12 Parks in Hartford, Connecticut (Updated July 2024)

Hartford, Connecticut is home to a wonderful variety of parks and green spaces that provide residents and visitors with ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. From historic city parks to scenic riverfront trails, woodland habitats to community gardens, Hartford’s parks offer something for everyone.

In this article, we will explore 12 fantastic parks located throughout Hartford. For each park, we will discuss its key features, main attractions and things to see and do. Whether you’re a family looking for kid-friendly activities, an outdoor enthusiast hoping to explore nature, or simply want to relax in a beautiful green space, you’ll discover your ideal park in Hartford. Let’s dive in!

Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park is one of Hartford’s most famous and popular parks. Spanning 102 acres, it contains numerous attractions including the Rose Garden, the Pond House café, tennis courts, walking paths and more.

The Rose Garden is the central feature of Elizabeth Park. Established over 100 years ago, it contains over 15,000 rose bushes representing more than 800 varieties. It offers visitors gorgeous formal flowerbeds and perennial gardens arranged around tranquil lily ponds. June and September are peak seasons to view the roses in full colorful bloom. Be sure to stop and smell these beautiful flowers on your visit.

Adjacent to the Rose Garden lies the Pond House café. Originally built as a caretaker’s cottage for the park, today it houses a café that serves breakfast, lunch and snacks with outdoor garden seating available. It’s the perfect pitstop during a long stroll through Elizabeth Park.

For recreation, the park provides lighted tennis courts, walking trails that connect to the Hop River State Park Trail, athletic fields, playgrounds and more. Pack a picnic lunch or arrange a game on one of the many open grassy areas. With so much natural beauty and amenities, it’s easy to spend an entire day enjoying Elizabeth Park.

Bushnell Park

As the oldest publicly funded park in the United States, Bushnell Park holds major historic value for the city of Hartford. The park spans over 50 acres in the heart of downtown, bordered by the State Capitol building and other major attractions.

The park’s main feature is the beautiful carousel. Housed in a distinctive octagonal pavilion, the fully restored carousel contains 48 intricately carved horses and mirrors Bushnell Park’s history. Installed in the early 1970s, thousands of visitors ride the vibrant carousel every year.

In addition to the famous carousel, Bushnell Park provides visitors sprawling green spaces, fountains, sculptures, the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Arch monument and miles of walking paths that connect to the riverfront. Unique events and festivals like the Jazz Festival, Food Truck Festival and concerts frequently take place throughout the year for community enjoyment.

With its central location, historic landmarks and abundant space for gathering, Bushnell Park serves as the “front yard” of Connecticut’s capital city. It welcomes locals and visitors to come explore Hartford’s rich history and culture.

Goodwin Park

Encompassing 261 acres, Goodwin Park stands out as Hartford’s largest municipal park. Bordered by Keney Park andHyland Park, it connects to a greenway of over 1,000 acres of conserved land.

Goodwin Park provides something for all interests. Outdoors enthusiasts will love the 21 tennis courts available at the Tennis Center, miles of woodland hiking and biking trails, and opportunities for pond fishing. Families will enjoy the lakeside picnic groves, scenic paddleboat rentals, newly renovated playground and charming mini golf course.

The heart of Goodwin Park lies in its two ponds, Walbridge and Pine. Spanning over 100 acres combined, these ponds serve as the central hub hosting concerts, events and harboring abundant wildlife like ducks, geese, and even river otters. Walking loops around the ponds reveal peaceful natural beauty awaiting discovery.

With sizeable open space and developed amenities, Goodwin Park welcomes Hartford residents and visitors to come make memories amidst scenic beauty and recreation. It’s both a community gathering place and sanctuary of nature in the city.

Riverside Park

Stretching along the banks of the Connecticut River, Riverside Park provides some of Hartford’s most scenic views. Its amenities cater toward every age and interest.

For kids, Riverside Park houses the oldest public playground in the country. First built in 1900, the Brown’s Seesaw was installed for children to play on and is still operational today. Other playground equipment like swinging bridges, climbing structures, and animal sculptures have been added over time. Families will love taking their little ones to this historic playscape.

Cyclists, runners and walkers will enjoy miles of paved riverwalk trailsconnecting through Riverside Park. These paths extend downstream into East Hartford and upstream towards the Bulkeley Bridge, offering nonstop river views. Fishing platforms, boat docks and open grass make it easy to stop and relax riverside as well.

Riverside Park also hosts frequent cultural events like Summer in the City concerts, cultural festivals and athletic races. With impressive views and dynamic programming, Hartford residents adore this lively riverfront park.

Pope Park

Named after Colonel Albert Pope, founder of Hartford’s bicycle industry, Pope Park serves the Clay-Arsenal neighborhood in Hartford’s north end. Spanning 36 acres, this community park strives to enrich city living through horticulture and education.

The park contains many specialty gardens like the Rose Garden, Rain Garden, Herb Garden, Zen Garden and more. Nature lovers will enjoy strolling through and learning about the diverse plant life. Seasonal bloom times make for ever-changing beauty.

For recreation, Pope Park contains tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, picnic groves, and a brand new splash pad and playground. The Pope Park Recreation Center offers year-round youth programming as well. Special events like concerts, 5K charity races and chess tournaments also occur periodically.

Whether you live nearby or are simply exploring Hartford’s parks, Pope Park provides great opportunities to appreciate urban horticulture while staying active outdoors.

Keney Park

At over 600 acres, Keney Park stands as one of the largest inner-city parks in America. Located in Hartford’s vibrant North End, it brings free public green space, recreational facilities and historic golf to locals and visitors.

Keney Park Golf Course opened in 1927 as one of the first public golf courses in Connecticut. This 18-hole, par-70 course was designed by renowned golf course architect Willie Park Jr. Both skilled and novice golfers will enjoy the challenging terrain, scenic views, and classic course layout. Lessons, club rentals, and food and beverage are all available onsite.

Beyond golf, Keney Park contains a large freshwater pond, miles of woodland hiking and biking trails, picnic grounds, scenic meadows, newly renovated basketball courts and more. Wildlife like hawks, owls, turtles and frogs are frequently spotted around the landscape.

For over 95 years, Keney Park has welcomed the Hartford community to stay active and enjoy preserved green space in the city. From golfing to hiking, wildlife viewing and relaxing outdoors, Keney Park has something for all interests.

Colt Park

Located just south of downtown Hartford, Colt Park offers visitors a vibrant recreational and cultural experience. Sitting adjacent to Colt Firearms and the Connecticut River, its grounds are rich with 19th century industrial history.

Family attractions make Colt Park a popular destination. It contains an athletic complex with a swimming pool, ice rink, baseball fields, basketball courts and more. Playgrounds, picnic groves, and walking trails encourage public gatherings and relaxation. Seasonal events like summer camps and music concerts also take place.

What makes Colt Park truly unique is its display of Colt manufacturing history. Several original 19th century buildings stand preserved including the Church of the Good Shepherd, Caldwell Colt Memorial Parish House, and the Blue Dome. Statues commemorating Sam and Elizabeth Colt also decorate the park landscape.

By exploring Colt Park, visitors can glimpse into Hartford’s past while staying active in the present. The blend of recreation and history creates dynamic community engagement with the city’s heritage.

Hyland Park

Bordered by Goodwin Golf Course and Hartford Public High School, Hyland Park encompasses 235 acres of athletic fields, woodland trails and family recreation. As one of Hartford’s larger community parks, it contains amenities to keep all ages engaged.

Twelve tennis courts, six baseball diamonds, basketball courts, and a street hockey rink provide facilities for competitive sports. Miles of wooded trails cater toward joggers, walkers and mountain bikers looking to exercise in nature. Open grassy areas allow for picnicking, relaxing and pickup games.

Families with young children will love the completely renovated playground and splash pad. Roadways throughout the park have been repaved to improve accessibility as well. Sheltered picnic pavilions make Hyland Park ideal for hosting birthday parties and family gatherings.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to practice a sport, an outdoor enthusiast, or a family seeking room for the kids to play, Hyland Park welcomes all to come explore its diverse recreational offerings.

Camp Field

Tucked behind Hartford Public Library, Camp Field serves the Asylum Hill community as a hub for sports and neighborhood events. Its facilities stimulate fitness while its location provides convenience close to downtown.

With lighted tennis courts, full basketball courts, a street hockey rink, and baseball diamonds, Camp Field attracts many local athletes. You’ll see pickup soccer, football and frisbee games occurring on open grass. The field’s running track and internal walking paths also make it ideal for runners and walkers to exercise laps.

Onsite parking and proximity to downtown allows Camp Field to frequently host large events. Seasonal events like fall festivals, summer food truck gatherings, and movies in the park take place annually. Concerts, charity races and street fairs also occur periodically, bringing the neighborhood together.

Thanks to this diverse athletic infrastructure and prized location, Camp Field stands as an invaluable recreational gem for Hartford’s Asylum Hill community. It serves both everyday exercise and spirited seasonal celebrations year-round.

Charter Oak Landing

Nestled along the Connecticut River, Charter Oak Landing represents the site where Hartford was first settled. Today a scenic riverfront park occupies the historic spot, providing educational landmarks and space to relax by the water.

Charter Oak Landing contains several monuments that commemorate Hartford’s founding in 1635. A large bronze plaque depicts the legendary Charter Oak tree where Connecticut’s Royal Charter was hidden from the British in 1687. Other landmarks include a sapling descendant Charter Oak tree and the colonists’ original settlement site.

In addition to Hartford history, the park also provides space to enjoy the riverfront. Fishing areas, boat docks, grassy plains and pathways with scenic views make it a peaceful destination. The park connects by walking bridge to Great River Park in East Hartford as well.

By honoring Hartford’s past while appreciating the natural landscape, Charter Oak Landing lets visitors reflect on the city’s heritage from its birthplace along the Connecticut River.

Michael Foley Square

Boasting impressive skyline views in downtown Hartford, Michael Foley Square delivers vibrance to the city center. Colorful plant displays, cheerful fountains, and frequent community gatherings make this petite park highly popular with locals.

As you enter the square, bright pink flowers and rainbow water jets greet visitors with playful whimsy. Stone chess tables create spaces for games amid small groves of trees and benches. A scenic outlook from the park’s eastern edge reveals sweeping views of Hartford’s city skyline.

Its downtown location adjacent to restaurants and entertainment venues allows Michael Foley Square to host frequent public events. Lunchtime summer concerts, evening dance lessons under string lights, morning yoga classes and rallies all take place regularly each week. Locals adore starting their day soaking in the cheerful, lively atmosphere.

Michael Foley Square’s pequeno size belies its huge contribution injecting color, motion and gathering space into downtown Hartford. When seeking vibrance within the capital city, this little park leaves a big impression.

Bushnell Park South

Comprising six acres adjacent to the State Capitol building, Bushnell Park South provides open green space and sculptural artwork for the downtown community. Its central location makes it easily accessible and hosts plenty of pedestrian traffic.

While compact in size, Bushnell Park South contains many eye-catching works of art. Sculptures like the Stegosaurus, Tibetan Garden, and Soldiers’ Memorial honor various cultures while adding intrigue to the landscape. Other sculptures depict notable figures in Hartford’s history as Connecticut’s capital city.

Visitors will also find pleasant lawns, small groves of trees, and park benches perfect for resting while exploring downtown. Yoga classes, chess games, and relaxing lunch breaks all frequently occur thanks to the welcoming open space Bushnell Park South offers.

In the heart of the city just steps from major attractions, this petite riverside park contributes beauty and community belonging through artistic charm.


Hartford’s magnificent parks offer explorer’s nature, history, culture, recreation and reflection within Connecticut’s capital city. From Elizabeth Park’s roses to Riverside Park’s riverfront trails, Pope Park’s gardens to Goodwin Park’s ponds, the diverse landscapes provide space to connect with community and the outdoors.

Whether you want to golf, hike, play sports, relax in nature or gather with neighbors, Hartford’s parks contain everything needed to enrich your visit.

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