12 Parks in Hoover, Alabama

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Hoover, Alabama is home to numerous beautiful parks that offer residents and visitors ample opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and connecting with nature. From large multi-use facilities to quaint neighborhood greenspaces, Hoover’s parks cater to all interests. This article will highlight 12 of the top parks in Hoover, exploring the unique offerings and attributes of each one.

Park NameHighlight
Veterans ParkMulti-use facility, sports leagues, trails.
Moss Rock PreserveNature boardwalk, hiking trails, wildlife.
Shades Mountain ParkMountain biking, hiking, nature photography.
Riverchase ParkFamily recreation, athletic courts, trails.
Brock’s Gap ParkHiking, mountain biking, disc golf.
Starr PassFamily-friendly, playground, picnic area.
Green Valley ParkWalking trail, picnic areas, gardens.
Meadow ParkGazebo, picnics, community gardening.
Eagle Point ParkRiver access, hiking, picnic area.
Liberty ParkLake, walking trail, picnic shelters.
Inverness Nature ParkWetland boardwalk, planned trails.
Deerfoot Parkway ParkWalking trails, playgrounds, disc golf.

As a suburb of Birmingham situated at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Hoover benefits from a diverse landscape that transitions from thick forests to gentle hills. Numerous creeks and streams wind through the area, including the Cahaba River which is a major tributary of the Alabama River. This varied topography allows for parks with both open, sunny meadows and shaded woodland trails.

In total, Hoover is home to over 30 parks ranging from miniscule greenspaces to 400+ acre facilities. Whether you’re seeking playgrounds for the kids, hiking trails to get your steps in, disc golf courses, or open fields for games and picnics, Hoover has it covered. The city’s abundant parks and recreational facilities are a major reason why Hoover remains one of the most desirable suburbs in the state of Alabama.

Veterans Park

Name and Location: Veterans Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Opened on July 4, 1984, Veterans Park spans over 247 acres dedicated as a living memorial to American patriots. It provides recreational amenities alongside the Veterans Memorial Walk of Honor.

What to Expect: Features athletic fields, courts, walking trails, patio, pavilion for events. The Memorial Walk bears inscribed granite slabs honoring local armed forces members lost in all wars since WWII.

Visitor Information: 4800 Valleydale Rd location. Park open daily 5am-11pm. Access to memorial walk free to public year-round. Restrooms available.

Spanning 130 acres just off Highway 150, Veterans Park is one of Hoover’s largest and most popular parks. As a multi-use facility, it contains a little something for everyone including athletic fields, walking trails, a disc golf course, picnic pavilions, and a large playground. It also plays host to many of the city’s seasonal events and festivals.

Athletic Facilities
With 8 baseball/softball fields, 7 multi-purpose fields, and a concession stand, Veterans Park is one of Hoover’s main hubs for youth and adult recreational sports leagues. The park hosts games for the Hoover Youth Football League along with baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse matches.

Veterans Park also contains over 2 miles of walking trails that wind through open grassy areas and beneath thick oak canopies. You’ll find walkers, joggers, and runners making use of these peaceful trails from dawn until dusk.

Other Offerings
In addition to the sports facilities and walking trails, Veterans Park contains plenty of amenities for picnics and casual gatherings. There are over a dozen sheltered pavilions equipped with grills and tables overlooking the sprawling lawns and fields. The park also features a large playground shaped like a medieval fortress, complete with towers, tunnels, rope bridges, and slides.

When major events come to Hoover like the annual Fishing Rodeo or July 4th Celebration, Veterans Park serves as the main venue. The ample parking and electric hookups available onsite make it an ideal location.

Moss Rock Preserve

Name and Location: Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Comprising scenic woodlands, wetlands and sandstone outcroppings, this 205-acre nature conservancy property has remained undeveloped since the city’s founding. It offers a peaceful green respite near suburbia.

What to Expect: Features 7 miles of rustic hiking/biking trails from easy to rugged with great valley views. Spot diverse plants and wildlife. Benches provided for resting and reflecting in natural solitude.

Visitor Information: Free access. Open daily 8am-5pm. Several parking lots around perimeter trails. Restrooms at Interpretive Center near Chesser Rd lot.

Nestled in a quiet valley just off Highway 150, the Moss Rock Preserve offers visitors a peaceful natural sanctuary to learn about Alabama’s native plants and wildlife. Marked hiking trails wind for over 3 miles past wetlands, wildflower meadows, and soaring sandstone boulders. Interpretive signs educate hikers on the ecological importance of the preserve.

The Nature Boardwalk
The highlight of the Moss Rock Preserve is the extensive elevated boardwalk that grants treetop views of the surrounding forest, wetlands, and massive boulder formations. This barrier-free boardwalk forms a loop nearly one mile long past towering hardwoods draped in native vines and mosses. During springtime, sections of the forest floor explode with vibrant wildflowers.

The Sandy Flats Trail
In addition to the boardwalk, the Moss Rock Preserve contains a network of rustic hiking trails that traverse the denser sections of forest along Shoal Creek. The Sandy Flats Trail offers an immersive woodland hiking experience across gentle topography and past intriguing rock features. Connecting trails allow visitors to customize hike distances.

Outdoor Learning
With its diversity of ecosystems and plant life, Moss Rock Preserve makes an exceptional outdoor learning laboratory. Guided school group tours are available along with seasonal nature education programs for families. Experts provide insights into the forest ecology, plant communities, topography, and geological history that have shaped the preserve.

Den House Museum Trail
For history buffs, the short Den House Trail is a must-do. Located across the creek, this easy walk leads past old rock walls, chimney ruins, and other remnants of nineteenth century homesteads. Interpretive signs chronicle the families who settled Shoal Creek generations ago. Poke around the ruins and imagine rustic rural life in early Alabama settlements.

The Cypress Boardwalk
Along the banks of Shoal Creek lies the Cypress Boardwalk which grants close-up views of the plant life living in and along the waterway. Marvel at the knobby knees of large cypress trees rendered by floods over decades. Search for turtles and watch for birds like kingfishers that hunt for fish in these peaceful waters. It’s a scenic spot to reflect and relax before heading out.

Shades Mountain Park

Name and Location: Shades Mountain Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Part of the extensive Shades Mountain wildlife corridor, this peaceful 385-acre park situated atop the Appalachian foothills preserves native woodlands with over 6 miles of multi-use trails for walking, mountain biking and trail runs.

What to Expect: Mostly natural surface trails and fire roads wind past rocky outcrops, forested ridges with scenic valley outlooks. Paths range from moderate to difficult. Picnic sites at trailhead parking areas.

Visitor Information: Free access daily 5am-10pm. Trailheads at Old Overton Rd and Lake Cyrus Rd (K-Mart parking). Maps posted at park entrances.

Perched atop Shades Mountain lies one of Hoover’s newer parks – the aptly named Shades Mountain Park. Opened in 2018, this peaceful park spans 47 acres of woodlands and offers 6+ miles of multi-use trails perfect for hiking, trail running, mountain biking, and nature photography. Shaded and sunny sections allow visitors to customize their experience.

Technical Mountain Biking Trails
Unlike most parks in Hoover, Shades Mountain Park caters especially to mountain bikers. Winding singletrack trails like Sawtooth Climb offer an intermediate-level mountain biking challenge as they wend through the hilly, wooded terrain. Narrow bridges and rock gardens provide skills tests for experienced riders while straighter trails allow novices to hone techniques as well.

Hiking the Ridge Trail
For hikers, the 2.5 mile Ridge Trail offers an immersive woodland trek across the highest sections of the park with occasional views across the Birmingham valley. The route dips and climbs past massive boulders and across small streams. The terrain varies from technical to moderate, so most fitness levels can enjoy this peaceful trail.

Photography Hot Spots
Both the Ridge Trail and valley-bottom Clipper Trail offer exceptional vistas for nature photography buffs thanks to the diversity of scenery. Capture fiery fall foliage, sunlight filtering through the forest canopy, verdant fern glens, and flowering mountain laurels in season. Small water features and mossy boulders provide beautiful foreground interest.

Stargazing Events
Thanks to its high elevation and location atop the mountain, Shades Mountain Park offers exceptionally dark skies perfect for stargazing events. Join monthly new moon hikes and astronomy programs to observe the cosmos through high powered telescopes. Starry nights come alive with dazzling detail unseen from neighborhoods drowned in light pollution.

Riverchase Park

Name and Location: Riverchase Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Situated along the Cahaba River, this 25-acre community park features landscaped green spaces, 1.3 mile multi-use trail encircling a pond, alongside picnic spots and a playground area catering to families in western Hoover.

What to Expect: Paved walking trail loops around central pond inhabited by ducks and geese. Kids enjoy the playground and cooling splash pad. Individual and group picnic sites available to reserve.

Visitor Information: Trail access from Riverchase Parkway or Lorna Rd. Leashed pets allowed. Park open April-October daily 5am-10pm. Shelter rentals managed through city.

Tucked alongside scenic patches of the Cahaba River, Riverchase Park occupies over 80 acres in one of Hoover’s most upscale neighborhoods. In addition to landscaped picnic areas, playgrounds, and streamside trails, this park provides access to athletic fields, tennis and pickleball courts nestled among tranquil woods and wetlands.

Picnic Areas & Playgrounds
Riverchase Park devotes much of its grounds to family recreation and relaxation. You’ll find picnic tables clustered in groups overlooking the lush lawns along with new playground equipment like extra-wide slides, spin rides, and musical elements. Walking paths connect the various areas.

Athletic Courts & Fields
On the northern end of Riverchase Park lie five tennis courts available for casual use along with two lighted pickleball courts catering to this fast-growing paddle sport. Adjacent lie three full-size baseball fields equipped with bleachers, scoreboards, and concession facilities to host league play.

Wetlands Walking Trail
One of Riverchase Park’s prettiest features is its wooden-planked Wetlands Walking Trail that winds through patches of marshland, under boardwalks, and along the river’s edge. Interpretive signs describe the native plants and wildlife that rely on this habitat where land and river meet. Keep eyes peeled for turtles, fish, and birds.

Canoe & Kayak Launches
The walking trail leads to a small sheltered area on the riverbank that contains several canoe and kayak launches. Guests are welcome to bring their own vessels to enjoy peaceful paddling along the tree-lined Cahaba. Watch for blue herons stalking the shallows and keep ears open for frogs.

Annual Riverchase Regatta
Each May, Riverchase Park hosts one of Hoover’s newer annual traditions – the Riverchase Regatta. This exciting charity event centers around cardboard boat races along with food trucks, contests, kids activities, live music, and more wet and wild fun along the riverfront.

Brock’s Gap Park

Name and Location: Brock’s Gap Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Acquired in 1999, this 242-acre multi-purpose park property along the Cahaba River provides athletic amenities for local leagues and passive nature trails open to the public with access to river views and forestry.

What to Expect: Baseball quadraplex with 4 fields and concessions area occupies one section while a 2+ mile looped trail traverses the other half through scenic woodlands to the riverside.

Visitor Information: Park located at 4549 Valleydale Rd. Nature trail open daily 5am-10pm. Athletic complex hours may vary around scheduled games/events.

Tucked into a peaceful valley between Shades Mountain and Pine Mountain lies 170-acre Brock’s Gap Park. It contains pine forests, wildflower meadows, small creeks, and nearly 4 miles of rustic hiking and mountain biking trails that climb over rocky ridges with views of Oak Mountain State Park’s granite domes in the distance.

The Three Creeks Trail
Brock’s Gap Park’s main attraction is the 1.2 mile lollipop loop called Three Creeks Trail. The route consists of an intermediate single-track trail that crosses small streams and climbs through fern glens dotted with mountain laurel and holly trees native to the southern Appalachians. Stone steps assist steeper sections.

Mountain Biking Challenge
In addition to hiking, mountain bikers flock to Brock’s Gap to test skills on trails like the 1.1 mile Sayers Loop which consists of rolling contours, narrow wooden bridges, and rocky straights up to 100 yards long. Expert riders blues down Black Diamond Run which loses 114 feet of elevation in just .3 miles.

Disc Golf at Sunset
Brock’s Gap hosts an 18-hole disc golf course that takes advantage of the park’s elevations, forests, meadows, and creek crossings. The beautiful natural obstacles appeal to all skill levels. Time a round during spring or fall to catch golden evening light filtering through the budding or autumn-hued canopy.

Starr Pass

Name and Location: Starr Pass in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Developed in the early 2000s, this 17-acre park property provides local recreational amenities for residents in eastern Hoover including a playground and walking track encircling a pond.

What to Expect: Features playground equipment for both younger and older children, swingsets, climbing apparatus. 0.4 mile paved loop trail around pond popular for walking and jogging.

Visitor Information: Located between Park Ave and Valleydale Rd. Daily access 5am-10pm. Restrooms only open seasonally. Adjacent parking available at Hoover Randle Homes community building.

The peaceful 7-acre Starr Pass Park lies nestled in a quiet residential valley just off Highway 31. Mature oak and hickory trees tower overhead, offering shady respite during summer days. A compact loop trail encircles a cute playground and picnic pavilion. Two access points allow visitors to customize walk lengths.

Playground Fun for Little Ones
Starr Pass caters especially to young families, with a playground designed for adventurous toddlers and preschoolers. Parents will appreciate the variety of equipment including classic swings, a whale spring rider, balance beams, mini rock wall, roller slide, and oblong spinners set in wood fiber for safe landings.

Picnicking Away an Afternoon
Tucked against the playground lies a rustic picnic pavilion equipped with tables and grills overlooking the rolling lawns. Spread a blanket and let the kids wear themselves out on the playground while the adults relax. Multiple access points and parking areas allow easy loading/unloading for gatherings.

Nature Trail Loop
Encircling both playground and picnic area is a smooth one mile loop trail edged by fragrant pine trees, hickories, and oaks draped in native vines. It’s perfect for casual walks with kids. Interpretive signs describe the native plants, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife likely to be spotted as the trail winds through quiet woods and meadow clearings.

Seasonal Nature Programs
Thanks to the mature forest and proximity to neighborhoods, Starr Pass frequently hosts seasonal nature programs for families on topics like birdwatching basics, butterfly identification, animal tracking, wildflower walks, and nocturnal wildlife talks. Programs meet in the picnic pavilion and then embark for mini-treks around the park. Check city schedules for upcoming dates and topics.

Green Valley Park

Name and Location: Green Valley Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Serving the Green Valley neighborhood since the 1970s, this intimate 8-acre community park provides open greenspace with playground equipment, walking trail and outdoor fitness station catering to local families.

What to Expect: Children’s play area includes slides, swings, playhouses and climbing structures set on soft rubber ground surrounds. Shaded picnic tables located alongside.

Visitor Information: Off Shades Crest Rd behind Gwin Elementary School. Open daily 5am-10pm. Accessible trail around site perimeter with periodic mileage markers.

Situated in a quiet residential valley off Highway 150, Green Valley Park spans over 90 acres of gently rolling hills dotted by tranquil ponds, shady oak groves, and open picnic areas. Paved walking paths amble over small bridges and past charming gardens, playgrounds, and athletic fields. The peaceful setting appeals to all ages.

Three Ponds Walking Trail
The highlight of Green Valley Park is the half-mile paved trail looping past a trio of ponds tucked beneath fragrant pine trees where turtles sunbathe on logs and dragonflies flit over lilypads. Connecting paths allow visitors to customize distances. Benches provide scenic spots for relaxing in the tranquility.

Picnic Areas & Gardens
From Easter egg hunts to Fourth of July festivities, Green Valley serves as the gathering grounds for many community events thanks to its quartet of covered picnic pavilions surrounded by pleasing gardens. Enjoy magnolias, hydrangea, and whimsical flower boxes. The adjacent playground with racing slides appeals to younger kids.

Athletic Facilities
On its south side, Green Valley Park offers two baseball fields and a soccer pitch for community league practices and games. Onsite parking and restrooms allow for accessible facilities during tournaments. When not reserved, the open grass areas are ideal for flying kites, frisbee, or simply letting the kids sprint around as dog walkers encircle the loop trail through the peaceful grounds dotted with stately oaks.

Meadow Park

Name and Location: Meadow Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Developed in the 1970s, this neighborhood park encompasses 15 acres of open space with amenities like athletic fields, tennis courts, playground and walking track catering to families in Hoover’s eastern communities.

What to Expect: Ball field and batting cage occupy one section while the other half features playground units, swingsets for both toddlers and bigger kids. Shaded picnic pavilions.

Visitor Information: Off Lorna Rd between city hall and fire station. Open daily 5am-10pm. Restrooms available seasonally. Adjacent street parking along Tennis Ln.

True to its name, tiny 1.5-acre Meadow Park offers a charming open knoll fringed by shaggy pines perfect for whiling away lazy afternoons. Surrounded by a residential area just off Highway 31, its manicured lawn accommodates everything from reading under the gazebo to hosting picnics to setting up easels for plein air painting practice.

Central Gazebo
Meadow Park’s signature feature is its hexagonal white gazebo perched atop a slight hill overlooking the verdant grounds. Climb four steps inside to find plenty of dry space for a small group along with hooks for decorations. Enjoy cooling shade as seasonal breezes flutter the geometric ceiling.

Family Picnic Destination
With onsite grills and a quartet of picnic tables that can be arranged to suit gatherings large or small, Meadow Park offers an accessible outdoor gathering spot for families and friend groups. The peaceful open surroundings allow kids room to play while parents relax under shade trees in view.

Community Gardening Beds
Along its front perimeter lie a dozen raised gardening beds available for sponsorship by community groups, families, or individuals. Past plantings have included flowers, ornamental grasses, pollinator-friendly plants, herbs, and vegetables. Visitors are encouraged to watch the beds transform through the seasons.

Sports Practice Field
While primarily intended for quieter recreation, a full acre of Meadow Park consists of open turf suitable for casual youth sports practices like soccer drills, frisbee practice, or family kickball games. Two goals stand ready for aiming soccer shots or impromptu football passes.

Eagle Point Park

Name and Location: Eagle Point Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Developed 1989, this scenic 18.5-acre park situated atop a ridge includes walking trails through woodlands abundant with native plants, wildlife alongside outdoor classrooms offering nature education.

What to Expect: Over 2 miles of natural surface trails and boardwalks loop past diverse ecosystems with informational signs on area geology, plant species and more. Peaceful spot for birding.

Visitor Information: Free access daily 8am-5pm. Entrance at 300 Eagle Point Drive. Guided tours offered second Sundays monthly. Leashed pets permitted.

Situated along the banks of the Cahaba River, Eagle Point Park spans just over 7 acres of tranquil woodlands perfect for family picnics plus over a mile of rustic hiking connecting to the 133-acre Cahaba River Wildlife Management Area trailhead. Interpretive signs chronicle the human and natural history of this quiet bend the of Alabama’s longest free-flowing waterway.

The Woodland Walking Trail
Eagle Point’s half-mile Woodland Walking Trail forms an easy loop with creek access passing remnants of milldams and ferry crossings used for centuries. Silvered planks crossing marshy areas with handrails allow dry passage for all ages while keeping foot traffic to protected zones. Find a bench and listen to birds call across the river.

Connecting to Cahaba WMA Trails
After exploring Eagle Point’s short loop, venture out on connecting trails leading into the scenic Cahaba River Wildlife Management Area with its rugged topography, rocky shoals, and hardwood bottomlands. Follow old logging routes to find new vistas of massive sandstone formations with each twist and turn. Trail maps are available onsite.

Riverside Picnic Area
Eagle Point’s family picnic area lies on a grassy flat beneath flowering dogwoods and sourwood trees dripping with native vines. A half-dozen picnic tables sport vintage green tin roofs for cooling shade. Bring your own grill or borrow the park charcoal grill while the kids inspect finds along the riverbank.

Fishing & River Access
Eagle Point Park offers a safe put-in area for hand powered watercraft like canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards seeking to enjoy the Cahaba. Bank fishermen can try their luck with hooks and lines during allowed seasons as species teem in the area. Obtain required permits beforehand at City Hall.

Liberty Park

Name and Location: Liberty Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Serving the local community 30+ years, Liberty Park spans 270 acres dedicated to active recreation. Its facilities include the Hoover Met sports complex, skate park, disc golf course, dog park and miles of scenic nature trails.

What to Expect: Athletic fields host tournaments and events while wooded sections offer hiking, mountain biking and trail running routes featuring varied topography, forests and meadows great for wildlife viewing.

Visitor Information: Off Valleydale Rd. Park sections open daily 5am-11pm, may vary for Hoover Met. Trail maps at kiosks. Water fountains, restrooms spread throughout site.

Off the beaten path in a south Hoover residential area, you’ll find the 120-acre Liberty Park occupying a peaceful valley centered around the 30-acre Lake Liberty complete with a scenic walking trail, fishing pier, picnic shelters, playground, and opportunity for short non-motorized boat rentals. Developed in the early 2000s, facilities continue expanding to meet growing neighborhood demand.

Circling Lake Liberty
Liberty Park’s tree-shaded one mile walking trail forms an easy loop around spring-fed Lake Liberty. Informative signs highlight native plants and wildlife spotted from season to season. Interpretive benches describe the lake’s creation from former pastureland into a fishery and recreation hot spot stocked with bass, bream, and catfish.

Picnicking Waterside
The park’s trio of covered picnic shelters offer attractive options for hosting gatherings alongside the lake from casual lunches to special event rentals. Shelter one lies closest to the playground and satisfies with room for 25 guests. Shelter two perches atop a peninsula in the lake for stunning views.

Playground Fun
Liberty Park’s sizeable playground located a short stroll from the picnic shelters provides exciting equipment like spiral tube slides, a turtle spring rider, embankment tunnel, stepped climbers, oversized tic-tac-toe, and swing sets for all types of family fun away from roads and homes. Safety surfacing allows carefree play.

Fishing Pier & Boat Rentals
Along the lake lies a broad wooden fishing pier perfect for dropping a line or gazing out over sunset waters, complete with plentiful seating. Catch your own dinner or enjoy views of distant fountain sprays. Rowboat and stand-up paddleboard rentals available afford closer interaction with lake.

Inverness Nature Park

Name and Location: Inverness Nature Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Encompassing rustic woodlands and scenic Shoal Creek frontage, this 205-acre site features multi-use trails passing diverse ecosystems as one of Hoover’s largest remaining undisturbed natural areas great for nature recreation.

What to Expect: Roughly 4 miles of natural trails traverse hilly terrain, exposed rock outcroppings, hardwood bottoms and creek access for fishing or observing wildlife habitats up close.

Visitor Information: Trailhead accessed from Lake Cyrus Rd. Leashed pets allowed. Open daily 5am-10pm year-round. Volunteers help maintain pathways.

Nestled into a densely wooded valley spanning over 100 acres, Inverness Nature Park feels worlds away yet lies just minutes from schools, grocery stores, and suburban homes. Developed in 2019, this rugged facility features multi-use trails under construction along with a mesa-top picnic pavilion overlooking a wildlife-filled wetland basin accessed by a quarter-mile nature boardwalk circled by interpretive signs.

Wetland Wildlife Discovery
The park’s showstopper is undoubtedly the Wetland Basin Boardwalk accessible near the picnic pavilion. This barrier-free, quarter-mile wooden walkway forms an oval permitting close-up views of turtles, fish, frogs, herons, and other species making their home in the 25-acre basin without intruding into sensitive habitats.

Coming Soon: Multi-Use Trails
While the wetland boardwalk offers a snapshot into Inverness Park’s offerings, the majority of the facility remains an undeveloped oasis of hardwood slopes and valleys with Shoal Creek threading through that planners envision crisscrossed by almost 4 miles of multi-use trails under construction now. Initial routes should debut late 2023 for hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers to enjoy guided by a series of connectivity studies and habitat impact assessments.

The Canyon Forest Trails
Future aspirations for Inverness include an intermediate mountain bike trail dropping over 300 feet into the depths of a forested canyon before climbing back 3⁄4 mile to ridge lines. This route promises adrenaline-pumping bermed corners, narrow log crossings, and stone obstacles. Trail volunteers help offset building costs by donating muscle, shovels, and rakes on designated work days clearing future paths.

Expansive Picnic Pavilion
Perched on a mesa overlooking the verdant park, Inverness Nature Park’s sleek picnic pavilion provides peekaboo views from beneath a sharply peaked metal roof perfect for hosting sizable gatherings complete with a dozen picnic tables, twin grills, and electrical outlets. Drink in views of the forest canopy as birds wing above the valley below.

Inverness Park helps anchor trails regional planners envision connecting the altitudinal changes and ecosystems spanning Hoover over the next decade from Moss Rock Preserve across Shades Mountain and beyond into Shelby County. Grand aspirations start with small city parks maintained thanks to partnerships between departments of leisure services and dedicated volunteers.

Deerfoot Parkway Park

Name and Location: Deerfoot Parkway Park in Hoover, AL

History and Significance: Opened in 2008, this mini park provides a pocket of green space allowing a moment’s reprieve from the surrounding commercial properties. Visitors enjoy views of a small waterfall feature.

What to Expect: Small landscaped area with bench seating around a scenic waterfall pour-over structure made of native sandstone rocks. Pleasant spot to pause when shopping nearby.

Visitor Information: Public access daily 24 hours. Located adjacent Deerfoot Parkway near Riverchase Galleria. No facilities onsite besides artful waterfall centerpiece.

Sandwiched between a golf course and scenic oak forests off Highway 150 lies Deerfoot Parkway Park, one of Hoover’s newer neighborhood parks. Opened in 2021, facilities continue expanding across its 30 acres. Visitors currently enjoy a mile of paved walking trails, a dozen picnic pavilors, two playgrounds, a fitness station course, and access to the 12-hole disc golf course navigating the adjacent hillsides and meadows.

Winding Walking Trail Loop
Deerfoot Parkway Park’s walking trail forms an easy mile-long loop following the park perimeter beneath shaggy longleaf pines and past the picnic areas before tunneling through brief forest stretches and traversing an open hillside with seasonal wildflowers. Occasional fitness stations provide equipment for warm up stretches, pullups, and more along the way.

Toddler & Big Kid Playgrounds
The park’s two playgrounds stationed at opposite ends cater to different age groups for safer play. The toddler playground features a churches piece, rocking boat, mini castle structure, musical elements, and anatomical climbers all set in resilient rubber surfacing. Big kids love the sprawling playground with racing slides, scramble nets, log climbers and even larger climbing structures for adventure.

Disc Golf Course Access
While the park itself covers 30 acres, its location adjoining the Hoover Country Club grants golfers and disc golfers easy access to adjoining facilities. The club’s Hillside Disc Golf Course navigates forest and meadow loops across elevation changes stretching skills with distance, placement, and technical play across the scenic 12 hole course looping over hill and dale complete with benches and tee pads.

Covered Gathering Spaces
Whether planning a family reunion picnic or team party, Deerfoot Parkway Park offers over a dozen open air picnic pavilors staggered amidst verdant lawn perfect for gatherings large and small. Barbecue grills, trash receptacles, and adjacent restrooms capable of accommodating 200+ guests with local permits simplify event logistics in the grassy, tranquil setting.

Seasonal Bloom Spot
Thanks to thoughtful landscape design and habitat borders adjoining open meadowlands, Deerfoot Parkway Park promises exceptional spring bloom displays between March and May as signature southern wildflowers like bloodroot, black-eyed susan, and purple coneflower blanket the fields, drawing butterflies, bees, and photographers alike to enjoy tranquil seasonal beauty just off the beaten path.


From bustling multi-use parks to cozy neighborhood havens, Hoover takes pride in providing an impressive selection of well-maintained recreational facilities to suit virtually every age, interest and ability. The parks profiled in this article represent only a fraction of the options available across Hoover’s 46 square miles. Others cater specifically to senior activities, adaptive playgrounds, arboretums, community gardens and more.

Hoover’s parks also anchor trail initiatives connecting habitats and districts across Shelby County. As the metro area continues expanding, green corridors preserve natural respites and promote healthy living. Parks also provide safe gathering places when emergencies drive community members outdoors.

While summer unofficially launches around Memorial Day as pools open and sports leagues take the fields, Hoover’s parks host community gatherings year-round whether for kite flying competitions, Easter egg hunts or fishing derbies. June-August may find parks at peak usage, but cool fall days invite collecting leaves and winter welcomes cocoa beside soccer matches.

Consistency rings through Hoover’s parks – well marked trails, barrier-free playground equipment, hard surface walking routes and restroom facilities available system-wide. Upkeep never falters thanks to partnerships between the city leisure services staff, Eagle Scout troops, sports team sponsors and dedicated residents volunteering across all neighborhoods. What’s your favorite park activity?

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