12 Parks in Hialeah, Florida (Updated July 2024)

Hialeah is a vibrant city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. With a population of over 233,000, it is one of the largest cities in the state. Hialeah is known for its Cuban influence and culture, with many restaurants, shops, and neighborhoods reflecting this heritage.

Yet beyond the delicious cuisine and lively culture, Hialeah also boasts some truly excellent parks for both residents and visitors to enjoy. From large regional parks to quaint neighborhood greenspaces, Hialeah offers over a dozen parks where people gather for sports, picnics, nature walks, and relaxation.

In this article, we will highlight 12 of the top parks found in Hialeah. We will give an overview of each park, describe their facilities and features, and explain why they deserve a spot on your must-see list when visiting this great city.

Babcock Park

Babcock Park is located in the heart of Hialeah, providing both residents and tourists a beautiful green space to enjoy. Spread over 9.3 acres, Babcock Park has paved pathways, open grassy areas, palm trees, and picnic tables. Visitors often stop to play chess at the tables or throw around a football or frisbee on the lawn.

One unique aspect of Babcock Park is the impressive sculpture by famous Spanish artist Joan Miro entitled “Solar Bird.” This abstract multicolored sculpture adds a distinctive artistic flair to the traditional park setting. Those interested in photography often visit Babcock Park to capture photos of “Solar Bird” with the open lawn and trees in the background.

Overall, Babcock Park offers a nice spot right in the city center to take a stroll, read a book, or just generally relax and enjoy the Miami weather. It’s a small but charming park that both locals and tourists will want to experience when visiting Hialeah.

Goodlet Park

Tucked away in a residential Hialeah neighborhood, Goodlet Park offers a classic community park experience. The intimate four acres feature grassy areas, shady trees, walking paths, and a small playground for children. You’ll often find neighborhood families picnicking on the lawn, friends playing pickup soccer games, and kids climbing on the playground equipment.

Two special highlights of Goodlet Park are the basketball court and baseball diamond. Groups of local kids and teenagers frequently use both spaces to play friendly games of hoops or baseball, especially on weekends. Since parking can be limited on the residential streets, Goodlet Park mostly draws in pedestrians from the surrounding homes rather than outside visitors. Still, it’s a nice spot for a quiet stroll if you happen to be exploring the area by foot.

While small, Goodlet Park plays an important role for community gatherings and youth recreation in northern Hialeah. It’s certainly worth a quick stop if you want to see a classic neighborhood park in action.

Amelia Earhart Park

For those looking to connect with nature without leaving Hialeah city limits, head straight to Amelia Earhart Park. Spanning over 247 acres adjacent to the Opa Locka Airport, Amelia Earhart Park is an oasis of trails, lakes, beaches, and beautiful scenery. It is the largest park within the Hialeah area.

The park gets its name from famous aviator Amelia Earhart, as her ill-fated 1937 flight around the world was intended to conclude at this very site. Beyond the historical significance, visitors to Amelia Earhart Park today enjoy over five miles of nature trails and boardwalks winding through wetlands, mangrove forests, pine rocklands, and tropical hammocks.

Other popular activities include paddling along the narrow Snake Creek canal, fishing for largemouth bass in one of several lakes, or swimming at the designated beach area on Mrazek Pond. Be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife like herons, iguanas, turtles, and butterflies as you explore. With a little luck you may even spot a Florida panther!

Thanks to all this natural beauty and diversity of landscapes, Amelia Earhart Park provides a nice nature escape without requiring a long drive outside of town. It’s easy to spend a whole morning or afternoon getting lost along the scenic trails and waterways within this vast park area.

Eastgate Park

Stretching across a tiny 0.2 acres, Eastgate Park is more of a neighborhood parkette than a full-scale park. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in location and charm. Tucked away right in the heart of downtown Hialeah, Eastgate Park provides a nice spot for a quick break while shopping or touring around the city center.

Mature oak trees tower over the two picnic tables, providing ample shade. An open lawnarea offers space for relaxation or letting kids burn off some extra energy. Given the park’s scale, there aren’t extensive walking paths or sports facilities. Yet it’s a convenient spot to stop for lunch or just enjoy a little nature before continuing your urban exploration.

Since Eastgate Park lies nestled amongst downtown buildings and streets, it doesn’t offer the same seclusion found in larger Hialeah parks. But for visitors and residents already exploring this thriving central district, it’s a convenient oasis right around the corner when you need a breather.

Walter C. Young Park

As one of the most recently opened parks in Hialeah, Walter C. Young Park offers plenty of modern amenities for sports, gatherings, and recreation. Spread across nearly 40 acres just west of the Palmetto Expressway, Walter C. Young provides 5 soccer fields, 4 baseball fields, a skate park, walking trails, an amphitheater space, and a large lake.

The sports fields stay busy year-round hosting leagues and tournaments for kids and adults alike. Families often congregate for birthday parties or picnics using one of several covered pavilions next to the playgrounds. Teens meet up at the skate park to practice their skills and tricks. And joggers take advantage of the lighted walking path circling the park’s perimeter after work each evening.

For a newer facility, Walter C. Young Park is impressively well equipped to handle all these visitors and activities simultaneously. Its central location and abundant parking lots make it very accessible for both Hialeah residents and those visiting from neighboring communities. If you’re looking for a modern, action-packed park option, Walter C. Young is easily one of Hialeah’s top destinations.

Noel P. Brown Park

Formerly known as Flamingo Park, Noel P. Brown Park recently underwent extensive renovations transforming it into a first-class recreational facility for northwest Hialeah. Spanning nearly 20 acres adjacent to John F. Kennedy Middle School, Noel P. Brown Park truly has something for everyone.

Fitness enthusiasts will want to check out the outdoor exercise equipment spread throughout the park. Everything from cross trainers to abdominal crunch sets allow you to mix up a full body workout right on site. The park also includes a standard playground, lighted basketball courts, a baseball field, and open fields useful for soccer or flag football.

One of Noel P. Brown Park’s most unique elements is the detailed stone sculpture garden along the northwest corner. Various animal sculptures like turtles, dolphins, and manatees provide fun photo backdrops. This section also includes chess tables, a butterfly garden, and several shaded pavilions—perfect for a small picnic or family gathering.

Between the modern exercise equipment, sports fields, and sculpture garden, Noel P. Brown offers exciting new amenities unmatched by other Hialeah parks. It’s the perfect spot for an active outing with family and friends any time of year.

Viernes Culturales Plaza

Tracing its roots back over three decades, Viernes Culturales represents the longest running arts festival in all of Miami-Dade County. What began as a small gathering to celebrate Hialeah’s Cuban culture has blossomed into a major monthly event drawing visitors from across South Florida.

Taking place every third Friday evening, Viernes Culturales Plaza serves as the central gathering spot and pop-up entertainment venue for the festivities. Food vendors, musician stages, artist market stalls, and sponsor booths all line the bricked plaza and adjacent sidewalks. Expect to enjoy live salsa music and dance performances while browsing local paintings, jewelry, clothing and crafts for sale.

The liveliest Viernes Culturales nights occur during cool winter months, but crowds still flock during spring and fall events too. Just arrive hungry—because beyond the artistic and cultural displays, it’s the mouthwatering Cuban cuisine that truly steals the show! From crispy empanadas to sweet guava pastries, you’ll want to sample a little bit of everything while soaking up the rich sights and sounds.

Milander Park

Situated along the southern edge of Hialeah lies Milander Park–an expansive recreation facility catering to sports leagues and athlete development. As one of Hialeah’s largest parks at over 47 acres, Milander offers 4 baseball diamonds, 8 tennis courts, 3 racquetball courts, a cricket field, soccer fields, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, BMX track, walking trails, and two large recreation buildings available for rent.

The swimming complex with its Olympic pool and diving area hosts regional competitions, aquatics classes, and Hialeah High School swim team events throughout the year. Aspiring young BMX racers test their skills zooming over jumps and around bermed curves on one of the country’s largest public BMX courses. And for seasoned athletes, the tennis and racquetball facilities allow working on your backhand swing year-round.

With this tremendous diversity of sports amenities all in one location, Milander Park attracts athletes of all ages and skill levels morning to night. It’s an ideal spot to host a company softball tournament, take the kids for swimming lessons, or watch competitive regional track cycling races. Hialeah proudly designed Milander Park for serious sports…and it shows!

Ted Hendricks Park

Boasting over 20 acres just north of Hialeah’s bustling city center sits Ted Hendricks Park. Named after Hialeah Senior High alumnus and NFL Hall of Famer Ted Hendricks, this park offers plenty of facilities for casual play and competitive athletics alike. Visitors enjoy wide open fields, a basketball court, tennis court, baseball diamond, playground, and winding walking path lined by shady oak trees.

Since Ted Hendricks Park lies adjacent to several schools, it often fills with student athletes practicing soccer, football, frisbee, or other field sports after class. Neighborhood residents also gather for weekend picnics under the pavilions or birthday parties at the playground. Thanks to the high school next door, parking availability makes Ted Hendricks easily accessible for larger get-togethers.

While Ted Hendricks Park may seem modest compared to other showy recreation destinations in Hialeah, its balance of sports facilities, gathering spaces, and natural scenery make it a neighborhood gem. There’s always some activity happening at this lively corner of Hialeah for both recreation and social events.

Slade Park

Originally founded in 1974, Slade Park has a rich history and has been an integral part of the Hialeah community for decades. This large 27 acre park features amenities that appeal to visitors of all ages. The outdoor facilities include vast open fields, 2 baseball diamonds, 6 tennis courts, 2 racquetball courts, 2 basketball courts, and 2 playgrounds. The versatile fields allow space for sports like football, soccer, frisbee, or even just running around freely.

Visitors also enjoy Slade Park’s walking trail that winds beneath majestic oak trees and through flowering garden sections. The trail circles a stunning lake filled with ducks, turtles, and exotic fish—providing a nice nature backdrop during your walk. For those looking to cool off, a large swimming pool and splash park is on site during summer months.

Covered pavilions scattered around Slade Park make ideal places for family birthday gatherings or hiding from one of Miami’s pop-up rain showers. There’s also an indoor facility featuring a gymnasium, meeting rooms, and fitness center available to rent for public or private events.

Palm Springs North Park

Similar to the name suggests, Palm Springs North Park spans 65 lush tropical acres along Hialeah’s northern boundary line. Eucalyptus trees, winding palm lined sidewalks, stunning lake vistas, and colorful flowering bushes give Palm Springs North a distinctly resort-like atmosphere. Visitors delight in the tropical ambience, strikingly different than most other local parks.

Recreational facilities include tennis, basketball, racquetball, and sand volleyball courts in addition to baseball diamonds and soccer fields. Walking trails weave throughout, allowing you to spot turtles sunbathing on logs as ducks drift across the shimmering lakes. Covered pavilions offer ideal resting points when needing a snack or rehydration break between activities.

While Palm Springs North includes similar amenities found at other Hialeah parks, its aesthetic tropical landscaping transports you to a Caribbean retreat without ever leaving the city. It’s worth visiting for the quintessential Miami atmosphere if nothing else!

Ernest Graham Park

Tucked away in a quiet Hialeah suburb, Ernest Graham Park offers a classic neighborhood park experience for local families. Spanning just over 5 acres, the park may seem small but packs quite a punch when it comes to amenities. Visitors enjoy two well-equipped playgrounds, a large outdoor fitness zone, basketball courts, a baseball field, and plenty of open space for pick-up games or just running free.

Several covered pavilions provide shade for birthday gatherings or summer barbeques. Benches line the walking paths, offering places to relax beneath soaring palm trees swaying in the breeze. Since Ernest Graham Park sits adjacent to an elementary and middle school, it fills with kids before and after school enjoying recess play. Weekends also draw lively crowds for family time on the playground or teens meeting up for three-on-three basketball.

While Ernest Graham Park often remains “hidden” from those outside the neighborhood, it serves an integral role for community activities. The next time you find yourself in western Hialeah, consider stopping by this charming local park.


As this article illustrates, Hialeah offers an impressive selection of public parks suiting nearly any lifestyle. You’ll find massive sports complexes, charming neighborhood greens, tropical nature preserves, and bustling downtown plazas. Whether you live in Hialeah already or are just planning a visit, be sure to check out some of these top park destinations during your stay.

From noble monuments like Amelia Earhart Park to community gatherings like Viernes Culturales Plaza, Hialeah’s public parks contribute endless opportunities for recreation, culture, and natural beauty across this thriving south Florida region.

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