlemaking, livestock care and more. The park also has picnic sites, nature trails, a campground and fishing pond for modern-day guests to enjoy. By exploring Irvine Ranch Historic Park, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the rich history of Irvine and Orange County.

Jeffrey Trail

Name and Location: Jeffrey Trail is located in the Jeffrey Open Space Reserve in Irvine.

History and Significance: Part of Irvine’s recreational trail system, this 6.2 mile loop circles the hills of the scenic Jeffrey reserve.

What to Expect: Hikers, runners, and mountain bikers enjoy outstanding views from this intermediate trail with some steep sections.

Visitor Information: No fees or permits required. Dogs allowed on leashes. Parking off Walnut Ave near trailhead.

Named after aerospace engineer and Irvine resident Jeffrey A. Trail, this paved multi-use trail is popular with walkers, joggers, cyclists and skaters looking to get some miles in. The trail stretches 2.2 miles between Irvine Boulevard and I-5, following a lush linear park flanked by trees. You’ll find many access points to hop on and off the trail as you wind through scenic landscapes.

The trail also connects to a network of other pedestrian and bike routes across Irvine, allowing you to design routes of various distances. As one of the few trails in town completely separated from vehicle traffic, Jeffrey Trail offers a safe place to exercise and commute. Benches along the way provide spots to stop and rest. Whether you use Jeffrey Trail for recreation or transportation, it’s a flat, smooth and relaxing journey.

Peters Canyon Regional Park

Name and Location: Peters Canyon Regional Park is located at 8548 E. Canyon View Ave, Orange, CA 92869.

History and Significance: Encompassing 349 acres, this O.C. park protects valuable riparian habitat along Peters Creek.

What to Expect: Visitors hike trails, go horseback riding, mountain biking, bird watching, and picnicking in the expansive natural park.

Visitor Information: Open daily 7am–sunset. Parking fee $3 weekdays, $5 weekends.

Peters Canyon Regional Park spans 352 acres of rolling hills, reservoirs, meadows and woodlands. The park has two main entrances offering different experiences. The east entrance brings you to 30 acres surrounding Peters Canyon Reservoir. Visitors flock here to stroll the shoreline trail, fish, picnic, birdwatch or participate in the active recreation like soccer and volleyball.

The west entrance leads into an expansive network of multi-use trails winding through native coastal sage scrub habitat. The trails attract hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners and equestrians that traverse over the hills and valley below. No matter which area you choose, Peters Canyon Regional Park lets you immerse yourself in nature just minutes from the city.

Quail Hill Community Park

Name and Location: Quail Hill Community Park is located at 39 Shady Canyon Dr, Irvine, CA 92603.

History and Significance: Set along the scenic San Diego Creek, this park offers recreation in a natural setting.

What to Expect: Visitors take relaxing strolls by the creek, have picnics, and enjoy the children’s playground, basketball and tennis courts.

Visitor Information: Open daily 7am-10pm. No admission fee. Free on-site parking lot.

At 44 acres, Quail Hill Community Park is centrally located for Irvine residents and full of fun for all ages. Families with young children will love the large playground and splash pad area. The playground has all the classics like slides, swings, forts and climbing structures, as well as a roller coaster track ride. When summer temperatures climb, kids can cool off running through spray fountains at the splash pad.

For recreation the park has sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and an extensive trail system. There are also picnic shelters and tables perfect for birthday parties. Special events like concerts, craft fairs and movies in the park regularly take place at Quail Hill. The amenities and programming make this a popular gathering spot for the neighborhood.

Colonel Bill Barber Marine Corps Memorial Park

Name and Location: Col. Bill Barber Park is located at 4 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606.

History and Significance: Named for a WWII veteran, this park offers recreation alongside patriotic memorials.

What to Expect: Guests visit memorials honoring veterans and enjoy amenities like sports fields, skate park, playgrounds, and walking paths.

Visitor Information: Open daily 6am-10pm. Free admission and parking.

This park pays tribute to the life and service of Colonel Bill Barber, a decorated war hero and long-time Irvine resident. The park features a memorial plaza with a bronze statue and wall honoring Colonel Barber, who earned a Medal of Honor for his brave leadership during the Vietnam War. Flags representing each branch of military surround the plaza, which is the site of annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies.

Beyond the memorial, the park has athletic fields, playgrounds, walking paths and a skatepark. Families can come play, exercise and reflect at this unique park named for an American icon. The mixture of memorial site, active recreation and scenic nature provide something for visitors of all interests.

Los Olivos Community Park

Name and Location: Los Olivos Community Park is located at 101 Alfonso, Irvine, CA 92618.

History and Significance: Spanning 50 acres, this park provides diverse recreational facilities for Irvine residents.

What to Expect: Park features include sports fields, tennis and basketball courts, bike trails, a playground, and picnic shelters amid trees and open green space.

Visitor Information: Open daily 5am-10pm. No entrance fee. Free on-site parking.

Los Olivos Community Park may be one of Irvine’s most underrated parks. Its idyllic setting features two lakes connected by a cascading waterfall and bridge. You’ll find plenty of grassy areas perfect for picnics, as well as covered picnic shelters. The park is known for its two championship sand volleyball courts that host competitive tournaments.

There are also basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, tennis courts and playgrounds. An extensive network of sidewalks and trails encircle the lakes, allowing you to get your steps or jog in with water views. With its abundant amenities and iconic lakes and waterfall, Los Olivos Community Park has offerings for everyone in the family.

Orange County Great Park

Name and Location: Orange County Great Park is located at 8000 Great Park Blvd, Irvine, CA 92618.

History and Significance: The Great Park is being developed on the site of the former El Toro Marine Corps base, providing recreation space.

What to Expect: Visitors enjoy a Farm + Food Lab, sports fields, lawn areas, trails, and iconic landmarks like the Great Park Balloon.

Visitor Information: Open daily, hours vary by amenity. Free admission and parking.

Though still a work in progress, the emerging Orange County Great Park is quickly becoming a crown jewel of Irvine. The 1,300 acre park was built on a former military base and when finished will be larger than Central Park and Golden Gate Park. Currently vineyard-lined palm promenaries, performance lawns, observation towers, a carousel, farmers market and large playground spaces have opened.

One of the park’s signature features is the Great Park Balloon. Visitors can ride the tethered helium balloon 400 feet up in the air for panoramic views of Irvine. Sports fields, bike lanes, gardens, trails and museums will continue to be developed in the coming years. Watching the Great Park take shape brings excitement for both current and future generations of Irvine residents.

Deerfield Community Park

Name and Location: Deerfield Community Park is located at 1 Deerfield, Irvine, CA 92606.

History and Significance: As one of Irvine’s first parks, Deerfield Park has provided recreation opportunities since the city was developed.

What to Expect: Visitors enjoy amenities like tennis courts, basketball courts, bike trails, a playground, and open fields perfect for sports or picnics.

Visitor Information: Open daily 5am-10pm. No entrance fee. Free parking lot on-site.

In northeast Irvine lies the scenic Deerfield Community Park. This 44-acre park surrounds a fishing and wildlife lake fed by local streams and storm channels. You’ll find an array of birds as herons, egrets, ducks, geese and more call the lake home. There is a walking path looping 1.3 miles around the lake that is popular with joggers and families.

The park also features playgrounds, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, multipurpose fields and numerous picnic areas. The mix of athletic courts, fields, playgrounds and serene lake views make Deerfield Community Park popular with the local community.

University Community Park

Name and Location: University Community Park is located at 1 Beech Tree Lane, Irvine, CA 92612.

History and Significance: Spanning 147 acres, this park serves residents and UCI students with diverse recreation amenities.

What to Expect: Features include sports fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, walking paths, fishing, archery range, and the Irvine Cottage Arts Gallery.

Visitor Information: Open daily 5am-10pm. Free admission and parking.

As its name implies, University Community Park is conveniently located adjacent to the University of California, Irvine campus. The park spans 110 acres and contains something to engage every age group. Athletic types will enjoy the hockey rink, tennis and racquetball courts, volleyball courts, jogging trail and multipurpose fields. Families can head to the playgrounds, walking paths and picnic shelters.

One unique highlight is a set of historic barns from Irvine’s ranching era that were relocated and restored in the park. There are also scenic ponds, colorful gardens and vast grassy fields where you’ll often see groups exercising, playing and relaxing on sunny days. With its proximity to UCI and range of amenities, University Community Park is a popular gathering spot for campus and Irvine community members.

Citrus Glen Park

Name and Location: Citrus Glen Park is located at 2 Victoria, Irvine, CA 92620.

History and Significance: Named for the citrus groves once located here, this 10-acre park provides diverse recreation.

What to Expect: Amenities include barbecue grills, bike path, playground, picnic shelters, basketball court, and open grass areas perfect for games.

Visitor Information: Open daily 5am-10pm. No entrance fee. Free on-site parking provided.

Last but not least on our list of top Irvine parks is the fun and lively Citrus Glen Park. Known for its elaborate playground, this park has something to delight kids of all ages. The playground features towering forts with slides and ladders, boat-themed structures, log crossings, a rock wall, swings and more. Mini train cars kids can sit in circle around the lot.

Nearby tennis courts, basketball courts, ball fields and skatepark give teens and adults plenty to do as well. The park hosts free concerts in its amphitheater during the summer that attract hundreds. Whether you come for the playgrounds, sports courts, programs or relaxing under a shade tree, Citrus Glen Park is a perfect place to spend a sunny Irvine afternoon.


With over 50 amazing parks, Irvine has options to suit every lifestyle and interest. From untamed natural spaces to manicured urban facilities, you’ll discover beautiful settings to hike, bike, picnic, play sports or just relax.

Top standouts like William R. Mason Park, Northwood Park, Colonel Barber Park and Orange County Great Park have earned their renown. But expanding your exploration into Irvine’s many neighborhood community parks can provide new adventures. Whether you’re focused on amenities, scenery or convenience, you’re sure to find an Irvine park that earns a spot on your must-visit list.

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