12 Parks in Boulder, Colorado (Updated July 2024)

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is often regarded as one of the healthiest, happiest, and most active cities in the United States. This vibrant college town offers residents and visitors alike endless opportunities for outdoor recreation through its extensive trail networks, open spaces, and dozens of parks.

From massive city parks with sprawling fields and nature areas to quaint neighborhood green spaces ideal for picnics, Boulder’s parks system has something for everyone. Families will love the playgrounds and sports fields, nature lovers will enjoy the hiking and biking trails, and those looking to relax can spread out on the open grassy areas and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Keep reading to discover 12 of the best parks in Boulder spanning over 300 acres of vibrant green space woven throughout the community.

Eben G. Fine Park

Location: 101 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302

Size: 17 acres

Highlights: Open green space, Boulder Creek access, resident geese populations

Eben G. Fine Park serves as a popular gathering place for the community with its central location and abundance of open grass areas. Visitors spread out with picnics, play Frisbee, read a book under a tree, or access Boulder Creek via the park’s pathways. The grounds also host a thriving geese population that visitors can observe and interact with.

Sections of the park nearer the creek tend to serve community events like the Boulder Creek Festival and Wednesday night concert series. You may also spot students from the neighboring University of Colorado campus studying or relaxing at this easily accessible downtown green space.

Scott Carpenter Park

Location: 1505 30th St, Boulder, CO 80301

Size: 17 acres

Highlights: Children’s play areas, Boulder Creek access, urban garden plots

Scott Carpenter Park offers 17 acres of vibrant green space in the central part of the city spanning both sides of Boulder Creek. Families flock to the park for the community garden plots growing along the western edge and the expansive children’s play areas scattered throughout.

Visitors can access Boulder Creek via paved pathways and stone steps on both sides of the water, making the park an ideal spot for tubing and kayaking when water levels allow. The park also connects with Boulder’s expansive neighborhoods trail network for easy hiking and biking access through the greenbelt.

Harlow Platts Community Park

Location: 3600 Mapleton Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

Size: 17 acres

Highlights: Sports fields and courts, children’s play area, Boulder Creek Trail access

Harlow Platts Community Park brings together sports fields, play areas, and easy trail access across its 17 acres on Mapleton Avenue. Visitors come to play soccer, softball, tennis, and basketball on the park’s meticulously maintained courts and fields. Families with young kids can let them run wild in the children’s play areas.

The park also connects directly with the Boulder Creek Trail just across the street, allowing visitors to access the expansive city trail network spanning dozens of miles. Whether you come for the recreation fields, play areas, or trails, Harlow Platts Community Park has something for you.

North Boulder Park

Location: 7th and Dellwood, Boulder, CO 80304

Size: 160 acres

Highlights: Extensive trail network, wildlife viewing areas, varied terrain

Spanning over 160 acres in north Boulder, North Boulder Park contains a vibrant trail network weaving through grassy meadows, rugged hillsides, and wooded areas. Visitors flock here for the nearly 10 miles of multi-use dirt trails that cater to mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, and leashed dogs.

Several trails pass through dedicated wildlife viewing areas where you may spot dozens of species like red foxes, white-tailed deer, red-tailed hawks, American kestrels, owls, songbirds, and more. North Boulder Park contains some of the most ecologically diverse natural areas within the city limits. Expect to traverse steep, rocky terrain on some trail sections.

Valmont City Park

Location: 57th St and Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

Size: 40 acres

Highlights: Off-leash dog areas, turf sports fields, children’s playground

The 40 acres of Valmont City Park pack in amenities for pets, kids, and athletes. The grounds contain dedicated off-leash areas for dogs to run free, children’s playgrounds, and expansive turf fields for soccer, softball, football, and more. Pickleball and tennis players can also reserve the sport court near the playground.

Given its sports fields, playground, and dog park areas, Valmont City Park serves as a hub for community activity. You’ll often see team practices, picnics, dog playdates, and kids’ birthday parties happening simultaneously across the grounds. The park offers convenient parking and restroom access as well.

Foothills Community Park

Location: 800 Cherry Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

Size: 7 acres

Highlights: Children’s play areas, bocce ball courts

Foothills Community Park packs a variety of recreation opportunities into its 7 acres near downtown Boulder. Visitors come for the children’s play areas and bocce ball courts that cater to families and competitive players. Large shade trees dot the grounds, allowing for relaxing picnics and playdates.

Given the park’s manageable size and central location, it tends to stay fairly busy on nice days. You’ll often see birthday parties, family reunions, and community events happening simultaneously across the grounds. Foothills Community Park offers open green space and recreation for all ages despite its small footprint in the city.

Iron Horse Park

Location: 5290 Arapahoe Rd, Boulder, CO 80303

Size: 6 acres

Highlights: Skate park, bike park, playground, outdoor fitness equipment

Iron Horse Park packs active recreation options into its compact 6 acres next to Boulder High School. Skateboarders and BMX riders flock to the park for its skatepark bowls, ramps, and street course features. Mountain bike enthusiasts utilize the park’s dirt jump lines and skills features. Kids and families enjoy the playground and splash pad area.

Visitors will also find outdoor fitness equipment like bars, rings, and parallette stands for street workouts. Between the skate park, bike features, playground, and workout stations, Iron Horse Park lives up to its name as an active hub for the community’s youth. The park stays fairly busy given these attractions, especially after school hours and on weekends.

Tom Watson Park

Location: 5200 Lee Hill Dr, Boulder, CO 80304

Size: 4 acres

Highlights: Off-leash dog area

Although small in size at 4 acres, Tom Watson Park serves as a popular gathering place for neighborhood dogs and their owners. As an off-leash dog park, pups have free reign to roam, play, and socialize with new furry friends. Separate fenced-in areas accommodate both large and small breeds.

Visitors enjoy picnicking on the grass while watching their dogs interact. Given the park’s off-leash designation, you’ll find far more pups than humans on the grounds at any time. Located adjacent to residentially dense north Boulder, Tom Watson Park provides easy access and dedicated space for dogs living in the city’s core.

Martin Park

Location: 5141 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305

Size: 5 acres

Highlights: Off-leash dog area

Similar to Tom Watson Park, Martin Park offers 5 acres of dedicated off-leash space for neighborhood dogs and their owners. The grounds feature multiple fenced-in areas that separate large and small dog breeds along with an open grass field at the center. Visitors sit in the shade while their furry friends play and socialize.

Convenient poop bag stations and trash bins help keep the park clean despite heavy use from local dog residents. Located adjacent to the popular Table Mesa shopping center, Martin Park provides easy access and essential outdoor space for pet owners in south Boulder.

Columbine Park

Location: 2650 Mapleton Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

Size: 2 acres

Highlights: Outdoor pool, wading pool

At just 2 acres, Columbine Park offers one of the most unique recreation attractions in Boulder: a public outdoor swimming pool. Families flock to the park in summer to swim laps in the 50-meter pool, splash in the wading pool, or lay out poolside. With stunning views of the Flatirons, Columbine Park provides access to outdoor swim facilities for the community to find respite from Boulder’s hot summer days.

Outside pool season, the grounds convert into open park space with shade trees, grass areas, and benches. Columbine Park packs a lot of function into its small footprint through creative use of space based on seasonal needs.

Vista Park

Location: 1944 Goss St, Boulder, CO 80302

Size: 1 acre

Highlights: Open views, neighborhood access

Perched atop a hillside in the residential Mapleton Hill neighborhood, Vista Park lives up to its name with exceptional open views. Despite covering only 1 acre, the park contains multiple benches overlooking downtown Boulder out to the Flatirons beyond.

Given the park’s small size and simple amenities, it mainly serves as a quiet spot for neighbors to read, picnic, walk their dogs, or take in the views. Vista Park’s elevation and unobstructed sightlines provide one of the best vantage points to watch Boulder’s iconic summer thunderstorms roll across the mountains.

Washington Park

Location: Washington St & 11th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Size: 1 acre

Highlights: Open green space

rounding out our list sits the quaint 1 acre Washington Park occupying a residential corner in downtown Boulder. Mature trees shade open grass areas where neighbors convene to read, relax, picnic, or play. Given its location surrounded by homes, Washington Park primarily serves local residents seeking accessible green space.

Despite its small size, the park hosts neighborhood events like movie nights and summer concerts because of its proximity to dense housing. Visitors will also find memorial plaques and a stone monument honoring veterans within the park grounds. Washington Park’s gathering space underscores the value of pocket parks woven throughout neighborhoods across Boulder.


From massive regional parks offering nature trails to compact neighborhood green spaces of just 1 acre, Boulder contains a vibrant parks system spanning over 45 locations across 300 acres of land. The parks provide access to open space and recreation opportunities that match the community’s active, nature-loving spirit.

Whether you’re here with kids, dogs, enjoying sports, taking in views, or simply relishing time among colorful Colorado nature, Boulder’s lively parks system has a perfect spot waiting for you. Use this guide to discover your new favorite green space hidden within the city.

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